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Response to “And then there be energies….”

Kal has fairly comprehensively listed the possible types of energy that we could be dealing with at stone circles and other sites. I wanted to just go through each point and see how I felt about each of the possibilities. Perhaps something will come out as a strong contender, whereas other may be rejected. Let’s see how this pans out!

1. Dragon Lines

Having seen some pictures from Japan of the alignments of buildings and gardens that follow the principles of being placed upon Dragon Lines I can relate those formations to the energies we are calling ‘neutral alignment leys’.

Such lines are straight. They form geometrical shapes of a relatively large size. They cross terrain to form alignments with other sites. They are affected by the large scale geography of the areas they travel through, but ignore the smaller elements.

The lines extend in a criss-crossing network of straight lines that form energy grids with no discernible pattern, other than that they run through areas of geological upheaval and fault lines. In the most geologically active regions the lines form many crossing points, seeming to particularly prevalent in rock types with large crystalline structures like granite.

VERDICT: I think that Dragon Lines are neutral alignment leys and we dowse these all the time.
I don’t think these energies are the same as the Hartmann or Curry grids, which have a very regular rectangular or square formation.

2. Chakra Energies

I’m not altogether sure that the energy generated by the human body is the same energy as flows through the earth. If it is it means we’d all assuredly feel more connected to the earth than we do most of the time! A compatible energy, for sure. When we visit a sacred site we have the opportunity to set the frequency of our body energy to that of the site, and thereby form a connection with it.

We are also connecting with something else too, I feel, not just the energy formations of a stone circle. I always feel I am connecting with Nature too. Nature herself (i use gender here to denote her primary directive of being a nurturing force) is involved to make the connection.

The state of mind required to make such a connection is very similar to the state of mind I experience when I was meditating with a Chinese lady who was trying to guide M and I through a relaxing session. By the end of her ’emptying the mind’ and visualisation routine I was flooded with purple. She recognised this as the third eye chakra colour. At that moment I also felt extremely balanced.

I feel that dowsing is the same frame of mind – a balancing of the left and right hemispheres with external direction, or inspiration I would rather say. It’s more of a suggestion than a directive. An idea that you can disguise as your own but which you know did not come from you.

The rainbow colours we dowse at sites, and which are distanced and arranged according to how we are at the time, may correspond to the various chakra points on the human body, and be the interface points for connecting to a site’s energies. We should watch for which points in our bodies respond when we walk over the various bands of coloured energy. Is there a correlation and therefore a response of any kind?

VERDICT: I therefore see that chakra energy is a mapping of the crossing points of the body’s energy paths, and in a state of balance the practitioner is able to generate and mobilise their own internal energies. Additionally various parts of the body that correspond to chakra points may connect with various wavelengths in the spectrum of coloured energies that form the site’s nemeton.

3. Auric Energies

I think what Kal is describing here is the outer edge of a band of energy that forms a kind of protective sphere around a site (including rocks, trees or any other energy source). I refer to this as the nemeton of the object (more can be found about nemetons in other posts. (See ‘Glossolalia: The nemeton described‘).

I think that the auric edge is the edge of the ‘influence’ or boundary of the energetic extent of the object, whether it be a site, a tree or a rock. The aura flows in a particular direction. The bands of coloured energy within it also flow in particular directions, some contrary to each other. We have worked with re-directing the outer edge of the nemeton, but have never been directed to look at the inner coloured bands yet.

VERDICT: I feel that the nemeton is an enclosing spherical force that is composed of bands of coloured energy (light?) that denote the energy’s frequency of vibration. The size, strength and direction of the bands seem related to the relative health of the energies at the site, but we haven’t got any way to assess this yet.

4. Prana, Ki and other variants

This is the same as Chi and Chakra energy described earlier.

5. Reiki

When I went through a Reiki session I was a complete skeptic. Nevertheless the session relaxed me, and again I experienced the purple flush of light in my mind during the session. I therefore connect Reiki with the same state of consciousness as the deep meditation states. Instead of visualising the energies for yourself, however, you are allowing someone else to obtain, channel, and direct the energies from either within themselves, or some external source.

I find this practise to be very similar to the natural magick that I have been trying to get to grips with. The too is a connection then a drawing of energies from other sources as well as yourself in order to direct them elsewhere through intention and/or visualisation.

VERDICT: Reiki offers a form of altered consciousness for the practitioner that puts them in connection with the same forces a druids connect to, i.e. Nature itself. From that state they can direct, energise or dissipate energies according to the requirement of the treatment. This energy is therefore Natural energy being transmuted into body energy via chakra points. By transmuted I mean slowed down or speeded up to the right frequency to connect with the correct chakra point. Again, a form of attunement of mind and body in order to work with the energies.

6. Reflexology

When I knew nothing at all about healing , energy work or druidry, I had an innate knowledge from I know not where of how to do reflexology. I could just tune into my subject (usually a girlfriend, you’d be amazed how far this can get you!) and sense in their feet where a hot spot or tender area was. I could then “see” up that pathway, through the body, to find where the destination of that pain or tension was. It was then a simple matter to massage that pain away.

I used to play a little game with myself. I’d see if I could guess where the subject would describe the pain and then see how close I was with my guess. I soon gave this game up as I got it every time. I can’t tell you the number of freaky responses I got from people I did this on, usually phrases like, “But how did you know that my left shoulder was aching?”, or “I can feel the tension flooding out of my neck when you rub my toe there.”. I would have taken it further as a study but frankly it made my hands ache rubbing feet for half an hour or so. They just didn’t want it to stop!

I never asked how it worked. I never wanted to know how I knew. Now I do.

VERDICT: I think Reflexologists are simply tuning into the energy paths of the bodies they are working on. These are the same energies described in the section about Chakras above, even if the paths through which the energies travel may map differently between such skills as reflexology, reiki, massage, yoga, acupressure or acupuncture. Differences between mapping energies in such disciplines is cultural and conventional.

7. Homeopathy

The question homeopathy raises about energy is: does water have the capability to store and transmit energy? From the experiments done by Professor Emoto in Japan on the ability of water to react to language and intent it would seem that it does have a storage capacity, or at least transforms its structure to reflect the energy transmitted to it.

We also hear from seasoned dowsers that water is the energy carrier for sacred sites, although we can find no evidence that water courses follow earth energy paths. The shapes of paths are too regular and geometric for them to be simply a reflection of or emission from water courses.

VERDICT: Essenses may incorporate a form of holographic imprint of energy directed at it (whether intentionally or not). As a holographic imprint the amount of “source” material need only be a minute amount in order to transmit the energy pattern of the “host” of the essence.

8. Crystal energies

Like Kal I think there’s a lot to be said for crystals. I placed some quartz crystals on top of the major electrical devices in my house and dowsed a before and after picture of the energy at those places. Before the crystals were placed on them the televisions and a microwave oven dowsed very strongly for an unhealthy energy form. After the crystals were placed on the equipment the reaction to the question of unhealthy energies either diminished drastically or completely.

When Kal placed some crystals atop the stones at Nine Ladies in Derbyshire we got a very strong dowsing reaction around Kal as he sat in the circle. With their help he felt energised to perform some visualisation and healing work – his own flavour of natural magick.

VERDICT: Crystals can focus energies to a point. I also feel that they somehow coalesce the energies of a site to be harnessed for use by the practitioner. It also seems important what kind of stones are used to form stone circles and other sacred sites. The more crystalline, and the larger the crystals, the more powerful is the focusing and empowering effect.

I therefore feel that crystals act as a form of lens through which energies can be harnessed and focused.

9. Earth Electromagnetic Field (EMF)

The EMF, or GMF (Geomagnetic Field) fluctuates in strength. The nemetons (or auric extent) of stone circles fluctuates in synchrony with it. I don’t know enough science to continue with any further comparison of these two energies. I also have no way of measuring the EMF – I simply accept what I’m told about it with an air of dissociated interest. I may never know much about it. So here’s a link to a study of them and if anyone understands it – good for you. Perhaps you could tell me how it fits in. The study at least recognises that variations occur depending upon the time of day.

VERDICT:Fluctuation according to time of day is as close as I get to correlating these two forces.

10. Emotional energies

When working with energies at sacred sites one of the ‘keys’ to allowing this energy to operate has been demonstrated to myself and Kal on many occasions to be the emotions of love and gratitude. Love is the force that, through its generation in the human body and mind, can be unleashed in order to provide the impetus for action or change to occur.

This is, of course, impossible to prove. So, I invite you to try it for yourself. You will find that emotional energies of a specific type have particular effects. Without that emotional involvement you are merely sitting in an arrangement of stones.

Once the work is complete, and before you awaken, we have found it profitable (i.e. no negative side effects occur, like you start being clumsy, or unfortunate things befall you) if you break the connection with an emotion of gratitude for the experience. Call it politeness. Call it irrelevant. I call it the fostering of good relations. This is, after all, a relationship with Nature itself, and the most worthy attainments deserve a nod of appreciation.

I am unsure as to the purpose, but like a child I don’t need to understand the warning to heed the advice. Love and gratitude seem to be the entry requirements and the exit strategy for energy work in stone circles or anywhere else.

VERDICT: The energies of the emotions of love and gratitude are allowing some form of transition to an attuned mental state wherein it becomes possible to visualise and direct energies.

11. Esotoric energies

I think the phrase “esoteric” doesn’t capture the undoubted intelligence innate in these presences. Tribal shamans consider these ‘spirits’ to be ancestors – a term that perhaps does not translate well. Yet the word ‘ancestor’ certainly hints at something beyond our capacity to ordinarily interact with it, possibly because it’s in a different frequency outside our normal range, and something once human, but now possibly only retaining soul or mind without a physical body.

Terence McKenna’s tales of encounters with mushroom intelligence, Carlos Casteneda’s many books about his contact with magical ‘allies’ that are often the genius loci contained within entheogenic plants, Gordon Wasson’s reportage of shamanic encounters, Mercia Eliade’s work with tribal shamans the world over who, though isolated from each other, report similar experiences in the other dimensions. To coin McKenna these are true hallucinations involving man and nature spirit.

VERDICT: Esoteric techniques to alter states of consciousness demonstrate that other worlds can be glimpsed for short periods of time. In those other worlds or dimensions there are intelligent entities. Some travellers manage to return back through the gateway with immense creative hordes, and tantalising theories and knowledge that they were simply not able to conjure otherwise.

12. Dark matter

Not a topic I would choose to end on. I don’t understand dark matter, and I don’t think it is understandable. In the same way as quantum mechanical theory keeps uncovering ever smaller levels of sub-atomic energy, I think that space is also fractally extensive.

Whilst we spend trillions attempting to extend our vision ever smaller and larger through the sub-atomic to cosmic realms we are taking our collective eye of the ball – the ball of earth upon which we are stood. The dark matter that is said to inhabit “space” also inhabits inner space. It inhabits all spaces. It must. It cannot be a property of one level of a fractal but not the other. Only the shape of a fractal changes – not it’s composition or properties.

VERDICT: Dark matter is all pervasive. It is inevitable that it is a constituent part of the energies we seek to work with, but I don’t see that it is dark matter alone that is being evoked, transmuted or dissipated. I also think that it is not energy itself that is changed, only its form.

So there you have it. Some random musings covering my current thoughts on energy in many of its classified forms. Given that most human classification systems are temporary at best, I suspect there is room for re-classification and revolution in the field of matter (no pun intended).


Follow a true path.

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