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12 Beltane 2014 – Tarot Reflected

You may remember that before we went to Brittany I had done a tarot reading to divine to which aspects of the journey I might need to be pay special attention. Having reflected on those cards and the events that happened, I feel I can now reveal the three “missing” interpretations that I deliberately left out from the original reading.

There were three questions that I posed in the tarot draw before we left. The one which I left un-finished was:

  • What are they three key events to be aware of? The cards were Death – Chariot – Hermit

Let’s see how they fit now that I am back!

  1. Death – change

For me, this card in a draw of this nature symbolises the movement between phases of the Wheel of the Year. Therefore, in this context the Death card governs the change from Spring Equinox to Beltane – from Spring to Summer. Obviously, this is a key event in the work we were doing.

If I was to try to isolate one event which was symbolised by this card it would be the discoveries at the burial chambers of Barnenez. The finding of the stag antler symbol which could be traced back to links with our own lands was an unusual event. The number of synchronous signs which accompanied this work also indicated that something special was happening. And so it was. We were also forming a new friendship with our druid kin in Brittany.

2. Chariot – determination

“You may travel (even locally) to places that can help increase your spiritual awareness and you will be in a mode where you learn a lot quite quickly about spiritual matters.” (source:

You will see that this fits in with the remainder of the draw too. However, how does determination and increasing spiritual awareness relate to the events of our visit? Well, I really could have picked almost any incident to illustrate this. The one which comes to mind, which requires determination, is the climbing of the hill to reach the rock on top of a ridge above Broceliande Forest. I had to put all fear aside in order to achieve this, and I was amply rewarded for doing so. Much was learned about dealing with the Faery folk in a short space of time.

3. Hermit – withdrawal and socialising

“Honor the need that you may be having to withdraw to a degree from ordinary life – It won’t last forever. You will soon be feeling much more social, so don’t push yourself now to be around a lot of people unless it is absolutely necessary.” (source:

The Brittany trip was a complete withdrawal from ordinary life! For a few days Kal and I were plunged deep into the world of Faery, passing through portals to spend time in their presence. When we arrived back in Britain we felt like we were only just returning to normality. As for feeling more social – on returning I started the Hedge Druids United Facebook page, and began to keep in touch with Oona and Caillu. In addition, my feet didn’t touch the ground socially! I have barely had a single weekend that hasn’t involved a strong element of socialising!

So, which specific event would I pinpoint as being the moment that I was drawn out of my hermitude? I think I have to go back to Kerzerho for this one. When I found that the site’s aligned stones made a Kinship Engine, projecting feelings of togetherness out to their island neighbours, and then straight after that I was invited into the secret world of Faery in the Faery Glade, that was the crowning moment when I realised the power of togetherness. The togetherness of like-minded people, and the union of druid and faery through natural magick. This must be balanced with the desire for solitude to enable deep working.

The other tarot cards seem ridiculously obvious now, and there’s no need for explanation of those. The tarot reading was once again useful, informative and accurate. We certainly did a lot of work, and it was exhausting, but it was our choice to do that. The outcome was most definitely a feeling of union – uniting with our kin, and with other kinds. Such an amazing journey, from which I have emerged a better person, but isn’t that what it’s all about in the end?


7 Beltane 2014 – Astral Travel at The Merchant’s Table

It was our final day touring the sites of Brittany. We had made a doleful and dismal attempt to visit the Locmaraquier centre the day before. Open on a Bank Holiday? Non. Allez rentree, s’il vous plait! Now we are back! This time it’s open. If you want to check the opening times yourself before you try visiting, then you can check this site.

Of course, we skip the visitor centre and the video presentations, and even decline the guide maps and leaflets (much to the surprise of the staff). Our purpose is much more interesting than archaeological or historic. Actually, what is my purpose today? I don’t actually know, but we wander around waiting for something to spark our interest. We walk straight around the reconstructed long cairn. Although it must have been impressive in its day, now it is merely a low scree of stones with no power at all. Onwards!

Table Des Marchands

We passed quickly to the re-constructed so-called Table of Merchants. It would have been a funny business that they transacted in this reconstructed burial chamber, and yet the energies were favourable to some work. Kal did his dowsing outside of the structure, leaving me to head inside once I had done some preliminary preparation by a handy yew tree which flanks the structure.

Locmariaquer megaliths - Brittany 2014 (4) (Large)

I steps inside the reconstructed chamber. A carefully positioned light changes to reveal the relief patterns carved on the tall stone at the back of the chamber. For a moment I’m a tourist again, spellbound by the cryptic messages that we now wonder about. Then I’m back as a druid again, a modern inheritor of traditions as reconstructed as the chamber itself. We like to guess that we’re rediscovering the spirit of our ancestors, but really we have no clue, and can only follow our own paths with heart, with clear intent, and with sincerity. That much we share with these ancients.

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Muse of Taliesin 1 – Birth of the Quest

We couldn’t help ourselves. We were having a stretch of great weather in England and it was only the middle of April. We had to go out. I was running out of time to begin my latest quest – The Muse of Taliesin. Therefore, a couple of quick texts, a designated date and time, and the “game was afoot” as they say. I waited for Kal and watched a hawk circling the house. A good omen.

We were heading into the depths of North Wales on the first part of my quest. I had a list of sacred sites associated with Taliesin the bard. Tonight we would visit the first of them. I drove with Kal in keen conversation mode to Rowen village near Conwy. I sort of remembered the way to my intended destination – the dolmen of Maen Y Bardd. I know it was up on the hillside at the back of Penmaenmawr, but I also know that I didn’t want to take the narrow steep road up. We drove through Rowen village and ended up on the narrowest, steepest road in North Wales. A road we said we’d never do again after last time. Something was making me work hard for this sacred site visit! I hoped it wouldn’t become a theme on this quest.

We parked and walked down the water-ridden track to a standing stone with male energy emissions. The flat blade of the stone marked the path to the dolmen. One could almost follow its shadow. It looked like a giant had thrust a blade up through the earth.

Maen-Y-Bardd - Conwy Valley - April 2014 (5) (Large)
The wind picked and so did my excitement. Soon, back on the track, I was able to point out Arthur’s Spear in the field opposite the little dolmen. An old tale tells of a giant throwing the stone to account for its positioning. My experience with such stones told me that it was probably pointing at a particular star, but this was not an evening to be hanging around trying to determine such things. The wind grew more bitter as the sun lengthened the shadows, but the atmosphere was still vibrant and expectant. On to the dolmen!

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Samhain 2013 – Arthurs Stone, Henbane and the Builders Path

My previous visit in 2011 to Arthur’s Stone had been in full sunshine. Today, Samhain, was very different with a blanket of grey cloud shedding rain all around us in sporadic bursts. I felt sure that we were in for a damp visit, but on arrival the clouds stopped dispensing rain and left only a wet sheen over everything, clouds still deepening in the background.

Arthurs Stone - Samhain 2013 (18) (Large)

Kal set about trying to make the sun appear. By now I knew better than to vocalize any doubts about his abilities, but I have to say that I was really doubtful that he could penetrate the dense grey could cover that was all around us, and had been for most of the drive into Herefordshire. If anything, it was getting thicker and darker with every passing minute. Nevertheless, he stated his intention and I left him to his impossible task.

Kal makes the sun appear in the middle of a rain storm

Kal makes the sun appear in the middle of a rain storm

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Samhain 2013 – Tinkinswood and The Blood Ring

Samhain is a point of extreme contrast. It is in opposition to the bright awakening of Imbolc, and is the point of darkening – the clocks go back, the days shorten noticeably, the sun weakens, and the separation between the souls of the living and those of the dead is momentarily dissolved. This last aspect is almost completely forgotten by mainstream society now in favour of the costumery of Halloween. For many in the pagan community it marks the end of the year and the beginning of the new year.

We had decided to go back to South Wales, and then to work our way back up north through The Golden Valley near Hay-On-Wye. Our first site visit was a re-visit to Tinkinswood burial chamber.  It had had such a positive effect on my ash staff (which I lost this year) that when I replaced the Ash Staff with a new Yew Staff, my first thought was that I ought to go back to Tinkinswood. This was my first clear opportunity to ask the spirits that inhabit this sacred site whether they would consider charging up my new staff.

Tinkinswood Chamber - Samhain 2013 (canon) (7) (Large)

As we arrived, parked up at the convenient small lay-by, and made our way through the dip towards the stone, the antitcipation level;s were rising for me. We stopped, me with staff in hand, at a recumbant set of stones near to a signposted old quarry. For some reason we were both drawn to stop here, and we knew from experience that this was our cleansing point. A place to re-attune our energies to those of the site nearby. A place to shed our modern world taint.

As we stood at the flat stones I felt like I should sheathe the overhanging power cables with some protective energy to prevent them affecting our work at the site. A moment of concentration later and the effect was realised. I didn’t mention it to Kal, but later he remarked how quiet the cables had been during our visit. When I revealed my preparation work he  had to laugh: “That will be why, then!” he giggled.

The proximity of pylons to sacred sites

The proximity of pylons to sacred sites

Now we come to the work that was done at this powerful site on this special day…

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Belas Knap – Autumn Equinox 2013

Autumn Equinox is a time to celebrate the harvest, but I’d been celebrating a little too much. Having had a bottle of gin the night before I needed a full detox. Didn’t you know? Hedge Druids love gin. Fact. Luckily the journey to the villages around Cheltenham was smooth – M6, M5, done.

I was heading for Belas Knap. I’d been perusing our blogging friend Stoatie‘s site – Meadow, Grove & Stream – and I’d seen that she’s been there in her camper van. It looked fantastic. A quick dowse later and I was assured that the site had the following suitable qualities:-

  • It was powerful
  • It was unspoiled
  • It was good to go there at the equinox

So it was that I ventured out on the 22nd, as this was the time of the equinox officially. Approaching the town of Winchcombe I saw the first brown sign pointing to Belas Knap. The road snaked up the side of Cleve Hill and soon there was another brown sign pointing off the road, and a layby with just enough rough parking space to house several cars. There was one space left. Busy! Mind you – it was turning into a beautiful day, grey cloud cover but warm for September.

The walk up the hill was beautiful – like a cathedral of trees – tall young beeches, if I’m not mistaken. As I have been guided this year I didn’t have any staff or crystals. Only some sticks of incense, but even these were just for show (or smell). I wouldn’t employ them for any real purpose.

Belas Knap - Autumn Equinox 2013 (11)

I was using the wonderful Viewranger app on my phone to home in on the site, but actually I felt like I’d be able to find it now so put the phone away once I had the rough direction. Emerging from the trees the official path went left and the dog-legged right up the hill. I don’t do official paths. I walked straight up the hill, finding that many others must do the same as a path soon emerged.

As I passed I noticed that the ash trees were in full fruit – ash keys ready to fly off into the Autumn winds. Little did I know this would be “key” to what was to follow.

Belas Knap - Autumn Equinox 2013 (8)

Ash keys ready to fly in early Autumn

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The Bridestones at Imbolc 2012

What I most enjoy about the work I do with sentient entities is the way that it is possible to get both immediate feedback, and then sometimes you will get a sign or a little gift later on when the whole episode has been integrated into your being. Such was my double dip reward at The Bridestones this Imbolc. Firstly I had the absolute pleasure of spending it with some good friends – the best I have – and secondly I got a visual reward when I found that Brigid herself had made an appearance on camera.

Signs for Britain’s Sickest Village?

As this was the final site visit of Imbolc we happened to arrive very close to sunset, with just enough time to prepare for the setting sun. Very little of our visits are planned in terms of timing, and this was another occasion when we just happened to have arrived when we needed to. Something was certainly involved in guiding us that day as a whole. We had encountered “signs” related to being stuck, and having barriers in our way as we travelled around the Derbyshire countryside. For example, Mike had mentioned that one particular village – Swythamley – had some terrible energies, and that we should go an experience this for ourselves. Kal was not keen on this at all, but I dutifully followed navigational directions in order to drive through the place out of curiosity. As we got closer to the village we encountered a huge lorry stuck in the middle of the road on a bend. We narrowly missed being squashed as it squeezed past the car. Then there were two near misses with other lorries that also caused us to have to either brake severely and swerve, or stop completely to allow the lorry to pass. Not particularly unusual in Derbyshire, but it was the coincidence of these events happening as we approached Swythamley that made Kal in particular take notice of the signs, and begin to express his dread fear that we might not get out of the village alive!

I noticed the energetic field around the village as we approached the outskirts of the first buildings indicating the village boundary. The place began to feel increasingly dreadful. Awful, horrific energies pushed my sacral chakra point relentlessly making me feel more and more nauseous. I nearly vomited as we reached the centre where people had parked their cars to go walking in the nearby hills. “Why would they park here!” I opined, disbelieving that we were the only ones that could feel this awful throbbing darkness. As we left the village, to the relief of everyone, particularly me, I noticed that the village lay at the end of two long straight rods that were channelling energies into the basin of Swythamley village itself. A warning: if you’re energetically aware, please don’t ever go there! Not even out of curiosity. For the next five minutes I spent my time energetically cleansing myself with silver and gold light visualisations.

The fading light of Imbolc at The Bridestones

As we arrived at The Bridestones a lorry tried to turn into the tiny lane leading to the quarry next tot he site. We sat for five minutes in the road watching in disbelief as the strange stuck lorry syndrome was repeated. Please, I begged, don’t let this be another sign that the energies are terrible. Not after all the work that Mike and I had done to try to repair the energetic framework of the site. We entered the site after the lorry abandoned its fruitless task and as we walked through the gate and the yew bower everyone agreed that the site felt much much better than they had ever expected. Phew! Things were looking good.

Diversions aside, we began our preparation for the Imbolc sunset.

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