Angels | Elemental

Spring 2014 – The Earth and Fire Angels

The third elemental angel was found at the end of one of the muddiest walks I have ever done. I think there was barely a moment on the walk when Kal wasn’t complaining – but that’s what you get if you wear inappropriate clothing. This is Cumbria!! We parked at Long Meg stone circle, just […]

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Angels | Hedge Druidry | Spirit Guides

Ash in the Woods

In the third and final part of my jaunt to Alderley Edge I will talk about my experiences with my Spirit Guide, Ash. We’re still getting to know each other, it feels, yet one thing I do know about his reason for working with me is that he wants to know more about the say that […]

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Ancient Sites

Delphi – The Hawk, The Shade and The Vapours

The Hawk Vision Standing in the amphitheatre half way up the Delphi temple complex I had beautiful scenes in either direction down the valley. Yet, it was not the scenery that captured the imagination, but the sonics of that space. I still find it incredible how perfectly mathematical the calculations were for such structures. Standing in the “play […]

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