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Gawton Alignment Portal

In this second part of the story of my visit to Knypersley Pool (or Knypersley Reservoir) I will be telling you about the female equivalent of the Gawton Stone that was discovered in the first part. If we consider the stone to be the male aspect then the following feature could be said to be the female equivalent.

As Mike and I walked back along the path on which we had arrived at the stone my gaze was drawn to the rocky hillside above. There, through the trees, I saw a diamond-shaped hole that was almost the same size as the diamond-shaped stone that we had just been standing next to. I joked that perhaps the stone had been born from the hillside and this hole was the evidence of that. Whatever the real circumstances, the hole was an incredible sight nonetheless. Straight away we both wanted to go through it – it was such a strong impulse.

We approached the base of the climb and then reason began to suggest a number of difficulties that might prevent us going through:-

  1. It was steep
  2. It was obviously slippery in the damp conditions
  3. We were running out of time to find the well
  4. Mike had the wrong kind of shoes for climbing
  5. I would have to climb up there with my staff in hand too
  6. It was steep and slippery
That final point kept repeating. Or did Mike keep repeating that final point? I can’t remember. But I overrode that. We were going. Come on! It would be a risky adventure! A quick dowse with the rods showed us that there was a benefit to going for both of us, and that the description of this being a portal was an accurate one. Mike isn’t the adventurous outdoor type. I had just about encouraged him to come out in the rain, but now that I was suggesting a perilous climb up steep and slippery rocks….I set off, urging Mike to follow. To his credit, he did.

The Alignment Portal

As we climbed we took our minds off the tricky ascent. Was this some kind of portal? Would anything interesting happen if we went through it? What was on the other side? Was there actually a path up here? We both felt that something would happen. We used the word portal repeatedly.

Gawton alignment portal – gate between energies

As we climbed the sense of anticipation grew stronger. I could feel the mounting energy levels as we approached the passageway into some other place. It was like the energy was being concentrated to fit into the hole, and that male energy on one side was battling to balance itself with an opposing force on the other side. The word ‘alignment’ came into my head. This was an alignment portal – a portal between two energy fields – one male and the other female. I hadn’t even properly formed the concept when I found myself at the very centre of the hole after pulling Mike up with my staff as he slipped and slid his way up the last few feet to join me.

We halted at the top to get our breath back and go through together.

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Buried alive!

There are some people with whom I have a special connection. Kal is obviously one – whenever we work together or even just at the same location, something interesting, even life-changing, always happens. Another special person is my friend Mike. Mike’s psychic abilities always give a totally different slant on the work we do. Lately we have taken to clearing psychic blockages, or clearing away dark areas of energy from sites, in particular at churches. So when Mike came to visit at the beginning of December I knew that something interesting was likely to happen. And I was not disappointed.

I had been investigating a new energy ley that I believe exists between The Wirral and Derbyshire. Due to the location of the ley and the types of sites that it goes through I have been provisionally calling the line The Royal Line. When I come to reveal it in due course then this will all make sense. This weekend in December was my first outing along the line to determine whether it really existed at the locations that I had theorised that it would. My first stop was a nearby village with its St.John the Evangelist church. Such churches are a common recurring theme along this ley.

St John's Church, Kingsley, Cheshire

Mike and I spent a short while on the car park side of the church noticing a “dark patch” emanating from the corner of the car park. We decided to come back to that later. I wanted to find the ley line, if it existed, and the investigate the church’s exterior. I was drawn to a white birch tree with peeling paper bark, the like of which I had rarely seen. It was an outstandingly beautiful contrast to the leaden grey skies all around us, and we admired its beauty before I began to dowse for the ley. Within minutes I had located it. It was easy to find – it ran the entire length of the church and the width of the church was the width of the energy ley. The ley was balanced at this point and needed no work doing to it to harmonise it. Great. Time to move on.

Near Miss Black Spots

As we peered into the road from the churchyard I pointed out a specific spot in the road where I had seen several cars have near misses, and which always made me feel uncomfortable when I drove over it. Mike noticed that there was some red tarmac at that point – an indicator that the local council also thought that this was a place to drive cautiously. In fact, there was a solar-powered “30” sign there too which flashes at anyone doing in excess of this speed, despite the fact that they are at the lower end of a long downhill stretch, making 30mph pretty difficult to attain.

Mike said that he felt that the line of holly bushes that marked the end of the church’s boundary, and which coincided with the accident blackspot, was hiding a flow of negative energies. We tracked back into the grounds and found that the negative energy was being emitted from a house on the other side of the holly barrier. Hmmm…someone in that house was giving out bad vibes, and this was being drawn along the hedge and into the point in the road where the near misses were happening. Interesting! I was about to dowse some more when Mike began to get psychic impressions about the person in the house. Then suddenly I was getting them too! I knew things about this person – felt how they felt, knew things about their life – it was all very strange to suddenly begin to describe this as though the person themselves were speaking this out loud. Between us we diagnosed the situation. I won’t divulge any more, except to say that the saving grace was that someone else was counteracting the negativity with some positive energies, and this was leaving the energy ley in a balanced state. Yet, the negativity was still feeding into the road and its vulnerable black spot. We decided to take a different tack and see if there was anything we could do on the other side of the road.

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Somebody Else’s Problem Field

Douglas Adams

A few years ago we lost that remarkable genius, Douglas Adams. Both Gwas and I have been a fan of his work for years. From the original Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy (known amongst aficionados as hhgttg, or H2G2) to the less famous, but equally recommended Dirk Gently series.

Not a month goes by when we come across a life situation that is comically mirrored in either of the above mentioned series. One such example we have purloined for the energy world was referred to in the hhgttg as The S.E.P Field.

Somebody Else’s Problem

From the book then we have…

An SEP is something we can’t see, or don’t see, or our brain doesn’t let us see, because we think that it’s somebody else’s problem…. The brain just edits it out, it’s like a blind spot. If you look at it directly you won’t see it unless you know precisely what it is. Your only hope is to catch it by surprise out of the corner of your eye.

The technology involved in making something properly invisible is so mind-bogglingly complex that 999,999,999 times out of a billion it’s simpler just to take the thing away and do without it……. The “Somebody Else’s Problem field” is much simpler, more effective, and “can be run for over a hundred years on a single torch battery.”

This is because it relies on people’s natural predisposition not to see anything they don’t want to, weren’t expecting, or can’t explain. [source]

As I said, Gwas and I have purloined this phrase to describe a rather interesting phenomena that is put out (or radiated like a field) by energetic entities. As you will have read on a few occasions Gwas and I have interacted with energetic awareness or entities that have been bad for our energy. Out in the wilds we have sometimes referred to them as Leprechaun Energy. The SEP field described herein is more to do with bad energies we have found in homes.

Often we have found these entities lingering in homes (even our own homes) and have thought to do something about them. Which (again as demonstrated) we are quite able to do. However an unusual energy that these entities put out can only be referred to as an SEP field. Basically the phenomena can be described thus…

We will find, or be told of, a bad energy in a home. We will resolve to do something about it. We might get a look in to dowse the thing but whenever we think to do something about it, a lethargy sets in or some other task will seem more important or we will just plain forget it. Only to recall hours later (or even days) that we were meant to fix something.

We have named this phenomena an SEP field, in honour of Douglas Adams, whose works continue to inspire us. Some other notes on this field are…

  • Distance seems to be a factor in that the further you are the more you can think about it.
  • It is usually something in your own home rather than someone else’s (we seem to be able to deal with entities in other people’s houses).
  • We are more able to talk about them with each other rather than think about them when we are on our own. This seems to be related to the above point in that the SEP field might only affect the home owner/resident.
  • This invisibility field is related to the strength of the entity. The stronger the entity the stronger the field.
  • Putting up protection does not seem to work in resolving the field.
  • It seems that they really do have to be caught off guard. i.e. in passing we will think of it, grab our rods and do something about it.

To say that these fields are annoying is an understatement. Because they seem to affect the owner (in this case Gwas or I) we have founded them (and I quote) “Maddening”

Kal Malik

Dark Entities and SEP fields

Gwas here. I’d like to add my information as a supplement to Kal’s points. I agree with everything he’s said so far, but there are a few additional things I’d like to explore that have come to my attention about this problem.

The first aspect is that the phenomenon may not be linked solely to “bad”, “dark” or “ill-intentioned” energy forces. Certainly, is it much more within the nature of the deceitful spirit to want to keep its presence quiet, or force anyone’s attention away from its workings. That is defnitiely one aspect fo what’s going on here. However, I feel that all intelligent unseen entities have this capability. How it gets used may differ according to the entity’s personal character and motivations.

So, I think there is a level of assumed intelligence in operation here. That means that you are potting your wits against anything that you can detect is using an SEP field to distract your thoughts away from its work, and you may question why it would want to do that to you. Is it for your benefit, or because it wants to keep you in a particular state of iignorance and apathy?

This would be the point at which you should determine whether you are a “food source” for this entity!

Draining and complaining

Why am I so tired

One of the symptoms of being energetically drained by an intelligent entity is that the “victim” begins to complain about lethargy. As the victim’s energy field is depleted they may begin to take steps to generate mroe energy, but to no avail. They may begin to do more exercise but just feel tired. They may eat more but not be satisfied. They may do more spiritual or psychic work but find that this is not as productive or as helpful as they are used to. They may become ill more frequently. At this point you may begint o get really concerned about the effects of this force, and rightly so.

As Kal has pointed out, putting up protection is not going to stop you being drained. If you are already having your energy depleted then whatever protection you put up is likely to be at the very least weakened, and at best it may have a temporary protective effect, but it’s going to cost you energetically to maintain this protection. So what can you do? Get help! Either from someone who knows what they’re dealing with, or if you have the knowledge of how to do this yourself, then begin to take steps to deal with it. Here is my recommendation for the self-help process:-

  1. Get out of its way – go somewhere far away from it’s influence, and make sure that you haven’t taken it with you.
  2. Visit a place of power. Open yourself up to this place’s healing and re-balancing, its energising and nourishing energies, and get your energy levels back up. This may take more than one visit. You wil have to identify such a place of power yourself. You already know one, even if you think you don’t.
  3. Learn about the entity. You may need to be far from it to do this. Why not start in your place of power? Find out about it – male/female, beneficial/harmful, strength, any impressions about its intentions, was it human once/nature spirit, and so on. Knowledge will help you. Tarot cards are a good way to reveal information.
  4. Confront it when you’re at your strongest. Catch it off guard. Psychically get hold of it and act out the act of cutting the connection it has made to you. Then send it away with your strong intention and the pwoer of your will. Act this out physically if this helps, with gestures and expressions.
  5. Seal the area. Put up protection around yourself and the affected area (maybe your home) to prevent it coming back in easily.
  6. Watch for its return. Some entities are clever and persistent, and will try to get back at you if you have been a good source of energetic ‘food’. Watch for its return.

Of course, these are pathetically generalised instructions, but they may help you find your own way to deal with these things.

Other things that can help you focus are: burn incense to clear the space, use crystals (especially quartz) to focus intent and energies and offer some additional protection.

I would recommend reading about other methods by such writers as Ted Andrews, David Furlong or Judy Hall. Fore-warned is fore-armed, as they say. My main advice is – don’t ignore these things just because they want to be ignored. That’s usually a sign that you should be finding out what it is that wants you to be unaware!



Kal here again. I was pondering this some more last night when I had a thought. Perhaps the reason why our protection against such SEP fields wasn’t working was because they were already inside our threshold?

Thinking back over our experiences, I feel that the SEP field is more like a chameleon’s camouflage i.e. something innate rather than something that is intended. Just a feeling I have. Also I suspect that historically we were more able to see/sense these creatures than we are now. Hence why there were more reports of supernatural beings in the past than there are now. Perhaps this is because belief has waned?

I really like Gwas’s self-help ideas. Perhaps a how-to post is in the offing? I would point out though that the SEP field itself stops us from doing these things. Even as I write this I know that there is some energetic thing in the other room that is actively stopping me from thinking about it. Maybe I should do something about it now…just let me finish another post…

Kal Malik


Union of the Snake ~ black and white streams

For a few months I have been studying what researchers have written about so-called black streams. These are streams of energy that are reputed to have a range of dysfunctional effects upon human energy fields, eventually causing physical complaints and ailments, even disease.

For my own purposes I have wanted to particularly focus on what has come out of practical dowsing that I have done myself, and that I have verified many times. I have relied upon my usual “20 questions” dowsing approach to lead me towards an increasingly refined concept of what the black and white energy streams may be. From what I can gather the concensus of other people’s published opinion seems to accumulate into these primary concepts:-

  • Black streams cause human dysfunction to varying degrees over time
  • The cause of black streams are either the proximity and intensity of electricity, or geological faults and stresses
  • Crossing streams have a more stringent effect upon the energy fields at the crossing point

David Cowan, whose work I have featured here recently, adds another dimension to this as he includes the attraction of energy paths to sites where the energies of the recent and time-honoured dead are emanating.

Black streams

I don’t feel I have enough information yet to be able to specify the exact origins of black streams, or say too specifically how they are formed. What I have found out through dowsing is that they can be created by the input of negative human emotions, by death (especially violent and sudden death where powerful energy imprints are left).

From Alex Stark

Accident Black Spots

This feeds into my research on accident black spots, which I have been reviving now that the Winter seems to have eased in preparation for Spring. On some local roads that I have been travelling on my attention has been drawn to several locations in the roads where cars are likely to pass each other. Seems a strange indicator, I know, but when you have a couple of close shaves with on-coming cars you begin to take note of the spot.

Then I noticed that other cars seemed to have encounters at those places too! On a Winter’s morning, on an otherwise empty road, two cars travelling in opposite directions, unaware of each others’ locations, would more than likely pass at these specific places that I was noticing! When I later dowsed several of those sites they were a mixture of strong male energy and a weaker neutral ‘transport’ path, but always dowsing as not beneficial to humans. Often the paths of these black streams went into a gate, a hole in an otherwise perfect hedge, or a lane. A path of least resistance, I observed.

Not only did the black streams choose a convenient path, they flowed with gravity. Perhaps something as attractive as a recent grave may be able to pull the energy from that line of least resistance – I will have to test this whenever I find a convenient location. David Cowan also notes that large bodies of water may act as attractors for streams of energy.

Human Dysfunction

I do not doubt that they are correct in any of these points. I have, as yet, not had cause to correct any human illness, pathology or disease through the correction of black stream flows, although I have ‘pinned’ an energy line and changed its energy from ‘unhealthy’ to ‘healthy’ in my own garden. There have only been positive outcomes from that work, so I trust this concept has some merit that I have yet to fully explore. Time will tell on that one.
Kal, however, regularly uses energy for healing work, and I hope he will add his text or comments on the effects he has witnessed over the years. His experiences add a great deal of weight to my conviction that healing is a time-honoured practise of the shaman of the tribe, and that energies can be converted for healing purposes using ancient sites.


Every time I encounter a line of electricity pylons, or an electricity sub-station, the results are categorically the same: male energy forms a wide stream encompassing the width of the electrical output. In other words, if I dowse across a line of pylons I will start to get a gradual turning of the rods as I get close, from the moment your ears first hear them buzzing. Then the rods cross for the width of the pylons’ arms, then begin to slowly un-cross as I step out from directly underneath them.

Geological Faults and Stresses

“It’s not their fault – they’re stressed!” Oh dear, back of the class Myrddyn! I have an Ordnance Survey-produced map of the geological strata underlying North West England and North Wales, so it is on my list of things to do this year to overlay the locations of sacred sites and see how they correspond to the geology of the areas they are situated in. A brief study so far indicates bedrock with a high quartz content or a similar large crystalline structure seems to be the foundation of many of the North Wales and Derbyshire sites in particular. Certainly volcanic igneous rocks, and also metamorhic rocks too. This year I plan to be much more specific about that with the aid of the GPS unit, to be able to record exact locations and correlate these with the geological map.

White streams

A subject of less discussion than black streams, the white stream is an interesting proposition. A white stream is composed of both male and female energy lines combined. They are attracted to come together to form a contra-rotating double helix stream through the power of positive emotional energy from humans and other sentient life. Yes, that’s right, we’re not the only contributors to positive energies on this planet, yet our contribution is mutually beneficial, so it seems ludicrous to waste such an opportunity to improve our environment and ourselves at the same time.

How is this unification, or conjunction of male and female achieved? Well, in the old traditional fashion – through a kind of courtship. During your interactions with energy, if you wish them to combine to form white streams, you will need the power of love energy to achieve this union. You are effectively creating the right conditions for loving vibes to be created, and in that ambience energies of opposite polarity can come together to form white streams. In essence this is the Kundalini energy, the sacred serpent, sexual energy. Some people like Aleister Crowley have taken this to extreme degrees, but at a conceptual level, and in terms of the kinds of feelings that facilitate attraction and thus bring about the ‘union of the snakes’, then this is the sentiment that appears to make it happen. Humming Duran Duran‘s “Union of the Snake” may not work quite as well. What WAS that video about? Still, good sax solo – terrible re-introduction back into the second bridge.

White streams feel great to stand on. Overwhelmingly the experience has been positive, at times too lovely for words. There is a rising trickle that tickles your spine in an enjoyable way. You feel infused and enthused, clear-headed and bright after spending time standing in the flow of a white stream, much more so where they form identifiable power centres, and the white energy swirls into an ever-tightening spiral. Turning around on a power centre in the direction of flow feels good too. Often, ideas or fleeting visions are left in your mind by doing this simple act.

I am sure there is mileage in investigating the healing effects of such a stream of energy, and the next time I’ve got a cold (which turns out to be a pentagram shaped virus) I’ll try working with a white stream, or better, a power centre formed from a white stream. Luckily, I found one near to my house only last night, so that’s handy! Interestingly, it occurred to me after finding it that the site was a very popular hiding place for lovers who park their cars in the tiny nook. How there’s a classic chicken-and-egg scenario as I try to work out whether the power centre attracts such activity, or the sexual energy enriches the power centre. I’m gonna feel like a sexual parasite dowsing that one!

The Behaviour of Male and Female energies

Sometimes the male energy emerging from a source finds itself upon or close to a neutral line. I have dowsed several cases where the two lines run alongside each other. It seems as though the neutral lines provide a trackway, a means of moving around the landscape over large distances, and their flow can carry male lines along, to places far from the original source. This is not the case with female lines, however. Female lines stay much closer to their origins, rarely venturing further than the natural confines of the source’s immediate vicinity.

Do you see how, despite the ever-shifting polarities of cultural opinion about the roles of the male and female in society, the energies around us follow some very simple ‘cosmic’ laws that govern their inherent behaviour. Like humans, their fellow sentient energy forms, these energies travel, get involved with each other, form communities, and they affect the way we perceive and react to places and objects around us. All we are required to do is understand their role, and like our ancestors, put that knowledge to good use in the unfolding course of our journey together.


Following the light, then the dark.

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