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South Wales Part 3 – The Samson Stone and the Stone Museum

In this third part of our South Wales trip I talk about our visit to a museum of stones, and then go on to discuss the amazing findings at the Samson Stone – a standing stone linked in to a very ancient network of energies related to the myths surrounding King Arthur. You can also watch a video of Kal dowsing the stone, and I discuss my latest theory on the energy flows of standing stones. First, however, we visit a museum of petrified crosses…

Realising that we were quite a way west of our starting point of Chepstow and that we may need to begin to work our way back, we looked on the map for nearby locations that were large enough to get a tourist symbol, and we identified something near to Port Talbot that sounded interesting – The Stone Museum, Margam, Neath Port Talbot, Glamorganshire, South Wales. [info]. It might be good, it might be rubbish – but at least it was on the way back, and there seemed little else within thirty miles of where we were and in the right direction. Off we went.

When we arrived at Margam Abbey we found that we had just missed the lunch sitting for the only restaurant within miles. And we were starving. However, being troopers and dedicated to the cause we put aside hunger and turned our attentions to getting hold of the key to get into the Stone Museum. A notice on the door said that if it was locked we should ask at the restaurant. Cruel, considering our hunger levels. We waited while the chef finished what she was doing, and then she let us into the museum unattended. Great! We could dowse to our hearts content!

We scanned the open-plan museum and realised that the “stones” were all carved crosses that had been gathered from the local vicinity – within about a thirty mile radius of Margam. The carved crosses dated from Celtic to Christian, and some smaller broken bits of stones that had no labels. Kal inspected upstairs while I took some photographs but reported that there was nothing to see on the upper level, so we concentrated on the lower floor’s artefacts.

Always the way

Unmarked but energetic stone, Margram

Isn’t it always the way? We quickly found that the only stones of energetic interest were those not labelled?! There was a small remnant of one of the stones that the museum had literally been built around, and that had no information about it at all. The integral stone was originally part of the building that had been there before the abbey next door, we dowsed. It was the strongest, most energetic stone in the whole collection. No information plaque or anything to explain it. The only other stone in the collection that had any energy in it at all was the broken corner of some carving that was mounted on a wall, again without any explanation or date at all.

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Bakewell Church – the sending

Bakewell, Derbyshire – Saturday, 20th November

The air was charged with a sense of the impending arrival of Winter and the festive season. I could smell ice – a talent I have developed since I broke into the world of druidry. Bakewell town was alive with well-wrapped people jostling to see potential presents in the rows of unique shops that the town’s inner sanctum exhibits. Kal and I had just finished our lunch at one of the local cafés, and stopped to admire a tree in the town centre that we had somehow never noticed before – it was a bare ash tree adorned with coloured lights, and making many people stop to admire it.

I wanted to do some work with spirits and decided that Bakewell Church, with its ancient Celtic cross, seemed like an appropriate place. We walked away from the throng and up towards the hill upon which the church was perched like a gothic gargoyle overseeing the business of the town below.

Bakewell Church at a jaunty angle

Overlooked by several tall townhouses we nevertheless had the place almost to ourselves. By now we were used to working in the glare of the public spotlight, so we were unfazed by curious onlookers as they passed through the churchyard starting at us and our obvious tourism. How times have changed! Only a year ago this would have been very uncomfortable, and we would have had to do this work in the late evening or even at night. Now, we were unabashed.

We investigated the cross with our trusty copper L-rods, but it had been enclosed in iron and now had no energy left at all. It had once been strongly energetic, we reckoned, but this had been completely banished by the imprisoning iron cage. All that was left was inert decorated stone, but pleasingly decorated with swirls and animal carvings that we knew to be symbolic in many instances of the subtle earth energy flows. In this instance, however, it felt out of time and place, and I longed to have seen it in its original position, uncaged, possibly acting as an acupuncture point to mark and manipulate the earth energy beneath it.

A cross that looks strangely out of place

Releasing the Old Lady

We turned our attentions to other work. Kal identified a shade which he found to be at one end of a bench near to the stone cross. He then wandered off to find other work to do (kicking his feet out at the spot where he had found the shade in mock repugnance to ward off its clinging draining tendencies). Ah, the simple life of a sidekick – in every sense!

When I asked which shade I should work with the rods led me to that same shade. (For a definition of a shade, please see our Glossary page). I prepared to do some work along the lines of what I had been reading by various spirit rescue workers. Firstly I put up a lot of protection and lit some incense surreptitiously underneath the bench. The gentle aroma of Nag Champa drifted lazily up into the cool afternoon air making some passers-by sniff curiously as they wandered past.

Despite the cold chill in the air I found it relatively easy to slip into a light trance after a few minutes of quiet meditation. I have mentioned my meditation technique in previous posts (also available in audio format as the first podcast ‘Natural Magick Ritual‘ – see Podcast page). It has varied slightly since I first developed it, but whichever element feels most important I try that, and then see what works 0n any given day. Today I connected to The Sun and The Moon, and with The Earth. A stalwart visualisation that usually works in all situations. Once grounded in the earth and centred in a bubble around myself I set up some hardened protection for my ‘shell of light’. I brought in some light blue energy because I felt that was most protective in this instance. My energetic sphere reacted accordingly, solidifying against unwanted energies permeating my space.

I turned my attention to the shade beside me on the bench. I tried to let the image of whoever it was appear in my mind and soon I was seeing an old lady with short white hair, kind of trendy looking, in a long knitted dress with grey and black hoops stretching all the way down to her black boots. She looked thoroughly modern, and a little vacant, distant, unattentive – world-weary, almost.

I reached out my energy to mentally tap her on the shoulder. I asked her if she knew she was dead and she said she did, but that she was staying because she thought her family still needed her. I understand that asking such a question is bad form, now, so I won’t do that again. Lessons learned every day, and I’m new to this work.

I asked her if she was really needed here, and whether she ought not to move on now. She agreed that things had changed since she first decided to stay, and now she would be happy to go. I offered to help and she shrugged, which I took to be a non-committal sign that she would be prepared to leave if I assisted. I intended to, if only because I needed the practise with a mild-mannered shade such as this before I would even contemplate anything more intense. I realise this was a semi-selfish act, in that I was primarily practising my art, with her release as a secondary effect of this. Such is life and death – I will atempt to rectify this in future, because I am essentially good at heart.

A gloom-laden Bakewell Church

I tried to imagine a light for her, and to generate some love and compassion but it wasn’t my day – neither felt like they were being generated. Something wasn’t right – I was doing something wrong. I snapped out of trance and picked up my dowsing rods – I needed some help here! (Serves me right for being selfish, huh?) I dowsed if some crystals would help me, and the rods swung quickly to say ‘yes’. The dowsing rods indicated my single rose coral crystal would be the most useful. Of course! This was the crystal that the lady in the folly tower crystal shop in Ryde on the Isle of Wight had said would be the most useful for my work when I needed my heart. And here was just such a need.

I placed the coral crystal against my heart, filled it with love, and then placed the crystal on the seat where the shade was hovering. This time when I imagined light there was a huge phosphorescence in one corner of my eyes towards which I could feel the shade moving. I implored my spirit guide to assist with the release. In a blinding flash and dissolution of the light I knew that the sending had been completed. The dowsing rods confirmed this.

I was pleased to have possibly been of some help, but I was more pleased that I had found a good method for doing this work involving the coral crystal – this seemed to fulfill the prophecy that the crystal shop lady had made, and that closed off at least one long loop of coincidence. Now I felt ready for more of this work, and more confident about having a method to do it.


Tarot: another source of information

I rarely use Tarot Cards. That’s mainly because they are so damned spookily accurate! They make me nervous. There was a spell when Kal was using the cards regularly, for himself and for others, and he found the same. He told me how it was useful for obtaining the kind of information about a situation that couldn’t be obtained (or would take a very long time to narrow down) with dowsing. So, I gave it a go. I learned a single layout, and then I used a couple of reference books to interpret the cards. One word – accurate. Those of you who may have tried this will know what I mean. This is not your “Sun Sign Astrology” tabloid newspaper kind of accurate. This is the “are you reading my mind?” type of accurate.

Of course Tarot cards are symbols, symbols of some human psychology, and there are levels of interpretation required to make something meaningful come out of a reading. Yet, whenever I have done it, and I can count the number of times still on one hand, I have been flabbergasted, nay overwhelmed by the pertinence, the serendipity, the degree of coincidence, however you want to term it. It was spot on. Whether for me, or for someone else. I have been told that I “have the gift” with the cards. Well, so did Solitaire (Jane Seymour) in the James Bond film “Live and Let Die” and look what happened to her! (Actually, what did happen to her, I can’t remember….?)

'Pick a card..any card ...(except that one)'

Why Druids should use Tarot

Good question. Sounds like a statement but it’s also a question – why should druids use Tarot, or any method of divination? Well, the druid revivalist culture seems to purport that there is some historical precedence for a link between forms of augury or divination and the druid class. The Romans (and where would we be without the Romans, with their aqueducts, laws, sewage systems….etc) included instances in their reports of Britain about the scrying and divining abilities of the druids.

Don’t let history (even if it was dubious political history) be your only guide, however. There are other sound reasons to adopt a form of divination. Is dowsing not a form of scrying, of obtaining knowledge from a gnostic source, that can easily be turned towards divination tasks too? Indeed it can. The humble dowsing rod can be used for many purposes, but the further away from dowsing in connection with the land the less credible the results feel to me. This may be a personal thing, however, because I admit to having used dowsing for divination, even if the results have always seemed less reliable and more likely to change. But then, that’s the future for you – always changing!

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Kells: The Cross of Mysteries

Saturday 29th May – Kells, County Meath.

This is the third place visited on my chakra trail in Ireland. In this part I was looking to unblock, balance or boost my solar plexus chakra. Kells is a town steeped in history, and one whose reputation precedes it. However, if you’re not aware of its reputation, let me list some of the things that Kells is famous for:-

  • The Book of Kells – an early illustrated manuscript depicting and relating the four Christian Gospels of the New Testament.
  • The Abbey of Kells, withits round tower, associated with St Columba
  • The five large celtic crosses in the churchyard at the Abbey.
  • Pierce Brosnan lived in Kells from a young age until he was about 18.

…and that’s all you need to know about Kells. Basically, there’s a strong Christian connection, with a subtle undercurrent of Celtic paganism.

Guided information about the church, tower and crosses

A Helpful Warning

This is probably one of the most controversial posts I have made so far, and I do realise it may alienate some people. If you have followed me on this journey so far then you might be in a better position to read this post and see what I am saying. If you are reading this post in isolation from the journey I have made so far then this might be a bit too much to take, and I would ask you to skip back a bit to catch up! Let me give you fair warning. Some of the subjects covered in this post are:

  • reclaiming the Christian cross symbol
  • ascended masters / spirit guides
  • chakras

The terms “ascended master” and “spirit guide” are interchangeable in this context, so read whichever you are more comfortable with. I kind of “broke the seal” on this kind of thing when I posted recently about the ‘leprechaun’ entity that I had encountered. I have held off telling you anything else because….well, frankly, I wouldn’t know how to take this if I were reading it! I only know that, deluded as I am, I’m reporting what I find. I know what you’re thinking – what happened to the good old “do a bit of dowsing, report the findings…” blog that you used to know and love? Well, it was the dowsing that has taken me to these areas in the first place, so blame that! There’s a point you reach where you begin to test some of these esoteric ideas, and then a path opens up….well, if you’ve been following me for a while you know how I got here. There’s no turning back now! What can I say?

The world is not only stranger than we suppose – it’s stranger than we CAN suppose!” (to mis-quote JBS Heldane).

Luckily, to support my soon-to-be-revealed point of view I quote Haldane’s other memorable conception:-

“I suppose the process of acceptance will pass through the usual four stages:
(i) this is worthless nonsense;
(ii) this is an interesting, but perverse, point of view;
(iii) this is true, but quite unimportant;
(iv) I always said so.”

Solar Plexus mandala

I think it is pertinent for me to list some general information about that chakra to start with, because it will help to make sense of what happened to me at Kells. General properties associated with the Solar Plexus chakra are :-

  • Physical Location – solar plexus
  • Purposes – mental understanding of emotional life
  • Spiritual Lesson – acceptance of your place in the life stream. (self-love)
  • Physical Dysfunctions– stomach ulcers, intestinal tumors, diabetes, pancreatitis, indigestion, anorexia/bulimia, hepatitis, cirrhosis, adrenal imbalances, arthritis, colon diseases
  • Mental and Emotional Issues – self esteem, fear of rejection, oversensitivity to criticism, self-image fears, fears of our secrets being found out, indecisiveness
  • Information Stored Inside Sacral Chakra – personal power, personality, consciousness of self within the universe (sense of belonging), knowing
  • Area of Body Governed – upper abdomen, umbilicus to rib cage, liver, gallbladder, middle spine, spleen, kidney, adrenals, small intestines, stomach
  • (source:

    Click below for the interesting bit of this story.

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    Hill of Tara – Part 1: Retrieving the Earth Spirit

    The Hill of Tara – Thursday 27th May

    It was late in the evening when we decided to grab a ‘travelling tea’ and head on up to the hilly complex of sites known as The Hill of Tara [info], the legendary site that was famous throughout Ireland as the seat of ancient Irish kings. We found it despite the SatNav trying its best to deceive us, as it had many times earlier in the day.
    On approaching the visitor centre (how nice to see a disused church being put to good use) we spotted a huddled group of people (“loons” Kal called them) some dressed in traditional garb of cloak and sporting staffs, standing huddled on a grey gravelled spot next to a May Tree and at the top of the hill. We ignored them for fear of a conversation we might not enjoy, and instead contented ourselves initially with a recce of the graveyard that surrounded the now-closed visitor centre.

    Official plan of Tara

    In the graveyard Kal spotted a power centre aligned to himself (“I bet it’s in the middle of those trees”, he stated and then proved it) and I found one close by that was a definite circle in the grass. This done we headed for the “good stuff” in the main complex.
    Kal was first to reach all the parts of the site adjacent to the graveyard. I was him atop the Mound of the Hostages, then he was bounding over to the twin standing stones (including the so-called Stone of Destiny) and then on to an earthwork next to it. Here he paused a while before coming back.

    Entrance to the Mound of the Hostages

    Whilst he did all that I was up on the MOTH watching the spectacular sunset as the sun’s rays played with the low-lying lands before me. I marvelled at just how many hilltops could be seen in all directions from this place. I felt the surge of energy coming up from the mound and noticed that I was standing in the smaller sized bare earth patch on the top of the mound. It was smaller than the other patch that was offset from the centre. About the same ratio as the sun to the moon, I mused 😉

    Inside the mound

    Guiding Lights and Earth Elements

    I asked the dowsing rods to take me to a place where I could interact with a guiding spirit who might help me through a pilgrimage type quest. I was set upon visiting sites over the weekend that would promote my consciousness levels through the attunement of my chakras. I was asking for a guiding spirit to lead me safely through that in this land where I had no concept of what I might find. The rods obliged by taking me to the nearby celtic cross. Not something that I had expected, so that was interesting, and not something I had expected to be interested in. I stood there for a few moments and felt a presence surround me as I stared wistfully into the oncoming sunset’s purple and pink light. This was a presence I had felt before – and I knew its name. This was my helpful teacher/guide of previous adventures, and with that re-assurance I moved on to other tasks, knowing we would meet again soon.

    Tara's undecorated Celtic cross

    I knew what I wanted to do now. At this place, a place of earthly treasures, of earth and stone, this was a place where I should try to fulfill the final part of my own Celtic cross – the fourth element in my crossed circle: the earth element. So far I had been successful in Cumbria at retrieving the assistance of three other elemental forces: water, fire and air. Here was an opportunity to re-acquaint myself with the earth element.

    I did some work to recall this particular elemental. At the conclusion of the work I felt a tingle through my feet- and then I felt the power of the earth rising up through my legs. I felt like I should now unite all these forces again, so I called each of the other elements to mind. The appropriate element flared up inside me, and then around me. When I mentioned the name of the wind it blew. When I called the fire, the sun burst through the clouds to glint in my eye. When I called on water I smelled the dampness rising from the grass. When I called for earth my feet felt riveted to the earth and I felt an upsurge of earth energies beneath me.

    Sun setting over Tara

    This place is special. I felt absolutely empowered by it. So much so that I went off dowsing to find the most empowering place for me. It was at a low-lying earth work near to the church and next to the MOTH. I stood on that spot and felt replenished, filled, revitalised. And happy.

    The Chakra Map

    I wonder if the features of Tara’s hill could be considered to be a map of the chakras? I only postulate this after returning back to England and seeing an old plan of the site. I present this possibility as an aside, and as something that someone might like to investigate if I don’t get back there soon. Here’s the concept:

    The only correlation is that there are seven “raths” identifable on the site, which are areas of embanked earth in a circular form.

    The Crow and The Crone

    I bounded back to find Kal who was, as expected, in the churchyard. He looked….disturbed. I told him how amazing it all was, and he trumped it. He told me he had been sitting next to the remains of a stone wall when a crow landed a few feet in front of him cawing at him. Kal has an affinity with crows – they are his totem bird – but this was different. When he asked it what it wanted it responded by telling him its name – it cawed at him “Cay-leach, cay-leech”. Clearly the bird had been speaking to him because he said that it offered to be his teacher, and to teach him about the ways of the dead, of dead spirits and their energies This is something he has been denying himself for several months now, even though he had been given the name “Spirit Walker“ by the yew at Llangernyw. He saw in a split-second vision as the bird flew up to join a noisy cluster of other crows that it was an old woman that had become a crow.

    In the graveyard at Tara

    He told me this and I asked if he had accepted the offer. He said he hadn’t decided yet, but had dismissed the crow for now while he checked it out. As I drove us back to the hotel we discussed what the potential spelling of the word “Cay-leech” might be. I suggested it might contain “Cai” as the first part, then perhaps “leach” as the second, because it sounded vaguely Gaelic in form. Kal Googled the name “caileach” on my phone. It came back with this: “Did you mean “Cailleach?” – he clicked the link – “Cailleach is the name given to the crone form of the Triple Goddess of pagan lore. She is primarily associated with death.”

    Kal had seemingly come into contact with an archetype of the triple goddess of pagan lore herself, and the crone had offered to teach him all about death and death energies at a church yard at Tara – the Hill of the Kings. That was how it seemed to us at that moment. He was in a quandary as to whether to accept or not. I told him we would go back in a few days and he could decide then whether to accept the offer.

    Little did we know that other events would make that decision easier for him over the next few days, and we would encounter more of Ireland’s legendary spirits in the process. The whole trip had just taken the most bizarre turn!


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