2013 Imbolc 2 Brigit

The day had begun with a cold but splendid start at the sacred well dedicated to St Anna, Our next stop on this blessed day was to visit a nearby church that was dedicated to the (Sainted) Goddess Brigit. After all it was Imbolc! As we parked up I noted the similarities to our favourite, […]

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Ancient Sites

The Heart of Paris

I found myself in Paris on a business trip with one night free to look around. Ok, so where would you go? I was starting from the centre. Would you go to the Eiffel Tower, Pompidou Centre, Latin Quarter, perhaps a stroll along the Seine? I couldn’t decide either, so I did a spot of […]

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Ancient Sites | Dowsing

Egypt – Sources of Coptic Power

This is the first in my tales of energy investigations in the land of Egypt. Whether you plan a visit there or not I think you will find the tales interesting, and the findings got stranger as I became more embedded into the feel and culture of the land where Pharaohs and Pyramids haunt our imagination. Here’s […]

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Crystals | Dowsing | Energy work | Incense | Protection | Spirits

The Sorrowful Widow

I’m afraid that I am unable to post my episode concerning a house clearance that I did recently. The parties involved wish the story to remain undisclosed. I am respecting their wishes. However, I did recently have an encounter with a dark energy force that was far more powerful, and during the course of which I learned […]

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