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Five Wells – the returning

Chelmorton, Derbyshire – 20.11.10 A pale and wan full moon hung over us as we strode eagerly up to Five Wells chambered cairn. The coming dark forced our pace as we knew that time was scarce, and the eagerness of a new site made us giddy as though short of oxygen up on those windswept […]

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Barbrook and boredom

Sunday 12th September, 2010 – Car Top, Derbyshire. As if often the way, whenever you have had a wonderful experience, such as exploring a stone circle you have never visited before on a sunny day, then perhaps these things should be considered to be the highlight of the day, and the day should end there. […]

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Tree Page updates

I have put some new entries into the Tree page, and have added some more details about the exact locations of the trees, including detailed MultiMap locations, directions on how to find the trees, and better location descriptions. New additions: Hawthorn at Long Meg Rowan at Pendle Hill Oak at Nine Ladies Tallest tree in […]

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