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The Green Lady and the Copper Dragon

Having flown and tumbled with the Mountain Wind down Corndon Hill I was in a state of exhilaration. How, then, to come down from that? Why, with a simple spot of meditation inside a fantastic stone circle, of course. Kal also had some work to do at the circle (he hadn’t really wanted to needed to go up the hill), and so we walked the half mile span back along the gravel track and across to the circle with the stunning views.

The Goddess UnFolds at Mitchell’s Fold

As has become usual my approach to the circle was measured and peripheral. Kal walked directly into the circle from the King Stone, but I had to wait until I was returned back to a sympathetic vibration before I could move on. Once I felt I was ready I was taken by a path which initially takes you further away from the circle and heads downhill. It was as the end of that path that I had to stand at a power centre and face the sky. There I saw a female face – it was Cailleach again! As is often the case I was busy watching the face before I realised I should capture it on camera, and by that time the sharpness  of the features had shifted. Nevertheless, the face is still somewhat discernible in the photo.

Cailleach in the clouds - Copy

Cailleach looking like Marge SImpson in cloud form

After my Cailleach encounter I was taken from the power centre towards the circle at last. I moved along the wide winding path into the circle by the north side and to another power centre which I have worked at before (once dowsed as being the best place for me to be – the most magickal). It was here that I managed to settle into a deep meditation and attempted to connect to Cailleach again to see how we could work together today.

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Song of the Mountain Wind

When I had a day to spare I already knew where I wanted to go to find the Song of the Mountain Wind. Corndon Hill in Shropshire pulled me towards it. Since discovering Mitchell’s Fold stone circle nearby, and then having a remote viewing of a cluster of cairns on the top of the hill, I had wanted to visit it. This day, I felt the added pull of the wind that I knew would be running around on top of that peak, and it became irresistible.

Corndon Hill (2)

That’s not to say it made itself easily accessible. When we arrived we had to work our way around the entire hill looking for an accessible way up before ending back where we started at the car park at the road intersection which has the track to the stone circle coming off it too. The track opposite that would lead to the base of the hill, and would be the starting point for a very steep sharp climb up.

View of path up Corndon Hill

The attraction of the destination was the pull of the mountain wind, yet at the bottom of such a daunting hill both Kal and I looked at each other with a “Do we really have to do this” kind of look. Yes we did. So we set off. It took us about half and hour with frequent stops to give our calf muscles a rest. My word it was steep!

As we got to the top the temperature changed. The wind was racing around the top of the hill and we fastened up our clothing against its worst effects. The views were stunning – you could see for tens of miles around in each direction.

Corndon Hill (5)

Meditating in a Gale

The wind was ripping at anything it could find. I hunkered down into a slight dip which the dowsing rods said would be the best place to meditate and found that it took the edge off the worst of the cold and noise. Nevertheless, anyone not used to meditating outdoors would probably consider it an impossible place for such work. Luckily, it was a familiar scenario for me and I began to get into a connective state of mind. Soon I was one with the space around me and the forces of Nature within it.

I put up a crystal globe of protection which spanned the whole hill as I worked. Visualising a barbell shape I created a connection to power sources which encompassed sun, moon and earth. At that point I felt like something was about to happen, and sure enough it did.

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Meadowsweet, Larks and Loughcrew – Summer 2015 – P1

In the first of my seven Summer Solstice stories I will tell you about how I encountered an ancestral spirit who would work with my Spirit Self to bring about a culmination of my ancestral work on this weekend’s journeying. This was only realised through the two days work, so the stories piece into each other like fragments of a mirror revealing a full picture towards the end.

In order to pull all the stories together I have used the tag Ireland solstice 2015.

Sunset to Sunrise

I was asleep at sunset and then awake again at sunrise. Seems like a long time, but actually it was only a few hours. On arrival, tired by excited, we zoomed off in the hire car heading for the first destination. It was a place I had heard of by reputation, but we hadn’t visited it yet – Loughcrew. We know nothing about it.

Solstice P1 - Loughcrew - June 15 (12)

Loughcrew’s information sign

The car park has space for a few coaches and about 20 cars. This was clearly an important site, and we weren’t used to such “hospitality”. I noticed a memorial to a guy called “Mick Tobin“. The dowsing rods said that paying our respects was a useful starting point for the day’s work, so we acknowledged the gentleman – this “Child of the Solstice” as he was poetically named. It seemed fitting to our Solstice outing!

Solstice P1 - Loughcrew - June 15 (1)

Mick Tobin’s memorial at Loughcrew

I walked up the steps a few minutes after Kal. At the top of the steps, before the path went into the foot of the hill, there was an interesting triangle of green grass and young trees that caught my eye and made me stop. It was a place of preparation. I dowsed to the correct spot, and got energetically cleansed and prepared. Cailleach appeared offering me the protection of her Black Dragon once again (see previous Ireland visit). I gratefully accepted this, and as the dragon’s wings enfolded me I felt a surge of power, and felt that wave burst out like a blast across the countryside around, sending a warning message to all the potentially mischievous spirits. “Be warned” – it signalled – “this one’s with The Dark Lady!”

I drew in the powers of the four elements from their respective cardinal points, and with that felt that I had offered something in return to Cailleach for my protection – the energy formed by the union of the elements that is the singularity of my self.

Kal was waiting by the gate with a grin on his face as he watched me. What, I asked? “A place of preparation?” he inquired? I nodded. “That was the same spot as I was used.” We laughed. Such synchronicities already! What next?

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Bride and Crone at Imbolc

Only the fool-hardy and those friends with frost would venture forth into the darkness of Delamere Forest at midnight. Illuminated only by a filling Milk Moon and a fogging headlamp I met with John Kirby – experienced meditator and esoteric inspiration. This was his idea, and I had seen no reason not to accompany him on his wild adventure into the blackness. I was nearly put off by other people’s reservations: it would be cold, I didn’t know where I was going exactly, it was very windy, the world might end any moment. None of this seemed to matter. Curiosity and the opportunity to meditate outdoors this close to Imbolc was sufficient motivation to drive me onwards.

It was almost a full moon and there was sufficient light to make our way from the station car park, past the visitor centre, and out into the forest proper. John had identified a place where there were some specific trees that he wanted to encounter again. Luckily, he knew how to get there even in the dark, and within ten minutes we had found the place.

There was one clearly visible and identifiable “male” tree. it stood along, a ‘lonesome pine’, immensely proud and conical. It looked like the kind of Christmas Tree that ought to adorn a special square in London. I chatted with John about the concept of the “King Stone” at a stone circle, and how the outlier would often be the male standing stone whose energy would be fed into the female stone circle. I likened the imagery to the sperm and ovum concept.

For me, Imbolc sees the return of the male earth energy so tonight it seemed appropriate to attempt to “fertilise” the female ring of trees nearby with the male energy of this lone tree. We set up camp in a clutch of fir trees whose central space was both soft and welcoming, sheltered yet not smothering. A fire pit was dug by hand, wet logs used as a container, and then a small immediate flame established to ward off the worst of the Winter’s warmth-sapping strength.

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Understanding The Energy of Hills – Summer 14 P11

Drombeg stone circle, West Cork, Country Cork, Ireland.

Finally, we have arrived at the last of my posts in the Summer Solstice set (for all the series see this link). It has taken much longer than expected, not only due to the number of posts that the visit generated, but also due to issues with the blog stability that we have now hopefully traced and resolved. Thank you for bearing with us during this particularly extended period of disruption. Sometimes the Universe communicates to us in peculiar ways, and certainly for me the gremlins have struck at my very heart by disrupting this blog. However, re-alignment is taking place, and I am confident that soon you will see a more unified approach to the blog. You’ll see what I mean very soon. For now, let’s finish this set of stories.

Entrance Of The Initiate

Drombeg stone circle - June 14 (5) (Medium)

Fuchsia bushes line the entrance to Drombeg stone circle

After a steep and narrow descent around Drombeg we arrived at a startlingly spacious car park, and then proceeded along the hedge-lined path to the stone circle itself. Along the way we passed a couple who had camped in the circle the previous evening. They looked like they had had an interesting evening! Along the path the fuchsia bushes reminded me of the wonderful floral displays on Iona that we had seen in September 2012.

Information about Drombeg

Information about Drombeg

There were several things to see at the site. Obviously, the circle, but we’ll come to that. Elsewhere there were some smaller oval and circular enclaves which were labelled as “Fulachta Fiadh– more ‘cooking pits’ it seems. Hmmm… As I sat on the ridge overlooking the site and connecting to the area I had a vision of how the structures were used. I saw a young man being escorted by a hooden and robed figure. He was led into the covered dome structure. Inside he was put through a ‘sweating’ process and then left alone for the night. During the night he emerged and walked into the stone circle to meditate. That relationship seemed to replicate the way I felt about the Dromagorteen circle too.

Now it was time for my own initiation into the circle mysteries!

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The Cauldron of Cailleach – Summer 14 P10

Ardgroom stone circle, Kerry, Ireland

Somehow, in our travels up and down the coast road of the Breara Peninsula, we had missed the sign. The sign was small and so was the lane along which we had to travel. The day was coming close to an end, and the sun was beginning to drag the shadows into longer shapes. Heading now towards Ardgroom circle we found that the land ended in a car park suitable for three or four cars. There was one parked there already, and we slotted in next to it. The signs to the circle pointed towards some marsh reeds, showing us that at any other time of the year we would be walking through a marshland, but luckily at the height of summer the ground was rutted but hard.

Ardgroom Outward stone circle - June 14 (1)

A stone circle in the lee of the Black Dragon Hills.

As we approached the circle we could see that it was dominated by a group of people, most of whom were standing with their backs to a tall stone. One woman was sitting at the edge of the circle in the middle of the company. She seemed to be directing a ritual, so Kal and I moved off to one side of the site so as not to disturb them while they worked.

Kal wandered down to the circle, dowsing as he went, prowling around the outer edges. I kept my distance, taking photographs of the circle from various angles to pass the time while we waited to see if the group would finish their work any time soon. They looked bedded in for the day, and so I dowsed for a suitable place to work outside the circle instead. I was taken to a small hillock where there were several fairy rings in the grass. This seemed a good vantage point to do my own work from while I wanted to see what would happen inside the circle. I did a connection and soon I was feeling the flow of energy from the hills behind me, and the sweeping power of a ‘dark’ lady whom I was becoming familiar with on this trip.

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The Pact with Cailleach – Summer 14 P9

Shronebirrane stone circle, Kerry, Ireland

To find this circle you need to follow the brown signs inland from the R571 Beara peninsula coast road after passing through Lauragh village. More information can be found at the Isle of Albion site.

After wending our way along a single track road that snaked along a valley floor for what seemed like an eternity we end up at a small car park next to a long farmhouse. We are surrounded by beautiful and tall hills, yet the valley is wide enough for us to catch the remainder of the solstice day’s rays.

Parking at the floor of the valley for Shonebrane circle

Parking at the floor of the valley for Shronebirrane circle

As we pass the farmhouse we are met by the owner who charges us a nominal fee to enter the site in what is effectively their back garden. Their sheep wander around the circle leaving small black deposits.

I begin my investigations outside of the circle, whilst Kal heads straight inside, as he often does. I dowse firstly for the Spirit of Place for the site and find that the circle has one. Good. I ask to be shown where the spirit is, and I am taken all around the outside of the circle, threading in and out of some of the stones. That’s unusual, but vaguely familiar! I’m sure I found the same energy form at Cerrig Pryfaid near Conwy years ago. After my third perambulation I am back on the same track again, so it would appear that the spirit forms three discernible circles of energy around the stones.

When I ask to connect with the spirit I am taken by the dowsing rods to stand at one of the stones which lie to one side of the circle. Here I can connect with the spirit, and I learn that she is born of the surrounding mountains and that she has been at this circle for thousands of years.

The helpful sign is ten feet away from the circle!

The helpful sign is ten feet away from the circle!

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