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The Hare and The Black Dragon – Summer 14 P2

A funny thing happened on the way to the Ring of Kerry…. so begins a new twist on an old joke. In this case the Universe was playing with us a little bit. We are on the plane over to Ireland and it suddenly occurs to me that Kal should consider finding out which spirits are around him this weekend. I’ve never said that to him before, but on this occasion the impetus to say it causes me to interrupt him listening to music on his iPod. He nods with a kind of “if you say so” look on his face, then tells me that he is currently listening to”There may be an angel” by The Eurythmics at that precise moment . This will be the first sign that something synchronous is happening between us on this day – Friday 20th June – the eve of the solstice.

Eightercua stone row

Once we have found our lodging – the delightful and highly recommended Two Mile Lodge situated two miles out of the town of Kenmare – then we’re straight out to visit a bunch of sites. We don’t hang about when there’s work to be done! I had decided to do the sites situated around the Ring of Kerry first, as they were fewer in number and clustered relatively close together. Therefore, our first destination was Eightercua stone row near to the village of Waterville

The road to get there was ‘interesting’. The hire car strained under the up, then down, left then right, round hairpin bends, over blind dips, huge holes in the road, and our occasional screeches to a halt as we realised we were going the wrong way. As the sun began to descend we suddenly caught sight of the Atlantic Ocean as we descended towards Waterville and saw the stone row on a small hill near to a house, just off the N70 “main road” (known as the Ring of Kerry road). [TIP: If you reach the golf club on your left then you've just passed it!]

View from Eightercua stone row

View from Eightercua stone row

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Summary 2013 – Lessons Learned Pt2

In the second half of my second summary post I’m completing the lessons learned for the remainder of the year – that’s August to December. In this post I talk about the stag energies, energetic balance, death energy and some of the natural magickal techniques that I have been shown this year.


Stag and the Staff

  • Learned that a staff can become associated with a kind of ‘patron’ energy form
  • My new yew stag-headed staff becomes associated with the Gwyn Ap Nudd/Herne/Cernunnos energy.

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Balancing and Tuning at Sacred Sites

  • You can reconfigure your own energy field to match that of a sacred site (especially a stone circle).
  • When the circle is at a balanced point in the year (equinoxes) then you can easily balance your chakras/energy field

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  • Chakras can be tuned through the vowel sounds – caves are excellent places to do this

Absorbing the Gwyn energies

  • The energies of an energy form such as Gwyn Ap Nudd can be absorbed into your own energy field, such that they “walk with you”
  • The purpose of this is to be able to invoke their guiding presents more readily

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What the Romans Did For Us

  • On Anglesey I discovered that one of the few remaining traditions that were left virtually intact by the Roman invasion were the arts associated with the knowledge of local plants and their powers.
  • I was asked to continue this tradition when communing with the shade of Iestyn.

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The Crowning Stone of Corndon

August 22nd 2013 – Mitchell’s Fold stone circle, Shropshire.

I had three questions to seek answers to at Mitchell’s Fold this evening in late August. One had been answered already, and now I had a second. The ever-informative Mr Ian Pegler (of the British Society of Dowsers and Vale Crucis Abbey research fame) had mentioned that Mitchell’s Fold was also called “The Hag’s Milking Fold” and that Corndon Hill had been associated with witches in legend and lore. Dan’s Jotter has a typical tale about good faeries and bad witches, which is a re-telling of the milking tale which is associated with many sites where The Hag (Cailleach) is to be found. Another cautionary tale about abusing gifts from Faery.

As we approached the hill that evening Kal remarked upon how pyramidal the shape of Corndon Hill was. It’s true. Approached from certain angles the hill looks almost like it has been drawn with a set square. To me it reminded me of the traditional witch’s hat. Together with Ian’s comments I felt like the Blue Moon was the perfect time to ask about the nature of the relationship of witches, the structures on top of the hill, and anything else relevant. I would leave the exact question to the spirits of the circle at Mitchell’s Fold to determine what they felt I might really want to know about. Sometimes a question can be too precise, you know? Dowsers tend to ask precise questions, but sometimes a general question gives more scope to be taught what we need to know, not what we think we need to know.

Corndon Hill - August 2013

For this second question I was directed to go and sit in a power centre just a few feet away from where Kal had been spending almost the entire time at the circle. I was facing the hill but realised that I was also yet again forming this cross shape between the setting sun, the rising moon and the constellation of Orion behind me. I stretched my arms out to gather in the celestial energies to ensure I had enough personal energy to charge the experience of crossing the hedge into relationship with something from The Otherworld.

On my previous visit to Mitchell’s Fold in June I had been struck by the idea that “Corndon” might be a contraction of “Crowned On” or “Coroned On”. I had taken the idea no further at this point, but something was about to change that. I must add that the information I am about to reveal is speculative. It is the result of a vision and I haven’t yet been able to verify the content by visiting Corndon Hill.

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Knights Pilgrimage 4 of 5 Cailleach at Tintagel

This is a tale about my knights pilgrimage. Click that link to get them in some order, or just jump in and enjoy.


Tintagel Waterfall

Have you ever wondered, when does a pilgrimage start? Is it at your door? Is it when you decides it starts? Is there a marker point? Believe it or not I have actually been on a holy pilgrimage to Mecca, namely the Hajj. The Hajj is a seriously complex affair for those who know nothing about it, i.e. me. However what can be said is that it has a definitive start and end point. There are several start points and they depend on the direction of travel. For me I was going from the UK to Saudi-Arabia, thus for me, the start point was Cairo. I don’t know why that is. I didn’t study that part in detail. Perhaps it has energetic, historic, port significance. My point is that there is a definitive start.

What then of my Knights Pilgrimage? Did it have a definitive start? A question to ask in the Travel Lodge car park, I fancy. The answer was Yes. Had I started it? Yes. When? Right now! Oh. What do you do with a response like that? Nothing except shout out, Tally Ho!

Where to next…Tintagel? Yes. First question, first answer, Excellent. Is the sun shining? Yes! Bonus!

Castle of Kings

Tintagel. You have to be there to feel the energy of that place. No, really you have to. The pics look amazing but they don’t do the place justice, not by a long margin. I arrived at the castle around 11 and set of for a leisurely look around. Introducing myself to the spirit of the place so to speak. Gwas is mad! He has only been here once. Yes, it’s a zillion miles away, but come on? Merlin, Arthur. This IS the place to be.

I was fortunate enough to have stayed an hour and half away from this castle last year and so had several trips out to it. Each one was an occasion to be remembered and as I walked through the ruins and remains of this majestic place those memories came back. Particularly the Huge Quartz crystal I had found in the waterfall after being directed by Cailleach.

  • Can I just say guys, if you’re looking for a particular post on this blog, forget the search button on here. Just use google. For instance I found the above link by searching…“hedge druid Tintagel cailleach” it was the top link!

After meandering through the grounds a few times and taking a trip to the bottom of the waterfall. It was a gorgeous day. I decided to find the place where I could learn something. After some difficulty I determined that it was inside one of the caves. Time to get wet. Why am I always getting wet?

A helping hand

Okay, I confess, I didn’t dowse for the best place in the cave it was difficult enough to navigate without trying to dowse as well. So I found a comfortable spot and dangled my feet into the cool water and let my mind float. It was a nice feeling and I could have sat for a good while there. My thoughts were on my previous visit when that ‘ol dear Cailleach had produced a crystal of some size for me to take away. Whether it was because I was thinking of her or not. A few minutes later the lady appeared. As per usual she was a stunning beauty. Why is she so often depicted as a crone?

As I looked at her, she came right up close to me. Frighteningly close. I could see right into her eye (yes that is a singular) she had stars in her eye. I stared into that eye for ages.

  • Oh and no their depth didn’t entice or engulf me, much though poetic license might let me say.

    Star Eye

As I looked into that eye, the thought of the knight who had stood over me at Gop Hill came to mind. Weird and why? Were parallel thoughts.

You need a helping hand. She had stepped back. It is a flaw in you. You won’t accept helping hands. She laughed, not unless they trick you into it. Of course she was referring to herself in this regard. I had refused her in Ireland and then found myself taking up her challenges 8 months later at St Helen’s well. But for you, that is how it is. I looked at her askance and O my gosh. Some deep flooding memories came to me…

  • In one of Castaneda’s work. He talks of the abstract. Don Juan, his mentor, tells him of how the spirit entices the warrior onto his path. It does so through trickery because a person won’t accept it at face value.

If you have read that particular work (I think it was in the Power of Silence) then you will be feeling the same awe that I felt at that time. Even as I write this my hair is curling up on my neck.

She, Cailleach, smiled. She knew what I was thinking (of course she did, she is a figment of my imagination, I thought). Of course I am, I told you that last year. She drew close again and I looked into her star filled eye. Yes, she had. Although it isn’t as simple as that, it never is.

You need help, she said again. Yes, well, you’re helping me aren’t you? I said. No, you need a Knights help. Why? I asked. Again she moved close and I looked into her eye. Nothing. Rather disappointing I have to say, and a slight dig in my ego. I sometimes feel it is a test, don’t you? I could hear the waterfall outside and my thoughts went to the bowling ball sized quartz that I picked up from there. What ever happened to that? Oh yes, I had left it by the side of a couple of Yew trees at my old lodgings. Why did you do that? I was startled out of my pondering by the question. I don’t know, I responded.

Exactly. You can’t know at this time. but you will know later. She looked at me and if I had to guess I would have though that she was looking into my eye. What? Will you accept the Knights help? Do I have a… she sighed. Okay, I accept. She vanished. Hey!

That’s it! She just vanished, no puff of smoke, no nothing. Just gone. Great (laced with sarcasm).

The rods agreed with me that my time at Tintagel was concluded and so with the lighting of several incense sticks in gratitude. I left that remarkable place.

I dowsed for the next stop on my pilgrimage, after confirming that it wasn’t finished yet. Again, my first suggestion of Glastonbury was accepted as Yes. So off I toddled, A mere 120 miles away!

Kals Knight Pilgrimage continues

Forget Imbolc – follow the Moon

Place where I was named

Okay, a bit of a provocative title I agree, but last night was the first (and closest to Imbolc) full moon and since Gwas and I explored the notion last year that Lunar (and Solar) days were more energetically relevant than the Pagan days I decided to hop over to Alderley Edge (the Wizards forest) for a bit of early evening energy work.

Boy! Was I blown away. Here is the tale…

As readers will know, Alderley Edge is one the very first places I visited that marked my entrance into the world of the hmmm…druid? On that occasion whilst meditating under an arched tree log I was given the name the magician who creates his own worlds (note magician not druid). When I look back over the last few years it does seem to have turned out that way. Other adventures have been had in these magical woods and so it was with a feeling of freshness (although that could have been the cold) that I parked the car up and headed into the mist filled woods.



It was late afternoon but there was plenty of light still around as well as the odd dog walker. I ambled over to the fallen trunk that had been the place of so many visions and was attempting to surriptisiously dowse to see whether the place was good for a meditation when I was accosted by a young girl who had escaped the clutches of her carer for a moment.

  • You’re a wizard, aren’t you?”

She asked me, she had seen me dowsing and was intrigued I could tell and before I could respond, her mother stepped in and apologised for the rude interruption. I didn’t have time to correct her before they had vanished towards the car park, the girl looking wistfully back at the wizard.

It was an auspicious start to the afternoons events at the wizards forest. I brought up my dowsing rods and asked the question…”is there anything for me to learn here?” The answer was yes and I let them direct me.

Off I went on a small trip through the undergrowth, only to be led right back to the fallen tree and under its arch. As I stopped I noted that someone had drawn a spiral right under the arch…aha…another energy user I mused.

Having used this spot on occasion I felt quite comfortable with the process. So I closed my eyes and let my thoughts settle into a free flowing path.

Nothing happened for several moments then I felt a connection with something…It was Caileach. I’ve like not seen her in ages. But here she was in the vision so to speak.

  • Creator of worlds…I like it

Is it me or does this being have my sense of humour?

  • I see you have completed the Knights Quest.”

She was in error, I hadn’t completed it at all. I said as much back to this marvelous creature and she corrected herself…

  • I see that you will have completed the Knights Quest soon.” She smiled enigmatically and raised an eyebrow.

Definitely my sense of humour. After all this time was I just making this u?, I thought and she laughed.

  • “You don’t remember,” She said, “You can see only what you can see. I am in your image”

I had vague memories of having been down this road before, but let the vision take me.

  • “You are coming along nicely,” She said and moved away from the tree trunk.

Here is a weird thing. Even though I didn’t physically move from the trunk I still followed her as she walked around the open area around the fallen trunk.

  • “However some seeds are still germinating and they should be rising to the surface soon” She stopped. “Are you ready for them?”

“How can I know the answer to that?” I thought/said.

  • Yes, you are ready,” she said, “Follow the path of your destiny” as she said this she pointed into the forest and a winding path became visible to me.

When I looked away from the path, she was gone and I had dropped out of my vision. Of course there was no path there now. So I turned to the only way I knew. I asked the rods whether they could take me along the path, Yes. As I followed them I did some confirmation dowsing…

  • Was it Caileach? Yes.
  • Was it something in my mind? Yes
  • Was it really a separate entity? Yes
  • Was it ‘the’ Caileach? half/half split (which means Yes, but you’re missing something).
  • Was my experience real? Yes.

I have to laugh, really I do. I have to apologise to the ghost of Carlos Castaneda, whom both Gwas and I cursed for his constant questioning of the obvious. It seems that that is a natural course when walking within the divine.

Harry Potter Philosophers Stone

I followed the rods and they took me deeper into the brush and along so real steep slopes. Finally they twirled at an innocuous place. I looked around? Nothing! Just forest. Nothing of note.

I was confused and double checked the place. Yep this was the place. Was it an energy spot, I asked, No. What? What? Was it of some energetic significance? No. Okay!

Now I was confused. Was I supposed to meditate in this location? No. Was I supposed to do some work here? No. Okay. I went for a method that has worked quite well in the past…

Is there anything than can give me a clue as to what I’m supposed to learn here? Yes. Take me to it. I was led some feet away to a small branch. Curious. Was this branch the clue yes. It was a branch some 2/3 foot in length. I stood staring at the ground when a thought struck me. I walked back to the original place and asked…

  • Is this the place I was taken to and shown to creat a wand? Yes!

O my word. It was my destiny to create a wand? Yes. Weird. Not much of a destiny I thought. Still. I walked to a nearby tree and lent against is as I pondered this destiny. I had been given a task a year or two ago to create a wand. Now it seemed that I would be required to fulfil that.

I found myself humming a tune and my focus went to it. It was the Harry Potter theme tune. Makes sense, since I was thinking about Wands. But then for some reason my thoughts flicked to a particular film. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. I wondered whether there was anything in that musing, so I asked the rods. Was I being directed to that thought? Yes. Has the Philosophers Stone got anything to do with this? Yes (and I mean a helicopter twirl YES).

I asked whether anything else was to be learned here? No. So I made my way back to the car pondering the images I had…Wand making and the Philosophers Stone. What did it mean?

Kal Malik

Addendum by Gwas

For the past week I have been directed to read a book called “The Ways of the Lonely Ones” by Manly P Hall. I was at a loss as to why the dowsing rods had directed me to read this series of short allegorical tales – the book did not seem relevant to anything I was currently researching.
The night after I met up with Kal and he told me the tale of his Alderley Edge visit I realised why I was led to this book. The very next tale that I read was ‘The Master of the Blue Cape‘, which talked about The Philosopher’s Stone. It was a very clear signal that I should give the book to Kal and help him with his quest to find his transformational powers.


Beltane I: Wisdom from Cailleach at Dinas Bran

Dinas Bran Window

It was a fabulous sunny day when we met up on the festival day of Beltane. Accompanying the sun was a fresh breeze that would be accompanying us off and on throughout the day. I had a feeling and decided to change the itinerary. Dinas Bran was to be the last place we were going to visit. However I felt that we should visit it first and so that was to be our place of beginnings.

We arrived an hour or so later and began the climb. Both Gwas and I have been increasing our physical fitness and so the climb itself was of no consequence. Other than the wind howling around us of course. As is becoming the norm, once we reached the top we split up and both headed in a direction that was purposeful for us.

As an aside Gwas noted a Bee (my new totem) floating around the entrance to Dinas Bran. He queried it as to whether we were allowed in and it flew into the castle giving as a well received sign.

On a previous occasion I had left a stone for my Energetic Double at Dinas Bran and although I had picked up a stone (on the slopes) for this purpose I felt that it was something that I would be carrying around for the day. Having said that my first stop was to sit in the window where I had left that earlier stone. As the wind howled an impossible thought occurred to me, we can only leave when the wind stops, I told myself. Even if it takes all day. Oh dear I thought immediately after this, sometimes I don’t half put myself into a predicament.

As I sat there the wind howled in through the gap and my attention was caught by the t-shirt I was wearing on the day. It had wolves on it. I placed the rock on a ledge with the intention of picking it up at the conclusion of this visit and was off, feeling my way around the site looking for a place of appropriate energy. I finally found a place that I had to climb up a wall to reach,

Sitting facing the sun I opened my thoughts to any impressions that would lend themselves to me. Let me say that although I had been promised another Blue Key (see this post). I had no idea of what to expect. Within an utterly surprising time I was visited by that wondrous being Cailleach. She smiled her signature smile and asked “How are you student?” Excellent I replied, I have given up fighting the notion that I am not her student, although it took me a while to do so.

Again she was presuming to read my thoughts. “That is good to hear, because you have had it all wrong about me.” I was puzzled and asked her to explain. “Last year when I came to you, you felt that if you became my student you would lose yourself and become a follower of me and mine?” Yes, I replied, wondering if it was a question. “That is where you are wrong, I am a teacher of the subject that you bring”, What? I queried, wanting a better explanation. “There is no Way of Cailleach,” she said, “There is only your way. You wanted to learn to release your Energetic Double, I taught you. You wanted to learn to become a Knight, I am teaching you.” She smiled,“I can only teach you what you want to learn”

There was a pause as I took in this really profound knowledge. A quick reprise of the last year’s (I first encountered Cailleach almost a year ago) experiences revealed exactly what she said. She wasn’t teaching me the way, she was teaching me my way. Profound!

Rather grudgingly, I said that perhaps I should have trusted her more. She laughed, “You had to fall before I can catch you” she said,I didn’t understand that Koan and let it slide.

I sat for a moment longer and noticed that the wind had stopped. It was a surprising experience because it had looked like the wind would be blowing all day. But it had stopped completely. I wondered whether this elemental magic was Cailleach doing, she wasn’t saying.


Cailleach turned to me then and showed me something, here it becomes difficult, because I can’t describe well what it was that I saw, but it felt like an elastic that had been stretched. Over the last year I have been stretched, now I am at my maximum and today, Beltane’s day the elastic was to be released. This day!

As is my rational want, I wondered whether ‘all this’ was an illusion created by an over active imagination or whether it was ‘real’. I noted the oxy-moron of asking Cailleach the question even as I voiced it.

Still she had an answer, cryptic as always. “Yes and no, I am what I am, but for you I am limited to what you can believe.” I was pondering these words even as I returned from my revelry…what you can believe, not what you believe?

The conclusion of this experience was noteworthy by the fact that as I turned to look at Gwas, he too looked up at me, having concluded his commune, coincidence of course.

We gave thanks to Dinas Bran and as we did many other travellers appeared from both sides of the castle. We had been fortunate to have had the whole hill to ourselves.

As we cleared up to leave I was reminded of the rock I had placed on the ledge and I went back to collect it. It had gone! Seriously it had gone! How? Who?

Kal Malik – being released

Cailleach, a wand and being knighted

I think it must be the fact that i’m cutting down on my caffeine intake that this afternoon around 3pm I found myself nodding off at work. You know what I mean, right? Where you just can’t keep your eyes open. Fortunately my desk is right at the back of the room and facing away from everyone else so my momentary nap didn’t go noticed.

I say it was momentary, because from the clock on my computer I guessed that it wasn’t more than a few minutes at the most. However during those minutes instead of black slumber I had a, what to call it? Day dream, dream, vision? I’ll leave that up to you.

It was a dark place, that I didn’t recognise although I could see some of the outlines of it. A small cave perhaps but or a darkened room. It was cold but I couldn’t feel it (yes, I know that sounds odd but there it is.)

I knew that there was someone else in this place but initially I couldn’t see who or what it was. Then, either as my eyes got used to the darkness or as a light grew brighter I could see her.

Cailleach, once met never forgotten. I have only encountered her once before at Four Knocks in Ireland where she offered me a chance to become her pupil. Tempting though that offer was. I refused at the time and if I recall correctly she had said that we wouldn’t meet again and yet here she was. In a dream, at work.

“Hello again, student”, she said and smiled.

You know, I read up a bit about Cailleach after my previous encounter and I have to disagree with the press about her. She is an attractive lass I have to say, whose voice just wants to make you obey.

“Hello,” I returned, a bit warily.

She looked me up and down and walked around me. I turned to keep her in front of me. You have to remember this was just like a dream, I wasn’t conscious of being in work or anywhere like that. Which is odd for me, because normally in my dreams I am quite good at knowing that it’s a dream.

As she completed a round-about me she nodded her head, “You’ve done well” she said, “not as good as you could have though.”

“Thanks,” I replied, “I think” I added, I’ve never been good with authority figures. They irk me. “I thought we weren’t going to be meeting again?” I asked.

She shrugged and said something that really startled me, “I thought you said you weren’t going to be my student?” I looked at her and could feel my eyes tighten suspiciously.

“I’m not” I said insistently.

“I’m not going to argue with you, I just popped in to show you something”

Okay, I’m not one for the thee’s and thou’s but honestly I report that word usage exactly because I noted it at the time, she did use the word “popped” what can I say, not exactly Celtic is it?

“Interested?” She added as I was pondering her word usage.

I wasn’t going to turn Cailleach down (again) was I? So I said, yes.

She pointed off behind me and I swear her finger, for just a split second looked clawed, but on second glance was just an ordinary finger. I directed my gaze at where she was pointing…and saw a vision.

A vision within a vision, is that a first?

It was me in some place that I didn’t recognise. It was a huge hall, brightly lit and I was on bended knee with my head lowered. before me was a cloaked person, I couldn’t tell what or who it was, not even if it was male or female. The cloak was red and green and had some kind of emblem on it, like a leaf (alas google reveals nothing).

The figure, took out a wand, not a sword, but a wand and knighted me. Yep the whole left, right, left thing on the shoulders. Then I stood up and was presented with the wand that was used to knight me.

At this point I was shocked out of my dream and the vision within a vision by Cailleach’s voice right in my ear (she must have sneaked up on me). “Go quest!” she had said.

I was back in the realworld staring at my computer…remember Neo at the beginning of the Matrix film? Exactly like that.

I pondered the vision for a long while and coudn’t wait to get home and do some quick dowsing.

  • Was it a dream or a vision? A vision
  • Was it really Cailleach? Yes
  • Even though she had said we wouldn’t meet again? Yes
  • Was she offering me a quest? Yes
  • To become a knight of some kind? Yes
  • Did I have to follow this quest? half/half answer.

These half/half answers are really annoying sometimes. As you may know from previous posts it is when one rod turns and the other doesn’t, we have kind of deduced that it means “you’re half right, but there’s more.” Just to bamboozle me more, I asked…

  • Have I unwittingly been the student of Cailleach? half/half

I’m sorry for such crappy answers and such basic questions. As Gwas and I have both found, it is difficult to get into the intuitive swing of dowsing in one’s mundane apartment/home. We’re just in the habit of doing it at sacred sites.

So, am I going to take up this challenging quest? You betchya!

Now then…”Which way to Mordor, Gandalf?

Kal Malik


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