Hedge philosophy | Yearly Update

2016 Summary of the Year

In this post I want to bring together some of the themes of the year, and associate key posts with those themes. Together they forms a description of my spiritual year for 2016. THEME 1 – Taliesin: bardic work, light, awen and courage. IMBOLC: Brigid at Derbyshire sites such as Gawton’s Well. I experienced the […]

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Yearly Update

Summary of the Year 2014 – Chris

Taking a leaf from Kal’s book I will summarise my year in terms of the quests that I have been involved with. The year had many more facets than this, but I think the quests are the important factors, as they form a developmental framework for my druidry work. They show the progress of my […]

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The Triad of Life – Awen, Flow and Abundance

As druids how do we understand concepts such as ritual, offerings and gifts? What IS the nature of our interaction with Nature? To what purpose do we strive to live ethically and energetically? In this short post I hope to propose the concept of a Triad of Life – three powers that work together in harmony – that […]

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Bookshelf | Recommended

Robert J Stewart: The Life and Mysticism of Merlin


I have just finished two of the most impressive books on the subject of the Western Mystery Tradition’s greatest and original prophet: Merlin.To most of us, to almost everyone, Merlin has been portrayed as a caricature, a cartoon character, and a convenient symbol of a “wizard” with a Celtic flavour. With the exception of John […]

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