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Lammas 2015 P1 Kilmartin Glen

In this blog post I will begin describing our visit to the Scotland for Lammas. I outline a general procedure for approaching megalithic sites, and then go on to discuss my specific findings.

Lammas started with a thorough cleansing. It seems that I feel impelled to have a good long shower before I go out on a sacred day. Maybe this harks back to ancient traditions, but I don’t think it’s something that I consciously started to do, just that I noticed my behaviour over time.

Our destination today was the last place on our “We should really go there” list – Kilmartin Glen in Scotland. By the accounts of other megalith hunters it was a “field day” opportunity to see several sites in close proximity. Finally, we were getting to go, although it was a long drive to get there. It was raining most of the way. As we got past Glasgow the heavens really opened up and began to make us think we were in for a very wet weekend. As usual, Kal was optimistic and assured me that everything would be fine by the time we arrived. Ten miles from the glen I was less certain. Then, literally as we approached the glen the rain stopped. By the time we had parked a few minutes later, the sun was out! All around was a dark swathe of purple rainclouds. Astonishing! Kal beamed his usual broad smile and sported his “I told you so” eyebrow and wide eye combination.

How to approach a megalithic site

Within a minute of surveying our first site we knew that we were going to be fully occupied this weekend. The information boards at the Kilmartin Glen car park were packed with images of standing stones and circles. We drooled. “Nether Largie” – sounded exotic and enticing.

Over the narrow road we walked onto a bridge over a small free-flowing river, stopping to acknowledge the subtle energy barrier which acted like a bouncer – changing the way the spirit of place would interact with the entrants depending on how they approached the site. We knew to wait, ask respectfully for entrance, and then determine the response. We rarely were pushed away. So it was this time – we got the “pull” to say “Come on in!”. As I passed over the river I left my “worldly energies” behind, asking the river to take them with it on its journey. I was now entering a different “world”.

Stage One is cleansing. Done. Stage Two is energising with a new energy. For that I needed my dowsing rods to show me the correct lace to stand. When face with a megalithic site the temptation is to rush to touch it, or move closer to look at it. We knew to use our dowsing rods to find a preparation place.

The preparation place was just to one side – about six feet away from a pair of standing stones which looked like a gateway or doorway. This, I surmised, would be my entrance to the complex of sites and my start point for subtle energy work at these sites. Every door leads to an adventure!

Nether Largie standing stones - Lammas 2015 (4)

Kilmartin Glen portal stones – see how they line up with the hill?

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Brittany 10: Merlin’s Tomb and Vivien’s Well

Paimpont – Wednesday 13th May

This is the very last of the Brittany visit posts. I promise. If you haven’t been persuaded yet that there are multitudinous opportunities for discovery in this beautiful part of the world then you may never be. Notwithstanding, this last post was perhaps the most serene and magical of them all, and all that was down to the surroundings of the Paimpont forest.

Paimpoint - Merlin's Tomb Viviennes Well (3)A random outing into the woods surrounding the picturesque town of Paimpont brought to light a quite wonderful surprise.

A tourist map showed a number of megalithic sites in the area, most notably Merlin’s Tomb! Well, what a nice surprise! We ventured off after looking at the old abbey and having a nice lunch with the locals in a nearby bistro.

The sunlight dappled the road as we drove along the beautiful avenues between the trees to emerge at a small car park near St.Melon village.

A 4Km walk had been designed around the two sites that supposedly housed the sites of Arthurian legend – Merlin’s Tomb and Vivien’s Well.

 Paimpoint - Merlin's Tomb Viviennes Well (1)

The first to appear was Merlin’s Tomb. The site was a small circle of some remaining stones about two or three feet high, and two central stones about five feet high with a small tree in between them.

Paimpoint - Merlin's Tomb Viviennes Well (8)

I dowsed around the area and found no energy at all from the surrounding stones, which was quite surprising. The central stones looked more promising, having small clumps of beautiful wild flowers at their base. The rods registered a male line coming out of the surface of one stone, going around the small inner circle marked by some embedded modern stones, and going back into the flat surface of the other stone. Neat! However, there was no other energy present at the site. The energy here was simply the nemetonand male plant energy from the small tree at the centre of the monument. No human energy, or death energy?

Paimpoint - Merlin's Tomb Viviennes Well (11)

If this was the supposed tomb of Merlin, presumably a site of some devotion if authentic, then why was there so little energy here? Merlin is an archetype, in my considered opinion, rather than a real person from history, so I asked a question of the dowsing rods – the kind of question that makes Kal wince: “Was this site considered to be Merlin’s tomb?” YES. “Had this site ever seen the presence of Merlin as a human being?” NO. Satisfactory enough for me.

We continued walking to Vivien’s Well, which turned out to be a disgracefully neglected circle of stagnant water that no human being nor animal would ever consider drinking from.

Paimpoint - Merlin's Tomb Viviennes Well (29)

A short way away from that was something a bit more interesting – it was a small quarried circular area within which people had constructed lots of small cairns of stones. Amused, M and I added our own cairns, or added stones to existing ones. It was all very peculiar but fun.

Paimpoint - Merlin's Tomb Viviennes Well (32)

The rest of the walk was simply stunning, If this is the forest that people considered Merlin to have wished to be his final resting place, myth or man, then he had chosen well.

Paimpoint - Merlin's Tomb Viviennes Well (15)

It was possibly the most beautiful forest walk I had ever been on, and that’s saying something coming from a man who seeks out forest walks at every available opportunity.

Paimpoint - Merlin's Tomb Viviennes Well (22)

I heartily recommend it if you are in the area and wish to re-energise your soul.


Making a small pile of stones balance.

Anglesey: Return to Bryn Celli Ddu – July 25th 2008

I had taken my motorbike in for an MOT in the morning, and had the rest of the day booked off work. As it was a day that looked promising for good weather I decided to use the remaining sunshine to visit Anglesey again. I had biked over there a month ago to see what was there, and see how long it took to get there. One hour exactly by bike. Relatively easy reach then.

M and I headed off in my banger of a car and sat in the holiday traffic in the burning heat. Well, it was almost inevitable. We detoured around the worst of it by going through Rhuddlan, past the castle that Kal and I had visited recently, and had found lots of faerie rings in the castle and around its battlements. As we passed I said to M : “There’s Rhuddlan Castle on your left!” – she looked right and we zoomed past. Oh well!

The site of many faierie rings

The site of many faierie rings

In the back of my mind I had an escape plan – if we hit traffic on the A55 again we’d turn around and I would take her to Dyserth Waterfall, which is a beautiful location to relax at on a sunny day.

As it turned out we bypassed the queue of traffic and were soon hurrying towards Bangor, racing the dull clouds that were forming to the south-east of us, at the edge of the Snowdonia range. We took the first turning off Britannia Bridge and followed the brown signs past Plas Newydd. As we approached the turning for Bryn Celli Ddu we were directed through a car crash scene by a policeman. Looked like a nasty shunt for a little blue Peugeot. We were also in a little blue Peugeot and that made my spine crawl in my seat.

We parked and walked along the well-constructed path that zig-zagged towards the site. I like the way you don’t get to see your destination until the last moment – it really adds to the surprise of seeing it rise up in front of you as you round the last turn.

As we got to the entrance gate we saw a cow calf which was stretched on othe other side of the hawthorn hedge. In the field on the right side of the entrance was a cow looking very concerned for the little calf – it was agitated, worried by our presence, and kept staring at the calf “with cow eyes”, as they say. M immediately began to fuss over it tenderly. She knew it wasn’t well, and for the rest of the visit she would be only concerned with the calf, leaving me to dowse around the site.

It had once had 12 standing stones around it, but when I was last here I had only found 11 places where I got my dowsing rods to cross. However, this time I wanted to know more about the energies going into and out of the mound. I started at the back edge and dowsed for a ‘sun/yang’ energy line. Quickly I latched onto a powerful straight line heading straight for the back of the mound.

The back was almost more elaborate than the front. It had a stone placed on the left side of a small enclosure, and above the enclosure there was a long gap between two tall stones placed inside the mound to allow the sun to enter, at a particular angle corresponding to specific times of the year, I would suggest. The energy line went straight into the gap on this day.

There was a spiral energy circling this stone, and it could be traced in a wavy line around the right side to the front of the mound, where it went out to link to one our four faerie rings which were in a semi-circular formation just above the entrance. Below these faerie rings were four small stones placed in a line about four feet from the entrance passage.

Four stones lined up with four faerie rings

As I hovered over these stones I got very strong energy readings, but didn’t have time to trace their intricacies. I needed to get a clear picture of the main energy paths. I went into the entrance way a crouched through the tunnel. Inside it was a homely space, suitable for one person to meditate with good space, or up to five or six people to squeeze in.

On the right as you enter the inner sanctum is a tall stone darkened with age possibly, which is aligned with the other stone at the back of the mound (which is pictured above). How coincidental! I also noticed a small circular depression just as you enter the space. I ran my rods over it and they spiralled furiously! I didn’t need to do anything else to realise this was a “hot spot”.

My staff against the central stone

My staff against the central stone

I placed my staff against the stone pillar, and the stone I had been “given” in Delamere Forest a few months ago (another story!) to ‘charge’ them with the energies of the place. Then I carried on dowsing the lines inside the mound.

Entrance to chamber

From my quick survey I found two strong female energy lines eminating from the circular depression inside the mound. They moved along the edges of the corridor to emerge at the entrance, and then take a sharp turn up the mound on either side, to spiral into themselves on either side of the entrance. A male line pushed in between the two female lines, coming from the gap in the rear, flowing down the corridor, and emerging straight out of the entrance, and proceeding over the field towards the nearby farmhouse.
I could see that M was getting fidgety, so I quickly drew myself a map of the lines, and we started to pack up and leave. On our way out we wished the calf well, and headed off back to the car.

And this is the bit that begins to get weird. M needed to relieve herself, and we knew we were miles away from anywhere convenient, and that no-one was around. So, having had the same experience when I was last there I was able to direct her to an appropriately concealed corner of a field for her to use whilst I kept guard.
I stood on the little wooden bridge and looked at the weather closing in – any second now it was going to rain. Dark ominous clouds were rolling over from Snowdonia, and the wind was picking up to bring them in all the quicker. I thought to myself, “I hope it doesn’t rain on M while she’s busy! I wonder if I coud keep the rain at bay?”. What a crazy notion! As if!
But I’m nothing if not hopeful, so I ‘zoned out’, as I had learned to do with the sun/trees/dappled light episodes of recent posts. I stared lazily at the flowing river beneath me, and held my staff in front of me with two hands. “Keep the rain away. Hold back the rain.” I thought to myself, as I tried to form a connection with the elemental forces at play around us.
At that moment, just as I was trying not to let the thought of how ridiculous this all was overcome my concentration, the sun shone through the gloom and highlighted the area I was standing in!
Trying not to break my concentration, I felt a surge of excitement mixed with incredulity. Surely this couldn’t be happening? I shelved that feeling whilst I maintained my ‘connection’.
M re-appeared, and I snapped back to reality. I smiled at her. “What?” she said. “Nothing.” I beamed, and we headed off up the path.
Fifty yards later we nodded our “hellos” to a family heading to the site, and then the rain speckled our cheeks as the remaining sunlight was squashed by the dark clouds.
I need to think about this – I wouldn’t believe such a tale myself if I hadn’t been the one experiencing it!

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