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Imbolc 2014 part 7 of 5: Ice Dragon

I won’t update you with all the story. You can read it by following these links…

Imbolc 2014 Link

In part 5 I left you at the edge of a cliff wondering what had really gone on, behind the innocent scenes so to speak. Well, here is the latter part of the revelation (dream) and the confirmations that were received at the wizards wood.

In a previous post I already learned that the Goddess Caileach had blocked me from connecting with my Energy Self. I had also learned that she had blocked my Double from getting to me too. That, frankly was (and is) a disturbing feat. My loyalty, or perhaps it’s more accurate to say my trust in her had waned instantly. One word had rang clearly in my mind, betrayal.

Note: I am aware that the Tarot card reading might be pushing me towards the word betrayal.

As I said, learning of Caileach’s actions was disconcerting. So my questioning continued…

  • Was there anything else of energetic significance happening yesterday? Yes
  • Did it have anything to do with Caileach? Yes
  • Did it have anything to do with me as well? No
  • Did it have anything to do with the Gathering? Yes

Ah…more culprits? I couldn’t believe that Ancient Yew or Oak had any malicious intent. Dinas Bran? I enquired about all three and found that all three where exerting some energetic influence on the proceedings. I was disappointed in them. Had Caileach been able to coerce these beings too? No. Was she able to? No. At least she had some equals or superiors, I thought.

Chained Dragon

Chained Dragon

I was missing something I could feel it, as I pondered it, my dream image came to the fore. I had seen a chained dragon. During my drive to the Wizards Wood, I had thought it was something to do with the Dragon that I had released in Ireland but couldn’t relate that to this situation and so had put it aside (it was a dream after all).

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Summary 2013 – Lessons Learned Pt1

In the second of my year-end summary posts I am listing the most important things I have learned this year. I’ve arranged them in chronological order by month as this seems to show the development of the learning in the best way. There’s too much to read in one go, so I’ve split this into two posts. Part 1 is January to June/July. Part 2 will be the back half of the year.

One of my favourite phrases is “Every day is a school day.” It certainly feels like that walking this path of druidry and divination!



  • Learned that some pet energies can be grounded through respectful burial involving knowledge of their energetic links to humans (e.g. an owner)
  • Also found a spirit that is classically called an Incubus preying upon the vibrant energies of the three teenage girls in the house. Discovered that they can be ‘ensnared’ using a spiral-carved stone to confuse their pathway, and by changing the energy flows around the house to disrupt its patterns and portals.

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Tarot Framework

  • Created a four-stage cross tarot layout coinciding with the Celtic festival dates, and drew from the Camelot Oracle to define the path, the champion and the challenges at those special dates. The result was a fantastic way to keep me on track with my progress!

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Summary of the Year 2013 – Themes

Welcome to the first of three posts to summarise the adventures I’ve had this year. The first post will discuss the major themes of the year and my opinions on them. The second post will go into detail about the lessons I’ve learned and how I have developed as a result of those teachings. Finally, in the third post I will briefly mention some of the interesting but as yet unresolved aspects of my work – I’m calling these the “loose threads”.

I have to start by saying a big thank you to all our readers. As you may know, Kal and I log our adventures primarily so that we can use them as a record of our progression along this unusual esoteric spiritual path that we follow. However, we do recognise and indeed write for an audience of like-minded folk, and we are always humbled that you continue to be interested in our work. Good for you! We hope it’s helpful in some way towards your own journeys along the path.

Main themes this year:-

Arthurian Tarot framework

It seems like such an innocent thing to do – to do a tarot draw to help define the year’s work. I drew cards from my new Camelot Oracle deck – one for each Celtic Feast Day. A question and a challenge was defined for each Feast Day.

Picture Summary Posts

The Camelot Oracle cover

The Camelot Oracle cover

  1. I chose my champion – the figure of Galahad. Purity, strength, The East
  2. At Imbolc I met Merlin, who offered me the tools I would need for the rest of the year – sword and shield. He reminded me that I must use emotion in magick – joy, love, respect.At Beltane I met Linet. She asked me how I see myself – as a hermit away from the world, or involved in it? I opted for the latter and began to turn myself outwards, accepting my druid life.
  3. At the Summer Solstice I worked on balance, working with sword and shield to define a balanced cross of Arthurian archetypes which could be drawn upon when working.
  4. At Lammas I was guided to a special place by K. I collected and offered the King of Faery the fruits of the land. We left that sacred space together. This was my challenge alone, but in harmony with other forces.
  5. At Samhain Merlin guided me to test my mortality against his master Blaise - by calling lightning and then by standing on the edge of a precipice. I faced East and answered the challenge – I was no longer in doubt about my work. It is my life.


A Merlin Year

Each year seems to have a pre-dominant (but not exclusive) energy form which I can interact with at special places. This year I would characterise as a Merlin year.

Picture Summary Posts

Merlin - a sonless man we presume

  1. The first encounter was at Imbolc in Cumbria. As predicated by the tarot I met him at a well, and he revealed the symbols that would be my talismans for the year – the sword and shield.
  2. At the Solstice we met again in Somerset and then Cornwall as he revealed some aspects of the Arthurian energy formation. At Tintagel I encountered him in wren form in his namesake cave. His energy was used to call a water undine which could be used to irrigate my new garden.At Belas Knap Merlin quietened my surroundings so that I could meditate to find my next quest – calling lightening. Later, he would be the star of a vision that showed me how to make lightening appear. Sadly, I failed to do that.
  3. Finally, Merlin helped me to face his master Blaise in a test of life and death.

New Spirit Guide

This year saw the transition from Theodora to ‘Ash’. Luckily this occurred early on in the year and I have had the privilege to work with Ash for most of this year. It has been interesting to move from a one-way relationship with Theodora to a two-way relationship with Ash.

Picture Summary Posts
 Spirit Guides presence
  1. It was quite shock to find at the start of the year that my first spirit guide had departed. The move was inevitable, and I sought a new guide suitable for my current work.
  2. In Cumbria I found a stone circle where I could call such a guide. He had been waiting for me to do that. A psychic friend had said he was waiting.
  3. Later in the year I found out more about him – he was with me to learn about how subtle energy works on Earth.
  4. For me, he was here to show me how to gain bardic skills such as story-telling, especially through dream work.

Sword and Shield

Once I had been gifted the knowledge that I should discover two magickal tools called The Sword and The Shield I set about finding them. The adventures took me several months but were instructional and incredible adventures into The Otherworld. This work took me up until the Summer Solstice to complete.

Picture Summary Posts
  1. Sword of Will (Galahad) and Shield of Faith (Nimue) were the magickal tools that Merlin revealed to me at the start of the year.
  2. The Lady of the Lake delivered the Sword of Will to me after my courage was tested in a threefold way.
  3. The Shield is formed via a special stone charged by the energies of Valle Crucis abbey.
  4. The Sword is evoked through Seeking The Stag (a physical exertion in full freedom), and The Shield is created by ‘challenging’ my Spirit Guide to create it for me.
  5. The Shield became a new quest – to create The Perfect Shield – and I learned how to create this energy form inside Thor’s Cave.

Ancestor artefacts

Ancestors are a much-neglected subject for me – until I visited Ireland last year. Now I have begun to retrieve the special and particular knowledge and energies that connect me to the land of my ancestors, and with every new piece of research or ever task I am guided to do I find that I have a deeper relationship than I realised. This is a topic of increasing importance and power for me.

Picture Summary Posts
 Torc of the Hawk - National Museum - Dublin - October 2013 (15) (Large)
  1. It began last year in Ireland when I visited the lands associated with my father’s family. In Roscommon I was guided to find The Eel Sword – a slimy piece of wood through which I downloaded my ancestral history. It climaxed with a psychic battle to win the right to take the ancestral title, and a coronation ceremony to symbolically seal the deal.
  2. This year I was informed that there were two more ancestral artefacts that I needed to obtain in order to become fully endowed with the full energetic inheritance of my family line: The Torc of the Hawk, and The Blood Ring.
  3. I found the Torc – it is in the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin. I visited the place and extracted the ancestral energy from the torc, and now I need to put that into a new torc in order to preserve it.
  4. My next quest, possibly for next year, is to find and retrieve the energies from The Blood Ring – whatever and wherever that is.

Taking possession of sites

Finding out that Bran is Arthur in welsh form was a profound insight for me. It linked the energy forms that I had practical experience of to those I had grown up learning about. Suddenly my relationship with Bran became more treasured. In the spirit of this new relationship I was guided to a deeper connection to the sacred sites around Llangollen Valley through their relationship with the stars above them.

Picture Summary Posts

Corvus the Crow constellation centred on Corwen

  1. Just as I had dismissed the idea of landscape zodiacs it was revealed to me by Bran that there is a living link between the constellations and the sacred sites created by the megalith builders.
  2. I worked my way around each of the sites associated with the constellation Corvus (The Crow) – a symbol associated with Bran himself.
  3. At each site I was shown how to ‘take possession’ of the site, thereby reclaiming it for the work of druidry, and creating a link between living druidry and ancient the ancient knowledge.
  4. As a finale I brought my new yew staff back to Dinas Bran to have it initiated by Bran.

Living as a Druid

As part of The Doubtful Path revealed by the tarot this year I knew I would be challenged and have to decide how I would react. It has not been easy for me to come to terms with the idea of being a modern druid. Sometimes I have indeed doubted this concept and taken criticism to heart, allowing it to affect how I present myself in the world. This year I would begin to come to terms with druidry, and how I appear to people, taking s stand for what I believe through experience rather than fantasy.

Picture Summary Posts

Dale Hermitage in Hermit's Wood.

  1. My vision from the tarot was “A person turning into a place”. Me becoming a hermit at a hermitage! The choice was offered by Linet – The Scolding Lady – and I chose to turn out into the world and face it as a druid. Time to open up and accept my fate.
  2. On Anglesey I was challenged to accept herb lore as a new pathway of learning
  3. Various forms of healing have been utilised: direct earth healing, remote healing and spirit release.
  4. Doing more house dowsing work to help people afraid of their own homes
  5. Taking part in political campaigns and charities related to druidic subjects (e.g. trees and land preservation)
  6. Supporting The National Trust, English Heritage and The Woodland Trust

Interactions with Faery

One of the aspects revealed to me at the start of the year was that I needed a re-balancing towards more masculine energies. I was becoming too comfortable in the female energies. This year saw me moving towards embracing the masculine aspects of my life, testing myself physically, mentally and spiritually.

Picture Summary Posts
  1. In the second half of the year I became embroiled in a relationship with the ultimate symbol of masculinity – Gwyn Ap Nudd - The Stag – Cernunnos – Herne the Hunter – King of the Faery.
  2. At Glastonbury I discovered a portal on the Tor which could connect me with Gwyn.
  3. I learned about an energy technique called The Cone of Power – a vortex that would connect me to Gwyn Ap Nudd directly without the need for a portal.
  4. I was quested to Seek The Stag, and I found him in a deep forest.
  5. I was invited to meet Gwyn, and a special and secret place was revealed to me. Kal and I visited it at Lammas and I gifted the glory of the land to Gwyn.
  6. In a perverse twist of fate my staff was lost and I was shown a new one almost immediately – The Stag Staff – a yew staff with an antlered crown atop it.
  7. The culmination of my year was running Hellrunner wearing a 25lb pack – a feat so difficult that I needed to be at the peak of physical fitness. For me, this was the ultimate expression of masculinity.
  8. I now feel I have re-balanced myself in terms of male and female. Grrrr! ;-)


Each year Kal and I say the same thing to each other: “Could next year possibly be any better than this year?”. Each year we have moved father, made more progress, and matured in our work and our relationships with those around us. We have grown in every way, and it is all thanks to following this path of development that I call “Hedge Druidry”, and which Kal called “Edge Wizardry”.

We therefore go into the Quiet Time now in buoyant mood, looking to learn all our year’s lessons, and developing the passion to go further that will make next year even more incredible. Will you be there to read about it? Are you making your own shining path through life? Breathe deeply of it all. Fill your lungs with adventure!


Spring Equinox 2013 – Day of the Crow Part 4

In the fourth part of this Spring Equinox story I visit a new stone circle (or two), working with the energies and completing the sigil shape that I had been tracing in the Llangollen landscape.

Bryn Beddau cairn circle

Hidden in the murky depths of the Clocaenog Forest are two small cairn circles. One or maybe both of them are named Bryn Beddau. It’s difficult to tell from the Megalithic Portal article, because it shows both of them in the same description. They are very close to each other, though. One is accessible from one of the many compacted gravel forest roads, whereas the other is further inside the forest, accessible from a path linked to the first circle.

I was grateful that I had Ordnance Survey GPS and maps on my phone. Without that it would have been hard going. As it was I found the sites pretty easily, but first I had to traverse along the “new straight tracks” that Alfred Watkins would surely not have approved of. These long straight roads were not good for retaining energy! It was an effort not to lose all the energy I had gained so far while walking these uninspiring grey roads that vanished into the distance, then turned 90 degrees to get anywhere. A kind of Roman efficiency. I walked with a rapid stride and a musical rhythm.

Occasionally a scene of beauty emerged by the roadside as snow dripped from coniferous branches, water languished in near static pools and tall trees braced against the cold air. The only sounds were the occasional movement of birds in the treetops, signalling my presence to each other.

Bryn Beddau - Spring Equinox 2013 (6) (Medium)

The first circle I discovered by treading carefully down a deeply rutted track that veered off at an angle from a junction of two forest roads. I was glad to get into the trees and off the grey gravel road. After only thirty feet of careful walking a clearing opened up and I got my first sight of a new circle in ages.

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Spring Equinox 2012 – The Spirit of The Dove

In the second of three parts covering our Spring Equinox outings for 2012 I am going to talk about my experiences of the magickal valley known as “Dovedale” in Derbyshire [map]. Parts of it might actually be in Staffordshire, but it’s commonly associated with Derbyshire.
We set off from the village of Milldale, walking along the flat and well-constructed path alongside the River Dove. Our first target was The Dove Holes – caves that I had read about in The Green Stone/Eye of Fire sequence of psychic questing books (see our Books page for details).

Kal sits in Dove Holes caves at Dovedale in Derbyshire

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Dove Holes. I had visited Thor’s Cave in Derbyshire at Winter Solstice and that had been impressive. The Dove Holes were equally impressive. My mind was taken back to the episode in the books I had read where the questors met with the spirit they called “Gweveraugh” – a sort of female deity figure that they associated with a tribal leader from England’s history. I wondered if there was any sign of such a presence here in these caves at this moment. Kal and I sat in the caves but I felt no presence there at that time.

Kal began making sounds within the caves so I began to try some sound experiments too. I did some humming of various frequencies that I associate with opening my chakras (after putting up some protection, of course – lessons learned and all that). The procedure felt really good and I was enlivened by the response of my sound in that cave environment. Then Kal called over to me, “Hey – try expanding your aura in the cave” he suggested. We had done this kind of thing before at Park Wood in South Wales so I tried it again. As my aura touched the cave walls I began to get “feedback” – my temples began to pulse and throb like they do just before a thunderstorm.

Kal looked over at me,

When you expand your aura do your temples throb just like before a thunderstorm?”

Was he reading my mind? I confirmed that they did. How odd! I wonder what all that was about?

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Trail of the White Dragon: Part 1 – Wayland’s Smithy

Wiltshire – August 20th, 2009

There’s something mystical about Wiltshire. This county has more than its fair share of ancient sacred sites and now crop circle formations too. Wiltshire boasts Avebury, Stonehenge, Old Sarum, West Kennet Long Barrow, The Ridgeway ancient track, the list goes on and on. ‘Plan A’ was to find any remaining crop circles to dowse them – ‘Plan B’ was to ‘follow my nose’ and see what happened.

Yes, We Have No Crop Circles

If you intend to visit and stay in Wiltshire you could do far worse than to stay at The Seven Stars pub. It is close to Marlborough and the Ridgeway, and more importantly for cereologists, it is close to Alton Barnes and The Barge Inn – now landmarks of renown on the crop circle tours. The landlord and landlady were incredibly helpful and the food at this pub was outstanding. Highly recommended if you plan to stay in this area. If you want to see any crop circles, however, I’d recommend going in July.

Waylands Smithy (1)

The names of the places are all vaguely familiar if you’ve been reading books and web sites about crop circles for long enough: Alton Barnes, Ogbourne St.George, Banbury Castle, Silbury Hill. These are quaint names that evoke thoughts of ancient Britain, stone monuments, wheat fields, chalk figures and old churches. They are also places of renowned earth energy – possibly not a coincidence to the crop circle phenomenon.

There’s one thing that’s modern about Wiltshire though: the farming methods are bang up to date. On the day I arrived, a new moon, there seemed to be a note in every farmer’s diary – “Thursday 20th: Harvest stupid crop circle fields today.” Sadly, by the time I had travelled down from Cheshire and then had dilly-dallied with a handful of the wealth of sacred sites that are sprinkled liberally around this part of Britain, all of the crop circles that remained only day earlier had been harvested. In fact, the last one was being bailed as I drove out to find it. Ah well, maybe a slight change of plan was required for the next day. Nevertheless I had spent an intriguing day travelling along the white dragon’s trail. What dragon’s trail? I’m so glad you asked! ‘Plan B’ was in action.

The Setting

The Ridgeway is a line of chalk stone that forms a ridge running from Overton Hill near Avebury in Wiltshire to Ivinghoe Beacon hill, near Tring in Berkshire. It’s around 87 miles in length and predominantly runs along a chalkstone ridge. It is an ancient trackway, possibly a ceremonial or processional path too. This links in with the recent idea that Stonehenge was once used for large-scale celebrations at specific solstice times of the year. The area may have harboured tribes who worshipped horse gods – the so-called Epona Cult – and consequently there are several white chalk horses carved into the hillsides of the valleys of the North and South Downs. The most famous of these horses – The Uffington White Horse – is something different, however, and I will come to that in the next post where some evidence suggests an alternative perspective.

An Old Straight Track

Waylands SmithyI parked at the Uffington White Horse car park, and headed for a site that I had longed to visit: the intriguingly named “Wayland’s Smithy“.

The character of Wayland The Smith has a long pedigree. I first came across him in Susan Cooper’s trilogy of books called “The Dark Is Rising” in which she interwove a modern setting with traditional Celtic characters and motifs. John “Wayland” Smith makes an appearance to forge magical symbols from elements to create a crossed circle which was then fitted to a belt of power. The elemental magic item was then used to repel the rising forces of The Dark, symbolised as the forces of Winter.

The essence of the Western Mystery Tradition was embedded in these excellent stories, and the maturation, the transformation and rebirth of a young adult named Will Stanton, a solar hero. His achieving union with the forces of The Light and Summer was the grand finale of this epic struggle. Another elderly character, Merriman Lyon, is a thinly-veiled personification of Merlin meanwhile.

The Ridgeway was evocative of The Old Straight Track of ley line history, or the track spoken of in the rhymes in her books that I used to memorise:

When the Dark comes rising, six shall turn it back;
Three from the circle, three from the track;
Wood, bronze, iron; water, fire, stone;
Five will return, and one go alone.


As I walked the chalk track up to Wayland’s Smithy, such thoughts came back to me like a much-loved song.

For more about Wayland, here’s an article from a Berkshire history web site. For me, Wayland symbolised a place or person who could help you to forge a symbol or sign of value that could be used to advance one’s learning and progress in the ways of the western mystery tradition.

Lucky for me then, that without any forethought that’s exactly what happened. Symbols must have been on my mind.

Lair of the White Dragon: Wayland’s Smithy

The site is almost hidden by trees, and is only noticeable because of a small signpost pointing the way to the copse of beech trees huddled amidst farmed fields. I dowsed straight away for an entrance point to the site. As no-one was around at the time I respectfully waited at the two tall beeches that guarded the entrance way and felt a gentle tug at my sacral chakra point, which indicated assent, so I entered.

I then asked to find “my place” or power centre where I could take stock of the site from. I was taken to a place on top of the barrow where I de-camped my gear. Next, I wanted to determine what type of energies were present around the site. No matter where I went I read for male, female and neutral energies all around. The whole site seemed to be a complete white stream energy field encircled and enclosed by a ring of old beech trees.

At the back of the barrow, off to one side in a small circular clearing where someone had had a fire I found a strong terminus point for a white stream. At this spot there was a bare patch of earth. I decide this would be the place to ask for a manifestation of the site’s own symbol, as I had done at other sacred sites before. The shape that had been manifested I took as a sigil of the site – it’s symbolic expression of energy – it’s signature, if you like.

A sigil generator based on Rosicrucian ideas

A sigil generator based on Rosicrucian ideas

I don’t know how the Rosicrucians derived their  ideas of how to discover such symbols, but my own sigil was discovered through deep meditation. Finding the sigil for the spirit guardian of Wayland’s Smithy was done by asking and then dowsing the shape. Perhaps it was my polite manner, or good fortune, but one appeared for me at the termination point of the spiralling white stream energy that flowed across the site. Here is the symbol I dowsed – Wayland’s Sign:

Wayland's Sigil

Wayland's Sigil

As I wandered back to my power place I contemplated the mood of this site. It seemed like a great place to prepare yourself, perhaps for a spiritual journey – very calming, peaceful, and reassuring. The dappled light from the tall beech trees made it feel calming and I found myself smiling a great deal while I was there.

I went back to the entrance to the site, between the two tall beech trees in front of the main large stones, where there is a small bare patch of earth. I drew site ‘key’ sigil in the earth with my staff and felt a much stronger pull from the guardian trees. I walked back up to my power centre and ate my lunch whilst various visitors briefly inspected the site, then left contented that they had ticked their itinerary box.

Waylands Smithy (15)

As I sat on my power centre located on one of the three capstones to the chamber’s entrance, seated in a small depression in the rock, it occurred to me to draw my sigil in chalk on my power centre. As I did this my attention was drawn to the cup marks in the stones on either side of the chamber. I wondered if they were anything like the marks in the stone at Nine Stones Close in Derbyshire. I wondered if they would activate the site in some way. I dowsed the marks and found that I got agreement with this idea, but today was not the day to work with this site, I felt. I wasn’t ready to do that yet.

Waylands Smithy (12)

Instead I just meditated in the cooling afternoon breeze, lulled by the sound of the tree’s branches brushing each other gently. As I went into a trance I heard a phrase repeated over and over. “Go for a ride” it said. Go for a ride? On what, I wondered? On the nearby white horse of Uffington perhaps? I sprang up, mobilised. Of course it was. I packed and left to head back to where I had parked – I could pick up the path to the chalk horse from near the car park.

Waylands Smithy (17)

En route I picked up a small crab apple lying in the path heading for the chalk horse – it seemed like an apple might do very well for a horse! I made my way towards Uffington Castle to reach the great carving. Little did I know that a revelation was awaiting me.

Gwas Myrddyn

On the trail of the White Dragon…


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*** Been wondering who Gwas is? All will be revealed soon ***

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