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The power of Caileach

I was lost. I had been in New York city for the past 3 weeks and was looking for a connection. There are many times in life when one can reach out to guides or teachers for help and direction. These guides don’t have to be the mundane kind (i.e. people), they can be of an esoteric nature.

As I said, I was lost and in need of some simple direction, at the very least a nice commune with that gorgeous goddess Caileach would have been pleasant. Brilliant though the brick city is, one can’t help but wonder where is the natural touch?

I meandered around Central Park in the hopes of finding a suitable connective media. A bit like wandering the city trying to find a free WiFi connection. Alas nothing was in the offing. I was confounded! As readers may know I have gained a certain sympathy with trees and yet here I was being blanked.

I got my dowsing rods out and after a while came to the conclusion that I wasn’t being blanked at all. In fact what was the case was that there was no significant energy amongst the trees in this park. My intuition (which was confirmed with dowsing) suggested that the constant inter-play with human energies had left this park feeling and being empty. Wow!

Nevertheless I tried to commune with Caileach, my erstwhile mentor(ess?) and failed miserably. But surely we are talking about a Goddess here, not your average entity. So I tried again a few times and nothing. What was going on?Was she being blocked? Was my calling not loud enough? What???

Musing and pondering (with the addition of dowsing) led me to an interesting conclusion. Caileach is a Goddess of Britain and Ireland. Her power here is amazing, in other lands her reach is as good as those (and amount matters) followers she has there. Which I am guessing in the States isn’t too many.

We have so many theories about deities. Here is one: surely Caileach is an aspect of the Goddess and in other lands she is known by another name and so should still be able to be invoked? No. Really? Yes, really. No.

Invoked is the wrong word to use, communed with, or asked for help of, might be better.

Ask the dowsing rods yourself. Apparently Caileach is a local goddess (entity). This goes against a lot of book learned law I know but I am only going by what I have dowsed. Thus in the land of the America’s I was unable to connect with her.

Gwas and I speculated as to how we could bridge this gap and we came up with a theory. If we could find a connective object which we could associate with (or create an association with) Caileach perhaps this could be used to commune with her from a distant place. Gwas has created numerous such bridges and connections so I was eager to try.

Yesterday, I travelled to a Sacred Site that I really feel a deep connection with, Alderley Edge. At the Magicians wood I asked some questions to confirm my (our) hypothesis and the answers came back as true. I could indeed create an associative object that would allow me to commune with Caileach wherever I was. As I was dowsing these findings a thought came to mind from the works of that famed shaman, Carlos Castaneda. The memory was of him going to a watering hole to find a spirit catcher. My intuition and dowsing told me that this was exactly what I needed. A spirit catcher is a bridge between you and an entity.

Yes, you guessed it, I am out looking for a spirit catcher, the spirit I am interesting in catching (metaphorically speaking) is Caileach.

Kal Malik – in search of a spirit catcher


The Leys of Central Paris

This post is all about the ley lines that I dowsed in Paris. There’s quite a lot of information in here so I have decided to put a bullet-point summary here at the beginning so that you can see what topics I am going to discuss:

  • Chris Hardy’s book “The Sacred Network” and the Decumanus Lines of Paris
  • Finding the Luxor Obelisk using intuition alone, and its link with Kal in New York
  • The major and minor leys centred on the obelisk
  • The Jardin Des Tuileries and the strongest ley I’ve found yet
  • Being guided to find a smooth stone
  • How the Arc de Triomphe de Carrousel splits a major ley line
  • How the Louvre pyramid plays a part in the line’s reconstitution
  • The Louvre’s link with the “Axe Majeur” created by Francois Mitterand at Cergy-Pontoise

Have I whet your appetite? Great, then read on!

Sometimes life throws an opportunity your way and you just have to go with it. Such a chance came to me when work decided that I needed to be trained up and to do that I would be sent to Paris in May for a week. Well, what can one say to a chance like that? Yes, of course! I had just bought Chris Hardy‘s book “The Sacred Network” and been marvelling at the many pages about Paris’ ley lines. Here I was being given the opportunity to go test them for myself, first-hand.

Chris Hardy refers to two main lines in Paris which she calls the West and East Decumanus lines. I drew myself a pair of lines on Google Maps from her rough indicator points, and then I could refer to that later. There are plenty of other leys referenced, but these are the main ones that cross so many of central Paris’ main attractions, for example – the Champs Elysses, the Arc de Triomphe, La Defense, The Louvre to name but a small selection. What I wondered was, are these lines natural ley lines, or created by humans? Secondly I wanted to know whether they had any energy associated with them? That was all I was looking for. Time would be short, and dowsing in a city always has the possibility of attracting unwanted and often unshakeable attention, so it would have to be swift and to the point.

Luxor Obelisk with full moon

How to find your way in a city

From what I can gather from reading Hardy’s book most of the main leys of Paris seem to be centered on the Luxor obelisk (or ‘Obelisk of Ramases). I decided that this would be my starting point for an exploration of which leys were which, and which were important for me to dowse. The very evening that I had goot clear to do this investigation work Kal sent me a long text epxplaining how he had found the Genius Loci for Central Park in New York, and that it was found at….an Egyptian obelisk (see Kal’s Dowsing in the City post).

There was nothing else for it – now it was confirmed. I didn’t know Paris or yet have a good handle on the underground train system, so I decided to walk to the obelisk. The only problem was… I had no idea where it was! I decided to trust to fate and began to walk down whatever street took my fancy, so long as it looked like it was heading towards the Seine River, which I figured would identify the centre of Paris. It was a foolhardy and naive assumption considering the length of the Seine, but I wanted to see what happened.

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Dowsing in the city

The city being New York which is where I am currently following the blue brick road. Specifically Manhattan, so I guess even in America a dowser might look a bit weird, I can cope with that in the UK but here I am going to keep my rods confined.

Fortunately I am getting quite good at device-less dowsing so I thought I would have a go in the famed Central Park. The park is filled with some gorgeous trees and the atmosphere is really nice. I immediately got the sense that the park likes the city. I don’t know where this thought came from, but it was pervasive throughout the park.

Starting at the mid west side (really getting used this street naming) I ambled around the park following an invisible rod in my hand. I was expecting to be taken to be taken to one the trees in the place or perhaps one of sport areas (human energies, right?). My question was: “Take me to the most energetic place in this park?”I guess my question needed to be refined a bit as it kept trying to take me over the grass and the law is that you can’t walk on the grassy undesignated bits – fair enough!

So I perambulated through the park, curious to see where I would end up…would it be a tree? One of the many seats that have been donated in someones deceased personal honour? A fairy circle?

I had walked through about a third of the park when I took a decisive turn and headed up an incline in the path. Upon getting to the top I found myself in a small clearing that had a huge stone needle in it. As I approached I knew that this was “the spot” but I wondered, surely this was going to be some latter-day 20th century piece of art? How was this going to be an en exhibitor of energies?

Egyptian Obelisk

The obelisk was some 70 foot in height and had definitely seen some wear and tear as the glyphs on it were hardly readable. After a couple of minutes confirming that this was indeed the most energetic object in the park I checked out the description on the plaque and what a surprise! The obelisk was in fact an a true Egyptian artifact! Brought to the USA in 1881. Known locally as Cleopatra’s needle, but being a some thousands of years older than her reign. See here for more details on where this artifact originated from.

I was truly surprised by my find. Central Park is 2.5 miles long and 0.5 miles wide with many attractions contained within. In my perambulation I was led almost directly to this Egyptian artifact. How curious. Interestingly, on many maps the Obelisk isn’t even mentioned other than a place marker. When I got back to my apartment I was checking up on the history of this artifact and found a totally crazy synchronicity. This stone was twinned with another stone that had come from the same source. The twin was located in Paris. Interesting? No? Well, what if I were to tell you that at the time I was in NYC, Gwas was in Paris!

The universe is truly linked by so many connections, if you walk a intuitive path you encounter these links on a daily basis. As I was to learn, this was a fabulous and portentious beginning to my two week stay in New York.

Kal Malik, on a knights quest

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