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A new dimension to stargazing

 I have now concluded my quest that was given to me to complete before Samhain. The task I was given (adopted) was to discover for myself (i.e. without any help from dowsing or other divination methods) which stars had an emotional influence upon me, and what that influence was. Once I had identified the star and its emotional influence, then I was free to fill in the gaps using research through whatever means I wished to. Why the restriction? Well, I suppose it would have been too easy otherwise, and would not have required me to learn a new skill.

The new skill I had to come to terms with was to find an astrological connection purely by intuitive feeling. However, to give myself a chance I dowsed one thing – how many connections was I looking for? THREE. Ok – now I could proceed. On a full moon in October - Corn Moon  – I visited a nearby sacred hill on a clear night. I sat on a power centre and got connected. Once done, I scanned the heavens slowly feeling for any emotional connection to my energy body. I found two. Later in the month I went out to find the third of the stars on a clear night after the rains when the sky was clearest. Standing in the road I did the same scan and soon found my third and final star connection.

A new dimension to stargazing

Although this quest seems very personal in nature I offer it here as a demonstration of how one can find useful information about oneself – one’s personal astrology, if you like – through an act of intention and exploration. It is quite a different experience than doing a Natal Chart. I don’t trust Natal Charts for these reasons – should one take the influence from the moment of conception or the moment of birth? Why choose these times and dates? Isn’t it more accurate for you to know which stars are affecting you in the present?

I offer this information as a demonstration of the ways in which research and divination can combine to offer you new insights into yourself and how you might change to achieve greater wisdom from the stars.

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Arbor Low – Sunshine and penance

I am writing this post because I lost a bet. When I last went out with Kal to Derbyshire a few weeks ago the clouds were thick and black. All the way there we had persistent rain threatening to make our day out a rather damp one. We didn’t have much time and I only had tow things on the agenda – to take more accurate bearings at Arbor Low in preparation for my book research, and then to visit a cave near to Buxton to practise my chakra awakening using sound. As we approached Buxton it seemed like my second choice was looking like the best one – being in a cave seemed like the most sensible choice.

It was at that point that Kal made his bet – he bet me that he would be able to make the sun appear as he usually did, and that we would therefore NOT get wet at Arbor Low. Not get wet at Arbor Low? Today? With these dark clouds all around? And with Arbor Low’s reputation for wind, cold and rain? I took the bet. I said that if he managed to make good on his promise of sun I would write a post as penance, explaining how I should believe him, not doubt his faith, etc etc. Yeah, yeah. I took the bet.

As we got out of the car I was chuckling to myself – it was still raining and I advised Kal to take one of my spare waterproof coats. “No need” he explained, “I’ll be fine – the sun will come out soon and I won’t need it.” Unbelievable! The sky was dark slate grey with not a hint of the sun making an appearance for the whole day in any direction. We walked up to the large embanked circle and I began to take readings in the rain and freezing cold wind. It was not a nice experience and I may have hurried the measurements a little in order to get the exercise over with, and this may necessitate me going back again when the weather’s a little warmer. Hey – I’m human!

Johann Bode's depiction of the Phoenix constellation

I took some other measurements too – like finding out that the stone circle was built aligned to the star that Andis Kaulins had said it was – Altair in the Aquila constellation. I also got agreement from the dowsing rods that each stone was in itself a star map. This was very interesting, but it wasn’t making the experience any warmer of less wet. I dowsed for the current star alignment to see if it had changed. Using StarWalk on my iPhone I identified that the current star that Arbor Low is aligned to is … Ankaa, in the Phoenix constellation. Ankaa means Boat in Arabic. That was it – my hands were freezing – I had to stop now.

Kal was doing his own research with the stone circle, but when I called him over to mention this interesting information he reminded me that his book cover (see Active Enlightenment) is also a phoenix. Then, just as we were discussing that coincidence another one happened. Through the thick grey clouds the sun somehow managed to cut a hole and shine down upon us. It was like something out of a dream.. I couldn’t believe it was happening. Kal just smirked and said, “The sun, at a sun site, with a sun person…like a phoenix!”

The impossible sun

Just look at that picture! How…? Kal had won his bet. I knew that I would have to write this post, and that I would have to tell the whole Hedge Druid-reading public that yet again Kal’s faith in the miraculous powers of the sun are undeniable, and I should never doubt them. That is my penance done now.



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