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Aura size and dowsing

So in the last post I gave you a video of how to push the aura. Quite exciting right? I mean the synchronistic movement of the pusher and pushee has to say a lot for validating that there is something going on. The human aura is an amazing thing and frankly I’d love to spend more […]

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Aura pushing and dowsing

During my recent trip to California I managed to fit in a few workshops and talks. One that was quite popular was on the topic of dowsing and auras. I might drop a pot or two about the other contents of these workshops but for this one I’ll talk about one particular aspect. Aura Pushing. […]

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Finding the Horns of the Stag

I know – a stag’s horns are usually called antlers. I am choosing to use the term ‘stag’s horns’ because those are the words that came to me when I asked for this next quest. “Horn” seems to have more resonance with concepts such as drinking vessels and therefore “grails” too. It makes my work […]

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