Hedge Druidry

Claiming The Torc of the Hawk

It is becoming less surprising when the threads of my path’s journey knit themselves into a situation where opportunities can arise. I had the chance to visit Ireland with my wife. She was working in the week, but at the weekend I could join her before she went elsewhere in Eire. Initially the venue was […]

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Ancestors | Tarot

Ancestor energies tarot reading

After my Ireland Ancestor Quest I had one obvious question: “Now that I have recovered them and successfully fought to keep them – what can I do with them?” Some tarot card readers say that they can’t do reading for themselves very well. I seem to be able to. In fact, my own readings are […]

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Ancient Sites

Lough Key – The Search for the Eel Sword

We couldn’t get into Boyle Abbey before 10am. No-one seems to get up early in Southern Ireland! It was 9am when we arrived there, so I decided to show Kal Lough Key Forest Park which was close by. It might be open and it would be a pleasant walk amongst some trees while we waited […]

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