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Persistence and the Pendulum

I keep going back to try things that I thought I was unable to do, and finding that experience, or whatever was blocking the skill, has now allowed me to achieve it. A case in point this time is my experiences with the pendulum. Even this year I was saying to people attending my dowsing […]

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Gawsworth Hall – Water Divining For Beginners

Gawsworth Hall, near Macclesfield, Cheshire – 26th September 2010 I recently went on the second of the “Water Divining for Beginners” courses at Gawsworth Hall. I had been to the first one held in April this year. There I had met the dowser Michael Clowes, a man with a wide range of dowsing and spiritual […]

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Edge Wizardry | Energy work

Causitive diagnosis – an experiment

“Yes, that sounds like it might be true” Is a statement that Gwas and I use infrequently. What our preference is, is to say “Let’s test that to see if what he/she says is true for us”. Sounds fair to me, at least we’re not dismissing “stuff” out right. In this months Journal of the […]

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