Yew Breathing and New Learning

It has been a while since I have visited the wisdom keeper that is the Llangernyw Yew tree. I was feeling that I should, even though I felt oddly out of kilter with the place. Maybe this  was an opportunity to recover myself, to recover my attachment to the tree, and to remember the good […]

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Dragons | Hedge Druidry

Calming the Golden Dragon

When the evening is filled with sunshine and warmth then a lowly Hedge Druid has to make full use of it. I left work earlier than usual in order to beat the traffic. Arriving at Alderley Edge I found that there were few others parked up. Today that was a benefit – I wanted a […]

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Energy cleansing | Spirit rescue

Buried alive!

There are some people with whom I have a special connection. Kal is obviously one – whenever we work together or even just at the same location, something interesting, even life-changing, always happens. Another special person is my friend Mike. Mike’s psychic abilities always give a totally different slant on the work we do. Lately […]

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Tree Page updates

I have put some new entries into the Tree page, and have added some more details about the exact locations of the trees, including detailed MultiMap locations, directions on how to find the trees, and better location descriptions. New additions: Hawthorn at Long Meg Rowan at Pendle Hill Oak at Nine Ladies Tallest tree in […]

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