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Healing The Past Self

I don’t often put myself into the hands of someone else to do healing, as I usually think that I can do most of it myself. However, occasionally someone else can spot something that you are either missing, or deliberately avoiding. When I went to see a fellow shaman, the wonderful Debra Delglyn, then what began as a chat and a quick massage of sore legs turned into a proper therapy session!


Debra Delgyln – shaman, masseuse and magician

After doing Hellrunner again this year I had sore legs. I hadn’t actually anticipated a massage but when I got there I cheekily asked if I could have one, and Debra obliged thankfully.

Debra seems to use massage as an entry point for a greater healing experience. As my muscles relaxed she was sensing something wasn’t right through her bio-feedback mechanisms and her powerful intuition. Soon she was asking me to search for any painful place, then describe it.

I did a body scan and found myself saying that the back part of my brain was registering as a royal blue colour. That wasn’t anywhere near enough – she wanted more analysis!

What is this colour?

I went into the area to explore. It is regulation, stricture, the proper way to do things, limitation through cultural conditioning, “what you should do”.

With her healing hands Debra shifts and eases the pain. Then I am told to follow its flow. Describe it. Where is it now?

It is now in my diaphragm. It is restricting my breathing. It is a blue cloth, tightly woven, like a captain’s uniform. She helps me to explore it. Now I can see that it is woven of criss-crossing threads which I can loosen, unpick, and relax.

I think I am finished but she moves even further onwards. Where is the pain now? I can feel the tension in my kidneys. She informs me that the kidneys are the point where the chi flow comes into the body, and is associated with the ancestors. I must explore this.

I relax and go inside again. Moment later I am back at Tara this Summer Solstice….

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Summer 2015 – P4 – Tara Celebrations

Hill of Tara – County Louth, Ireland

It was still the first day of our visit, but we had checked into the B&B in order to get freshened up and prepared for an evening at The Hill of Tara. We were staying in Blackrock – quite a way out from the main attractions, but very reachable in our hire car. The travel gave us thinking and preparation time. Talking of preparation – before I left that evening I decided to do a tarot reading for the events that might happen.

In a bid to get one up on The Future I did some divination. Let’s call it preparation. I drew three tarot cards that would be my guidance for the events that were to come at Tara – one card for the Past, one for the Present and one for the Future:

Tarot for Saturday June 15

Past,present,future: Summer solstice tarot reading for Tara visit

A Quick Reading

At the time I didn’t know what to make of those cards. On the surface they seemed to suggest to me that Tara – the place where my ancestors may have met – was brought out in the Past card.  The Present card seemed to represent an aggressive attempt to capture something naturally difficult to deal with, and this was leading to frustration. I took this to be my strong desire to make spiritual progress and I wondered whether I was going to end up frustrated if nothing happened? Finally, the King Of Vessels seemed to indicate a Future where the emotional responses were under control. The tarot’s related question is “Where is tolerance needed?” That seemed to chime with the other cards. This is the year of patience.

Now it was time to bring the past, present and future together at the Hill of Tara.

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Stalking or Tethering p6 Solstice 2015


If you pop over to Chris’s post you will learn that he had gained an interesting insight into my, what I am now going to call, Magician Quest. Although it might be good to have it under the banner of ancestral quest too. As I learned, it was about this ancient magician, who was in my ancestral line, summoning up the energies (spirit?) of dragons from Albion to use to tame the Djinn in an effort to gain an artifact known as the Ring of Solomon. Talk about a mouthful of Arabian Nights!

What Chris had learned was that should I embark on this quest then I would be tempted to call on Dragon Energies myself. To avoid that scenario he had learned that I had to tether the dragons here, in Albion. I have to confess, had the need arose I would have done it, call the dragons I mean. Probably to my detriment at some point. But tethering them, didn’t seem in my style either.

We had walked from Knowth to Dowth discussing this dilemma of temptation, with no resolution coming to hand. Upon reaching Dowth and communing with the spirits therein, I had had the experience of future seeing (see last post). But as I mentioned there, the Oracle had not finished…

Genius Loci of Dowth

Genius Loci of Dowth

The Genius of the Loci

The oracle had just placed a finger on my lips thereby sealing off the knowledge of the future. Why show it me? Also, I might add, sealing off the hundred questions I had too! But she wasn’t done. There in the envisioned halls beneath Dowth she took my hand and led me deeper into (the) space. Although where I had been was dark, as she led me deeper, it got brighter. Until I was facing a brilliant sparkling lightning. It was the Genius Loci of Dowth. I’ve never really seen one in the flesh so to speak. But here, in this dark place, it was dazzlingly bright.

Now before I continue, I have the same question that you might have…why? why do the beings we meet tell us things about ourselves, about what we should do, about the answers we seek? It’s almost like a computer game isn’t it? We come here and collect a piece of the puzzle then we go on to the next place and collect the next. Almost always personal. Why do these beings know what they know and why do the tell us such. Almost as if they are sat waiting for us to arrive so they can impart the next piece. Why? Why? Why? It is a question that troubles me on occasion. And here again it caught up with me. Why had the Oracle shown me what it did? Why was this bright spirit before me going to do the same? It is a truly healthy question to ask and I will explore it specifically in a post later. But for now, you and me, we’re thinking the same things.

I kind of bowed to the Genius and expressed my awe at its appearance. After all, it was something I had never seen before (the image is the best I could find). As with the Oracle, the Genius seemed in a hurry. Why? Nevermind. Again (see above rant) the Genius knew what was in my mind and answered a question…

Yes there is another way. You won’t have to tether the dragons…if…if…you learn stalking.

My thoughts vanished from this time and were back some 25 years ago…Chris and I had been fascinated by the work of Carlos Castaneda and hist Shaman apprenticeship. One of the Arts he had been taught was the Art of Stalking. Ideas and memories from those books returned to me. Hmmm…Stalking. Not an easy thing to learn. It would be easier by far to figure a way to the tether the dragons. But stalking…

I was lost in thought before the Genius, but it didn’t seem to mind and in fact had nothing more to impart. Why!!!??!!!

Of Fay, Magician, Djinn and Dragons p3 Solstice 2015

After the impossible event that had just occurred I was excited to see what would happen next. I had placed the Coin (that had the ability to read the hearts of others) and a quartz crystal on top of the Seat of the King.

Seat of the King

Seat of the King

The king walked into the mound. What I mean is that he was stood ephemerally in the stone of the mound. Then bending down he looked through the crystal that was atop the coin, directly at me. Aha…I thought to myself. I hadn’t used the coin like that!

You are looking into your ancestors, the king said.

It wasn’t a question. So I didn’t respond.

The magician that bound the dragons was using them to gain a greater prize. He was trying to use them to tame our very distant cousins, the Djinn. 

Really, the Djinn are your distant cousins? I asked, quickly followed by…why did he want to do that?

The king responded, the prize the magician wanted wasn’t the Djinn, they were a means to what he ultimately wanted…the Ring of Solomon

Coin and Crystal - Seeing into the Heart

Coin and Crystal – Seeing into the Heart

Have I just walked into the Arabian Nights I thought? What and why was the King of the Fay in a land far far away be interested in Djinn and Eastern Magicians?

It is of concern to us, the king said

I pondered that before the obvious response came to mind…you mean it “was” of concern to you.

The king looked out across the land and said, Find the Rainbow and you will discover why it is of concern to us.

Note: As a prolog to this. As we left the site we looked on the map for anything interesting nearby. We found a stone called The King Stone. We tried for some time to find it, but couldn’t. When I looked on the Internet for it. On the site describing it, there was a rainbow. It was a sign, I knew it. Alas we were unable to find the King Stone and I wonder now whether I will get an answer to that question of why it is of concern to the Fay today!

I thought that I was done with this commune when I felt a beam of light erupt from the crystal and into my heart. What had just happened?

Didn’t you know? The coin also allows you to put things into the heart of others. 

I thought about that for a good while. Oh my god! Really. That is a powerful and dangerous thing I told the King.

That’s why it was given to someone like you.

Thank you for the compliment and, I added, the trust. Then a thought about the Fay, Fingers and Toes came to mind, What did you just put into my heart?

The luck of the fairies in matters of the heart, the king replied, and he added, no, not the luck of the Irish, that’s a myth

The king laughed and laughed and it was as if the laughter had gently pushed me out of commune with the being….

I’ve been left with much to consider and this was only our first stop on this Solstice pilgrimage!

Meadowsweet, Larks and Loughcrew – Summer 2015 – P1

In the first of my seven Summer Solstice stories I will tell you about how I encountered an ancestral spirit who would work with my Spirit Self to bring about a culmination of my ancestral work on this weekend’s journeying. This was only realised through the two days work, so the stories piece into each other like fragments of a mirror revealing a full picture towards the end.

In order to pull all the stories together I have used the tag Ireland solstice 2015.

Sunset to Sunrise

I was asleep at sunset and then awake again at sunrise. Seems like a long time, but actually it was only a few hours. On arrival, tired by excited, we zoomed off in the hire car heading for the first destination. It was a place I had heard of by reputation, but we hadn’t visited it yet – Loughcrew. We know nothing about it.

Solstice P1 - Loughcrew - June 15 (12)

Loughcrew’s information sign

The car park has space for a few coaches and about 20 cars. This was clearly an important site, and we weren’t used to such “hospitality”. I noticed a memorial to a guy called “Mick Tobin“. The dowsing rods said that paying our respects was a useful starting point for the day’s work, so we acknowledged the gentleman – this “Child of the Solstice” as he was poetically named. It seemed fitting to our Solstice outing!

Solstice P1 - Loughcrew - June 15 (1)

Mick Tobin’s memorial at Loughcrew

I walked up the steps a few minutes after Kal. At the top of the steps, before the path went into the foot of the hill, there was an interesting triangle of green grass and young trees that caught my eye and made me stop. It was a place of preparation. I dowsed to the correct spot, and got energetically cleansed and prepared. Cailleach appeared offering me the protection of her Black Dragon once again (see previous Ireland visit). I gratefully accepted this, and as the dragon’s wings enfolded me I felt a surge of power, and felt that wave burst out like a blast across the countryside around, sending a warning message to all the potentially mischievous spirits. “Be warned” – it signalled – “this one’s with The Dark Lady!”

I drew in the powers of the four elements from their respective cardinal points, and with that felt that I had offered something in return to Cailleach for my protection – the energy formed by the union of the elements that is the singularity of my self.

Kal was waiting by the gate with a grin on his face as he watched me. What, I asked? “A place of preparation?” he inquired? I nodded. “That was the same spot as I was used.” We laughed. Such synchronicities already! What next?

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Dinas Emrys part 4 Merlin, Ancestors, Dragons and Magicians

As if being breathed on by four dragons wasn’t enough the following leaves most tales in this blog standing. I know, given what is contained herein, you might be thinking that this is a tall order, it is. Read on…

The afore-mentioned dragons had departed and I had just completed a healing ceremony for a friend. Was there anything more that this magnificent sacred place have to offer I wondered and indeed asked the Genius Loci. The answer was yes!

Merlin of Albion

Merlin of Albion

t began with a vague shift in the air. As if it had got really hot and there was a haze in the air. Rather than being at ground level though, the haze was some feet above the ground. On the other side was a figure. Who over the space of a few moments came into focus. It was Emrys aka Merlin. As I have mentioned before, there is an understanding that isn’t based on knowledge. This is another example of such. It wasn’t a recognition based on description, archetype or words. It was a knowing without the mechanism of knowing.

Now usually it is Chris who has encounters with Merlin, I have to settle for a mistrusted goddess named Caileach. However, today, it seems that I was to be in commune with the great mage himself. I bowed and was surprised by his similar greeting. A thought occurred to me. After all we are both of this land. Merlin shook his head, “I am of this land”, he emphasised the this.  “You are not.”

I was surprised. I have for the most part seen myself as being of this, Albion, land. Indeed, when I have been abroad, I have always attempted to connect back to Albion. These thoughts went through my mind as Merlin watched (and I suspect read my mind). “No,” he said again, “You are not of this land”

There was no point in arguing with him, what did it matter, I wondered and opted for the higher ground so to speak and said, “Well, perhaps not Albion as such, but we’re all servants of Gaia, the Earth”

Merlin smiled and nodded, agreeing and then added, “but that is not our concern today” he said. “Albion is not your land because it is not your ancestors land” Ah, I thought, yes, well that wasn’t in dispute at all. My ancestors were Pakistani or indeed, Indian since Pakistan was only formed in the 50’s.

To my surprise Merlin shook his head at this. “No, they are not Indian” What? Oh come on, check out the skin colour. Still Merlin insisted, “that is not your ancestral origin.”

He looked away over the mountains and I followed his gaze. Magician and Wizard was the thought that came to my mind and I knew that he had put it there. What, I wondered was my ancestral origin if not India? Over the past few months I had been getting the urge to reconnect to my ancestral origins and was even contemplating (and semi planning) a trip back to my origins.

Merlin turned to me, “They are not your origins” he said once again. Where then are my origins I asked him, did he know? He took a step closer to me and raised a finger and jabbed the air in front of my face…

You know your origins! You’ve been told! Remember!

Each statement was punctuated by a stab of his finger. I felt my thoughts being disrupted but could not grasp on to what they were trying to show me. I looked across at Merlin, asking for more of his help.

Remember…go back and remember…

I thought he meant go back in time to my ancestral time, but he pulled my thoughts back to a more recent experience and yet still many years ago.

Remember…his fingers tapped my brow, my third eye and I remembered…

It was a time when Chris and I had started exploring the energies and beings of this land. Oh my god! It seems like a lifetime ago. We were up at the Druids Circle and honestly it may have been our first time there. I was exploring the energies of the place and had found that a Genius Loci or a Dragon spirit. I couldn’t distinguish the two at that time, resided there. What I also discovered is that a thousand or so years ago, a magician of powerful aspect had forced the spirit/energy/dragons to leave this land and travel abroad to aid him in some project. Chris and I had visited a few more sacred places at that time and found that dragons from many places (including Ireland) had been forced into servitude by this Eastern Mage. 

All of these memories came flooding back to me as Merlin continued to play with my third-eye. What was he suggesting? And then the connection and indeed the many connections hit me. Magicians, Dragons, Freeing the Dragons, Being bound to a Dragons, My travels to the East but not Asia. 

Was he saying that my ancestry was Eastern? Was Arabian? Middle Eastern? Where this magician had resided? I looked at Merlin partly in horror partly in wonder as a final thought arose in my mind…Was that magician, who had imprisoned the dragons, my direct answer? Merlin’s eyes flashed.

I was alone, left with a spiral of such magnitude that it pretty much dwarfed other escapades noted herein. Was that really my ancestral home? Was that magician a direct ancestor? What did it mean? Which Arabian or middle-eastern country was it? Again, what did it mean?  And all of the Dragon adventures I had been on…so many now that I think on them…were they all connected?

Blown away!

The Yew of the Four Glyphs

On a delightfully warm and sunny Summer’s evening the intrepid duo ventured forth into the heartlands of Northern Wales in search of inspiration. Our destination was the ancient and venerable Yew tree of Llangernyw.

The environs of Llangernyw were beginning to flourish with a beautiful display of wild flowers.

Llangernyw Yew - June 15 (1)

Llangernyw wild flower hedgerow

We entered the graveyard, drinking in the sounds, smells and sights of Summer as though to store them in memory for the ‘leaner times’. As we began to follow the dowsing rods I noticed that Kal was following my footsteps exactly! He was chuckling to himself as he realised that his path to the perfect spot was exactly the same as mine. How amusing! At that moment a chorus of birdsong arose from the surrounding trees – a welcoming chorus of delighted cheeps and warbles which almost drowned out any thoughts!

When Formalities Are Dropped

We both came to a halt at the same time and in the same spot. It was just inside a clump of young yew trees with fresh growth at their tips. The spot on which we were stood was lain with a carpet of damp grass cuttings, and this made me think of a time when I had stood on other grass clippings and had an encounter with the spirit of the Green Man [see this post].

There was no need for either of us to ‘cleanse’ today. For some reason we were already cleansed of outer worldly energies, and ready for work. The spot with the grass clippings was a place for us to simply tune our energies to place. It was simply about getting into the right energy state.

As we walked up the sloping path towards the grand old yew tree, following the dowsing rods to find the bets place, I felt like tree knew I was coming. Indeed, although I stopped at the perimeter of its canopy before entering, there wasn’t the usual ‘resistance’ or barrier in place. I realised that I didn’t need to ask permission to enter now. Perhaps we had become such good friends over the years? The balance of ‘power’ had shifted somehow, and was much more equal now, I felt.

Llangernyw Yew - June 15 (10)

One day I’ll get a good picture of this tree without ‘misting’!

I had two purposes for being here this evening:

  • to see if I could help my wife get through a forthcoming exam, and
  • to see if there was any work I could do to discover the Essence of the Merlin Staff

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