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Marianne Williamson and Feminine alignment

I was at a talk recently given by Marianne Williamson, in her talk she often described various aspects of the Feminine. She related this to Earth quite effectively and I wondered whether there was any connection between this and female aligned people. Currently I have learned the female aligned people are aligned with the moon. […]

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Mysterious Earth Conference 2011

I was at the Mysterious Earth Conference this year. The conference was held at the Village Hall in the village of Grimsargh near Preston in Lancashire, England. Kal had come up so that we could go to this event together, which was very nice of him to make the effort. There were four speakers lined […]

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Ancient Sites | Dowsing | Energy work

Brittany 9: The Lampouy alignments

Tuesday 12th May – Lampouy, Brittany Another unexpected opportunity to do some dowsing, thanks to the wonderful “Megaliths of Brittany” guidebook from Aubrey Burl. We were supposed to be heading our to Rennes to have a look around the town, but because of the variable weather, and a lack of enthusiasm, we actually changed our minds […]

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