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The Old Moon – January 2011

The Old Moon – the name for the first full moon of the year – occurred on the 19th January. As a moon-aligned person (Do you know if you are moon or sul aligned? Why not go check using dowsing rods?) I always take the opportunity to bathe myself in the energies that the Moon reflects down to Earth. I tried to find some information about what the Old Moon energies might be like, but there’s simply none available online. Maybe some old books record it, but it’s not available on the web, so I had no reference point to know to what purpose the energy has historically been put. I would be making it up again.

I engineered a little bit of time for myself on the way home from work and had a feeling that I should head to a hilltop that I had visited before. I wasn’t really kitted out for such a visit (I knew there were probably cows in the field below the hill). Nevertheless I took Kal’s approach to this – Nature would see me right and I would be fine. Ahem.

I drove towards the hills near Frodsham but as I turned into one of the back lanes I came across an unusual sight. I saw the full moon rippling gently on the surface of a pond. This pond I knew was a regular haunt for local fishermen. Tonight it was a perfect mirror for the glory of the Old Moon in its full glory. Not a cloud spoiled the view. I had to pull over.

Full moon's reflected stare

I parked and walked quietly around the edge of the pond towards a clear bit. In the moonlight everything was clear and I could see the best position to be – at a small outcrop that hung over the ponds slightly and which was in direct alignment with the moon’s current position. I settled there, in a fashion, but there was much more car traffic than I imagined there would be out here “in the middle of nowhere”. It seemed to have become a thoroughfare just at the moment I wanted peace and quiet! Where had all these cars come from? I tried my best to ignore them, and to ignore the occasional shouts and barks emerging from one of the only two homes nearby.

Looping the Moon

The way that the moon and its reflection were positioned in front of me seemed to form a figure of eight in my mind. As I connected ot the energy of the land and sky, my energy seemed to be drawn towards the moon. I let it go, watching as it looped around the moon and then back down to the moon’s reflection in the pond. The invisible energy loop now began to circulate all on its own – looping around the moon and then down in the opposite direction to its reflection. With each loop I felt stronger, more empowered, and I wasn’t in a hurry to move.

Fate, however, determined that I should. A big rumble of a 4×4 grew to a roar alongside me as one of the inhabitants of the only other house nearby chose that exact moment to nip out for a pint of milk from the local shop several miles away, or something like that. My connection broke and I awoke to the smell of the two incense sticks I had lit to accompany the special moment. I decided it was time to go home.

Old moon – new crystal energy

At home I felt there was still some use to which I could put the full moon energies. I laid out all of my current sets of crystals (I will post shortly on how those are composed this year) on a table underneath the full moon that shone through a skylight. I drew down the moon’s energy and asked that the crystals be cleansed and re-energised by this reflected moon energy.

Using the full moon at its peak

I then dowsed about whether such a process was under way. It was. I dowsed about how long the crystals should be left and I got the answer that the crystals should be taken out of the moon’s light at midnight. I wondered why, so I logged onto the Internet to find out when the moon would be at its peak – midnight! Back to the dowsing – do the crystals have to be removed after that time because of the moon’s waning energies? YES. So, it seems that the crystals, whilst being charged up by the moon would also be then drained by it as it waned. They level of energy in the crystals was a reflection of the energy that the moon had at any particular time, unless they were removed from its influence by being hidden from its light.

At the same time as charging the crystals I took my ash staff and put it outside in the direct moonlight. At its tip I placed a single prism clear quartz crystals to focus the moon’s energy into the staff. Again, I did a simple intention to draw the moon’s energy down and through the crystal into the staff. Again, I removed this arrangement after midnight.

This had been a most enlightening evening in many ways. I felt energised and empowered, and my ritual tools had likewise been cleansed and re-empowered by this clear full moon. What a good start to the year’s moon-watching!


Parabola and circle: the perfect formations

Recently I was toying with my five Callenish stones. I bought five stones from the gift shop when I was there last year, and now I wanted them to be ‘charged up’ with subtle energy in readiness for any forays I may have to make that would require their use. These stones, made of Lewissian Gneiss, are practically the only stones I have left, after having lost other sets and leaving others around the country to do their work restoring some subtle energy imbalances.

Lewissian Gneiss forming beautiful folds

My usual method of charging such stones is to place them within my favourite (and most favourable) power centre in my house, and to leave them there for however long the divining rods say they should be left. This I did, simply plonking them into a rough pile in the centre. The rods indicated that they would take five days to fully charge up. Hmmm….leaving them for five days in a prominent place might present a problem – what if one of our cats disturbed them, or they got kicked? Was there a faster method, I wondered?

The divining rods indicated that there was a faster way. I asked the rods to show me where I should place the stones in order for them to charge up faster than the specified five days. One by one I dowsed for their positions. One here, one there, one next to this one, one near to that one, etc. I stood back once they had all been placed and looked at their formation. The formation was clearly a parabola, with the focal point directed towards…well, towards Callenish actually! I asked the rods how long it would take to charge the stones up using this formation – one day!

So, was the parabola the most efficient form for collecting and focusing subtle energy? Not quite. It was the right shape for charging up radiant energies (i.e. Sun, Moon, Planet or Star energy) but not for Earth Energy. The formation most effective for collecting earth energy is a circle. Superficially you could say that a crescent moon shape and a sun shape are the perfect subtle energy forms. I rather think the concept has more to do with the efficient qualties of the parabola and the circle than any correspondence with the shapes of The Moon or The Sun, however.

I find it interesting that, given Kal and I have discovered that subtle energy forms conical shapes above and below ground with the centre point being the surface of the earth, a parabola is described as being a through-section of a cone:

“In mathematics, the parabola is a conic section, the intersection of a right circular conical surface and a plane parallel to a generating straight line of that surface. Given a point (the focus) and a corresponding line (the directrix) on the plane, the locus of points in that plane that are equidistant from them is a parabola.” (source: Wikipedia)

Construction of a parabola

This discovery reminded me of when Kal dowsed to discover the perfect crystal layout to try to dispel a powerful negative pool of energy that had accumulated close to his house. He too formed a parabola shape, and the actions of the Sun and Moon over a period of time managed to dispel it. Another thing for us to look out for, but this is not the first time we have formed this shape “accidentally” by placing each stone in a place suggested by the dowsing rods.

I would also seem a reasonable hypothesis that stone circles were created with the intention of collecting and generating earth energies using the most efficient design possible for this.

Gwas Myrrdyn.

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