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Gawton Alignment Portal

In this second part of the story of my visit to Knypersley Pool (or Knypersley Reservoir) I will be telling you about the female equivalent of the Gawton Stone that was discovered in the first part. If we consider the stone to be the male aspect then the following feature could be said to be […]

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Energy cleansing | Spirit rescue

Buried alive!

There are some people with whom I have a special connection. Kal is obviously one – whenever we work together or even just at the same location, something interesting, even life-changing, always happens. Another special person is my friend Mike. Mike’s psychic abilities always give a totally different slant on the work we do. Lately […]

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Somebody Else’s Problem Field

A few years ago we lost that remarkable genius, Douglas Adams. Both Gwas and I have been a fan of his work for years. From the original Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy (known amongst aficionados as hhgttg, or H2G2) to the less famous, but equally recommended Dirk Gently series. Not a month goes by when […]

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Union of the Snake ~ black and white streams″

For a few months I have been studying what researchers have written about so-called black streams. These are streams of energy that are reputed to have a range of dysfunctional effects upon human energy fields, eventually causing physical complaints and ailments, even disease. For my own purposes I have wanted to particularly focus on what […]

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