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Winter Solstice 2013 Valle Crucis and the Power of Promise

After the über download at Dinas Bran and an enjoyable lunch in Llangollen we were ready for our final stop of the Solstice. Vali Crucis. From memory, we have visited this place several times in the early spring. Flowers just budding comes to mind. So it was a bit off timing to be coming here at this time of the year, however for me the main attraction was that it has an easy access and was a beautiful place to visit.

Vali Crucis

Valle Crucis

When I was sitting in the seat of the energetic double upon Dinas Bran, the Genius Loci had revealed that I would gain the Power of Promise at Vali Crucis. What that was, I had no idea. So I was looking forward to learning the meaning of that.

Maybe it was the time of the year, but as with Dinas Bran, I was taken (by the rods) into the sacred site by an unusual route. The rods took me around the outside of the site to the back. From there they guided me inside and to the place pictured (top left image). One of these days we will have to explore in detail why certain places are picked.

  • Is it because of the Genius Loci?
  • Is it the energy of the place?
  • Is it time specific?
  • Is it my energy?

An endless set of questions can erupt from such an exploration I’m sure. To get on. I climbed up about 8 feet of the wall and sat down on the cold, slightly damp stones. Lovely! Closing my eyes and relaxing my breath got me into state. The power of promise I thought, what is it?

Power of Promise

Power of Promise

Power of Promise

Integrity and honour were the words that came to me. I considered them and thought back to the Knights Quest? Was this something akin to that? I got the sense that it was, kind-of. Then thoughts and a vision coalesced. The power of promise is a means to align the Solar Chakra.

Rather than keeping ones word with others. It was about the practice of giving ones word to oneself and keeping it. It seemed that the power of promise had a compound effect. The more you practiced it the more powerful it became. Another impression that I got was that this had something to do with magic, in that if the compound effect reached a certain level then the universe would bend towards ones word, it would be that powerful.

Wow! What a an amazing discovery. But it didn’t stop there. I had to start to put this into practice! And begin to fuel the compound effect. Which would then balance my Solar chakra. Which I am guessing would go towards the aligning of all my energy centres as per the instruction at Dinas Bran.

Kal Malik – Secrets of Magic

Winter Solstice 2013 Dinas Bran and the Dragons Soul Book

Looking up to Dinas Bran

Looking up to Dinas Bran

I have mentioned extensively herein my quest to activate the Dragons Soul Book, it has been a quest that has been long in the completing (almost a year and half since inception). I already knew that this visit would not be a conclusion. But had been told that it would be a major change of direction. With this in mind, I was keen to climb the slopes to the beautiful Dinas Bran.

Upon reaching the foot of the hill I was a bit concerned. Over the months I have let my physical fitness slip some what and have been wheezing and groaning uphill. As I stood and took some pictures a thought floated down to me. “Don’t worry, I’ll look after you” Ah, Okay, with Dinas Bran looking after me the climb should be no problem. And remarkably it wasn’t. Not one jot. Which, frankly, totally surprised me.

Upon arriving at the spot where I took the above image, I was led by the rods off to the right, rather than the usual left. I’d never been up that way before, face-on if you will. Partly because the climb is steeper. But also because the ground is less stable. But I wasn’t going to argue with rods so up I went. And again I was surprised at my sudden gain in athletic ability. What was going on?

The top of the hill was cold, fresh and with a biting wind. “This is going to be a short visit” I thought to myself, trying to hide away from the wind. Since the rods seemed to be on top form, I asked where did I need to go to commune with the Genius Loci. In their usual winding way, they took me to a place I call, “the window of the energetic double” It was a place that I had history with.

Window of the Energy Double

Window of the Energy Double

I ambled over and sat down in the window and to my surprise, either the wind subsided to nothing or it was completely sheltered (in the picture above, the extreme right image with the two windows and of the two, the left hand window is where I was sat).

And thus began one of the most prolific communes I’ve ever had. Now I understand when people say “download”. Of course my most pressing question was concerning this darned Dragons Soul Book that was taking residence in my chest. What was I to do? The Genius Loci was quite explicit and to the point, “The book is a Dragons Soul book, not a humans soul one. It needs to be returned to a Dragon an Imbolc.” And on the matter of the book, that was it. I was quite disappointed in that. A year in the questing and that was it? To return it to a Dragon? What about the questions? I got nothing more from the Genius Loci on that score.

It seems auspicious that I was sat on the place de la energy double as the next piece of information was concerning my double. “The coming seasons will involve your other. You must balance the power within you to be more accepting” I know, sounds a bit strange but I was able to translate it easy enough. Basically, balance your chakras as this is the way to attract your energy double, because you’ll need to next year. See? Simple.

Caileach flies above me

Most of the time you’re lucky and you have a clearly defined notion of who you are communing with. For me it is about flavours of energy (or being). For instance there is an ancient Yew tree in the town of Llangernyw, that amazing being I would recognise anywhere (even in Ireland). There there is an Oak on the fringe of Nine Stones close, again completely recognisable.

At other times though, for whatever reason, the messenger becomes a bit blurred. Such was the case here. I was certain that the above came from the mighty Dinas Bran (Genius Loci). but the following I felt was more from Caileach, my occasional Goddess. As I sat within the window, I got a sense that Caileach was flying above me her wings covered the entire sacred site. I was not surprised by her size, after all this is the height of her power, winters solstice. I opened my eyes for a moment and caught a crow (my totem) floating gently above Dinas Bran, a sign.

Like teacher to pupil (I object to the word pupil, whatever) she sent some one liners (her favourite means of commune). Her first was that “Your path is perfectly aligned” What was that supposed to mean? Aligned to what? By whom? Serious questions in my opinion, but unanswered by that towering presence.This was the beginning of another beautiful commune. To be told in the upcoming posts.

Kal Malik – getting clear on 2014

Summary 2013 – Lessons Learned Pt2

In the second half of my second summary post I’m completing the lessons learned for the remainder of the year – that’s August to December. In this post I talk about the stag energies, energetic balance, death energy and some of the natural magickal techniques that I have been shown this year.


Stag and the Staff

  • Learned that a staff can become associated with a kind of ‘patron’ energy form
  • My new yew stag-headed staff becomes associated with the Gwyn Ap Nudd/Herne/Cernunnos energy.

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Balancing and Tuning at Sacred Sites

  • You can reconfigure your own energy field to match that of a sacred site (especially a stone circle).
  • When the circle is at a balanced point in the year (equinoxes) then you can easily balance your chakras/energy field

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  • Chakras can be tuned through the vowel sounds – caves are excellent places to do this

Absorbing the Gwyn energies

  • The energies of an energy form such as Gwyn Ap Nudd can be absorbed into your own energy field, such that they “walk with you”
  • The purpose of this is to be able to invoke their guiding presents more readily

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What the Romans Did For Us

  • On Anglesey I discovered that one of the few remaining traditions that were left virtually intact by the Roman invasion were the arts associated with the knowledge of local plants and their powers.
  • I was asked to continue this tradition when communing with the shade of Iestyn.

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Oracle of Delphi Part 3 Into the Past and the Underworld

Entrance to the Temple of Apollo

Entrance to the Temple of Apollo

I had been led across the length and breadth of the ruins at Delphi. Although the middle of February, the days weather had been perfectly magical (in every sense). It had been about two hours since we had arrived at the ruins and finally I was at the place of commune. Offerings had been given, Sacred journey had been traversed. Yes, I felt ready as I lay upon a ledge overlooking a place that had been confirmed to be, for me at that time, the Navel of the Earth.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

From previous experiences and commune I knew that I was to go into the past and meet with the Oracle of Delphi in the time when she existed and not commune with her in my time. Quite an odd notion considering that her vocation was to look through time. I also knew that I had to connect with my Energy Double too since it had the power to traverse the time stream. What I didn’t know was how.

In the world of sacred journeys the “how” of things rarely matters. It is more like what you find in the film, Field of Dreams – Build it and they will come. With that notion in mind I lay on the ledge atop the ruins of Delphi (the Navel) and silently said to myself and the Universe. “I am ready”.

It began with the song, so familiar now. The unique music that I heard was the connecting song that gives me the understanding that my Energy Double, has recognised my call and is on its way. Although I have changed my perspective on this a little as experience has refined the understandings, still it’s a good enough description for the moment. The song grew clearer and turned into a feeling. In my mind was the intention to go back to a time when I could ask the Oracle of Delphi my burning question.

Something amazing happened that I’d never experienced before. As you may know, we have two streams of energy that flow within us. One from the crown to earth and the other vice-versa. Well, at this point of transfer three things happened. I viscerally felt energy rip from my crown to my heart and from my earth to my heart too. Just as both these energies sparked to that central point my Energy Double hit my body at the heart too. Coming in a vertical path, it slammed into my heart centre (remember that the heart is at the centre of the breast not over the physical heart location) and took my consciousness deep into the earth and I felt into the past too. All this happened in a flash. Catapulted into the depths of the earth and time. Within moments I found myself in a cavern. It was dark and yet I could sense its presence.

Place of Questions

With the swiftness with which it came my Energy Doubles presence vanished and I was alone. In hindsight I think that I should have been scared but my distinct recollection and my notes from that experience tell me that I wasn’t. Odd.

Alone and yet not alone, I thought. That darned double of mine. Could have stuck around. I looked (sensed) around and felt nothing but the feeling of the cavern. Which added to mine (and Gwas’s) notion that caves are used for there aura shaping facility. After minutes (it seemed) of waiting I felt other presences in the space. I thought that I would be in audience of the Oracle, but no. Three beings appeared some distance from me. They were in shapeless robes and though my first impression was that they were people, perhaps the servers of the Oracle, that feeling vanished as soon as it came. These were something else. I felt them watching me. Even as I felt them. Weird.

Being a person that gabs a lot, I was pretty quiet. I had the feeling that I was waiting (for the Oracle). My wait wasn’t long. A few moments after the three appeared another figure appeared. As I write this post, my minds eye has gone back to peruse that (deep breath) feeling that I got when she appeared. As I try and find words to describe it, another experience comes to mind…

A few years ago, when that haven for book lovers BORDERS bookshop was still in existence, I recall walking its aisles one evening. When, out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of a bright light within one of the alcoves. I turned to look in, thinking it was just a reflection from a spotlight, when I saw a woman who was literally aglow. I was stunned. It wasn’t a beauty thing. She shone from an inner light. I was so dumbstruck that I found myself walking up to her and telling her, “you are glowing”. I think she smiled at me and said, “I know” and that was it. Occasionally when that memory surfaces I berate myself that I should have said more, but honestly, I don’t think I could have. The will to ask or communicate had been removed from me (which is interesting isn’t it…”these are not the droids you are looking for”).

When the Oracle appeared, that was exactly the feeling I got. She wasn’t a beauty by my standards. Not like the way Caileach (swoon) appears in my communes. The oracle did have an awe inspiring presence. I almost knelt before her, but caught myself in time. Respect sure, but not subservience.

“You are one who has come furthest to see me.” She said in a voice that felt like a tingle down my spine. But what really took me was that she was speaking English. I mean, well, she was supposed to be Greek right? Perhaps the TARDIS translation circuits were doing over time?

I nodded, “Yes”. I presumed that she was talking about the time-travel as opposed the geographical distance.

“What is your question?”

I noted the singular, for I had a few and had hoped to ask at least some of them. Still travellers can’t be choosers sometimes. So I asked,

  • “Where can I find the Key to the Dragons Soul Book that lies within me?”

See how I made that specific? That comes from years of Dungeons and Dragons experience and having Wish spells going awry. The answer and experience that followed was revelatory and surprising.

Kal Malik in the past.



Ionian Equinox 1 – The Colour of Union

The following series of posts recounts the tales of our adventures on the island of Iona in the Hebrides in the west of Scotland. We went there for the Autumn Equinox. Of course, my tales will be primarily from my perspective as Kal has his own stories to tell, and amazing they are too. Of course, we journeyed together so our stories intertwine to some extent. Where Kal acted as a foil or sidekick I will include his aspects, otherwise you’ll get predominantly mine.

Scotland sticks in my mind for many reasons – I used to live there as a small boy, I love the mountains (they are my Air/Sky image for elemental meditations) and I hate the weather (muggy and midge-ridden in summer, unbearable wind and rain in winter). However, despite my reservations I had two necessary goals that Iona seemed to be the perfect place to satisfy. These were:

  1. To discover the quest or task that would keep my busy for the next eighth of the wheel of the year, and
  2. To learn more about an unidentified energy form that I had found at Karnak Temple in Egypt, and which I had subsequently map-dowsed as also being present in Iona.

One ferry, two ferries, three ferries, more

The first ferry is from Oban to the island of Mull. Oban is a lovely little town that deserved more time, and as we pulled away on the ferry I saw a rounded hill behind a castle on the shoreline and I made a mental note that I needed to come back this way again. There was something about that hill….The tourism tagline at the moment is “It’s closer than you think“. It’s not. They lie. I thought it was about a five and a half hour drive and I wasn’t far wrong. And we live in the North of England. From anywhere else it’s even farther. The tagline should be “It’s further away than you’d like, and then a wee bit more – but it’s worth it (if it’s not raining, which it usually is)”. Truth in advertising? Not likely. Not catchy enough.

Where the heck is Iona?


The sun shone and we were able to stand on deck watching the waves churn into spume below the boat’s keel and the seabirds wheel and whirl in our wake. The rising mountains of Mull were a formidable but fascinating prospect for the drive across the island to Fionnphort where we would catch our second ferry – this time to the tiny island of Iona. The drive across Mull was idyllic. Rarely have I seen such beauty. Firstly over the mountain passes, then the road by the lakeside became picture postcard perfect. All too soon we were at the tiny ferry terminal and ready to board the ferry to Iona. So I left my staff behind in the tea room on Mull.

Of course I had to go back for it on the ferry. I can now say I’ve been to Iona twice. Settled and with staff, we were ready to begin our island adventure. We started at the first feature to make an appearance – the Nunnery next to St.Ronan’s Church.

The Nunnery and St Ronans Church on Iona

I would say that what happened next was a perfect introduction to the uniqueness of this island, and it set the tone for the whole set of adventures that followed.

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Quest for the Third Eye

My quest for the previous part of the Wheel of the Year (Solstice to Lammas) was to open my Third Eye. This was quite a hefty challenge, I felt, and Kal had said to me several times (with blowing of cheeks, and shrugging of shoulders) that it would be a lot to attempt in the few weeks between “spokes” of The Wheel. So it turned out to be. The Third Eye opening quest turns out to be something that I need to work on for the whole of the remainder of the year. It’s a “half year” quest that will take me up to Yule.

The quest began to take full effect in July. I felt that July was a “good time” to try opening my Third Eye. I took this process to mean that I would be attempting to find ways to enhance my spirituality, to increase my psychic awareness, divinatory capabilities, and to enhance my visions. As I ventured into the month of July the first thing I noticed was this news article about the increase in solar activity forecasted for the month of July:-

“Electromagnetic activity from the sun affects our electronic devices and human electromagnetic field. We are physically, mentally, and emotionally altered by electromagnetic charges from the sun, our body can feel sleepy but also become highly energized.

Psychological effects of CMEs (coronal mass ejections) are typically short lived and include headache, palpitations, mood swings, and feeling generally unwell. Chaotic or confused thinking, and erratic behaviors also increase. Solar storms can drive our emotions and maximize it to both good and bad side – the point here is to be aware of it.

The pineal gland in our brain is also affected by the electromagnetic activity which causes the gland to produce excess melatonin, a hormone which can cause sleepiness but it’s also known that some people have opposite side effects, usually those that are aware of the effects.” (source:

Now, I know a thing or two about the pineal gland. Our old friend Dr Serena Roney-Dougal gives a good account of the pineal gland in her book “Where Science and Magic Meet“. If there was a time in the year when I could benefit from increased pineal gland activity then it would seem that it would be when the sun was particularly active too. And that was July (and into August, it turned out). The coincidence seemed … fortuitous at least, pre-ordained at best.

The Pineal Gland’s location (c) Oddly Even blog

I began to think about what things would help me enhance my third-eye opening. I had already discovered a number of techniques that I think would enhance such work:-

  1. Chanting the “i” vowel sound to tune and open the third-eye chakra point
  2. Facing a source of light (sunlight) with your eyes closed but looking at the point where the Third Eye is located
  3. Imagining a spiralling bridge connection to whatever the focus is (the Open Portal technique)

In practise, here are the things I have found that are useful specifically to promote the activity of remote viewing, which is an activity that I have concentrated on most as a means to open the Third Eye:-

  1. Being in a altered state of consciousness, grounding and centering
  2. Having either strong sun or full moon energy available
  3. Transferring my vision into an imaginary hawk that is flying over the place that I want to remotely view

Here are some examples of how my third-eye powers have been increasing whilst using these techniques:-

  1. Seeing the aura of a gnome, and of the Spirit of Place at Penmaenmawr
  2. Sensing the location of spirit forms even when i can’t see them visually – Moel Ty Uchaf’s spirit of place, and the dog spirit in Sherwood Forest (via sense of smell)
  3. Getting stronger and clearer visualisations, and being able to see the location of the object being shown to me via an energy bridge/connection path or as an aerial view of a hawk

Third-Eye Quest Tarot Reading

As I often do when I am at a major decision point, or facing a quest that needs the kind of enquiry that cannot be reduced to a simple binary “Yes” or “No” answer, I turned to the tarot cards to explain some aspects of the quest I was facing. Here are the cards that I drew in response to specific questions held in mind as I drew:-

  1. WHAT DO I NEED TO TAKE INTO THE PROCESS? –  The Great Bear (Arthur – leadership, power of the land)
  2. WHAT DO I NEED TO CHANGE? –  6 of Vessels (Reunion) and Page of Stones (Lynx)
  3. WHAT WILL HELP ME MAKE THE CHANGE? - 4 of Bows (Celebration), 8 of Stones (Skill), 2 of Stones (Challenge)
  4. WHAT WILL THE OUTCOME BE? – Ace of Arrows (Breath of Life), Queen of Vessels (Salmon)

Some recurring cards there, as previous draws recorded on this blog will attest. From this reading I drew several important pieces of information:-

  1. I need to go somewhere where I can connect to the land in order to begin this process – somewhere connected to King Arthur.
  2. 6 of Vessels is talking about re-uniting with old memories and resolving them. Like Kal has done – to go into the past to absolve an old memory of energy.
  3. Something physical at a mound is suggested,
  4. I will overcome a challenge using skill at a time of celebration (or the effects of celebration – joy -will be the key to unlocking the ability).
  5. Wisdom and the Breath of Life are the rewards of opening the Third Eye

Armed with this useful information I felt empowered to take the quest further when it came to the Lammas Festival date – August 1st. In my forthcoming post about that you will see how the tarot card interpretations fitted into that day’s places and events.


Silencing The Lamb

Holiday season is in full swing at this time of year, and so I jetted off to foreign climes in the company of a group of friends. Our destination was Tallinn in Estonia, and I have to say that it is one of the most gorgeous and delightful, cultured and calm cities that I have ever had the pleasure to spend time in. I only got back today, and the purpose of me telling you all this is to re-visit a scenario where I was able to practise a skill that I am finding very useful – silencing!

You have undoubtedly had this situation happen to you at some time on your travels. You are in a public confined space and there is a baby or small child who is either too tired or is generally not enjoying the travelling experience. What do they do? Fidget, bawl and whine. Of course they do – it’s their way of coping. But it’s hell for the parents (who are somewhat embarrassed by the impact of the behaviour, but largely immune to its effects themselves), and even worse for the people who have to listen to it who haven’t lived with that behaviour to the point of toleration.

So, what do you do? Do you go up to the parents and ask them politely to sort it out? Do you shout and scowl at the kid and wish they’d put a sock in it? Both will be ineffective. Last year I went to Canada and on the long flight home there was just such an episode broke out on the plane. Then I tried a technique of summoning air spirits and asking for their co-operation in soothing the child and cutting the noise levels. To my immense surprise it worked! However, this time I have a bit more experience of working with energies myself and so I chose to try a slightly different method.

Last time I did this kind of work I called in assistance. This time I used my improved perception to scan the situation and obtain some more information. I did a centering exercise to put myself into the right frame of mind, and then pushed my attention out towards the child to “scan” what was going on – to feel for what was happening energetically. What I noticed was this:-

  • The child had a white hot energy centre at his navel, and that centre was spawning energy threads like crazy!
  • Most of these threads were attaching to his mother who was cradling him, and she must have had more than twenty of these threads attached to the main chakra points on the front of her energy field. Mostly there were in the region of her navel and heart chakras, but some threads went elsewhere too. I felt that she was willingly offering these connection points, but she was being hugely drained by this.
  • The energy threads that were being created were seeking out the energy fields of anyone in the area, and where they found someone who would pay attention (i.e. the person would focus their attention on the child) then the thread would sense this and become attracted by that attention. The person who was directing their attention did not seem to notice when the child’s thread found and then loosely attached to them. This was a subtle event.
  • I could see that through each thread connection energy was being drawn by the child into its own energy field. In other words – the child was latching onto everyone’s energy and feeding upon it like a leech!
  • I could see that the threads were “weak” though – they were very flexible, loose and pale. I would liken them to the antennae of sea anemones with their suckers gently gripping anyone who could be attached to with a weak link.

Juvenile energy threads look like anemone tentacles

I realised that the weakness of the threads was due to the lack of developed WILL in the child. At this stage of his development the young lad hadn’t yet developed a strong will, and so the threads too were comparatively weak and too flexible. My own threads, and I sent one out to check it, were thinner, but much brighter, moved in a straighter line, and latched onto things with a much more force because my will was purposefully driving the event. For a while I was simply fascinated with watching the threads and the attachments,a nd seeing how people could break the bonds that the child was making by purposefully and wilfully trying to ignore his behaviour.

The child was, of course, utterly consciously oblivious to this subtle energy battle, yet his drive for energy was insatiable and so when one bond was broken his threads simply re-spawned from the mass at his navel centre and would then slither out probing for another energy field to connect to. The imagery I could see overlaid onto reality was utterly mesmerising until I looked down to see that there was a thread attaching to me too, even though I was four seats back from the action! Suddenly I was spurred into action myself. Here’s what I did.

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