Nature’s Tapestry – The Importance of Synchromysticism

One of the starting points for a journey into the world of the mystical is synchronicity. Synchronicity could be considered to be simply defined as the act of attaching significance to the confluence of activities. In other words, if something happens that causes your attention to focus upon two events or actions coming together, and […]

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Dowsing | Healing | Magick | Trees

Sickness, Shadows and Swords

As the nights draw in here for the Northern Hemisphere countries our lives begin to change in subtle ways. We lose the lightning power of The Sun in the mornings and evenings. As this power is depleted the changes may even be mirrored in our body chemistry, and consequently in our thought processes. For many […]

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Energy work | Modern Druidry | Theory

Body, Aura and Animus

Since I learned that my task for this part of the year would be to “free spirits” I have been trying to absorb as much information as possible about this subject. I have been listening to related podcasts from the British Society of Dowsers, from books on the subject of spirit rescue, and from discussions […]

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