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2012 – Summary of the Year by Gwas

My summary of the year could easily take up several posts, but I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’m going to highlight the many important distinct elements that have taken place this year, and then provide links to the posts that illustrate these elements.

On the whole it has been an amazingly packed, dense, active year. If I were to summarise the whole year in one sentence I would say that this year I have ‘come of age’ in my druid work. I have accepted a level of responsibility, been given many new ‘powers’, skills and abilities, and I have seen a startling increase in my use of intuition. There have also been many surprises. I began the year expecting that I would be working with one type of energy which actually turned out to be something else. I have been to many familiar places, and some new ones too. Each time I have been astonished by the power of the experiences I have had.

It has been a truly rewarding and remarkable year for me, and for Kal too, I know, and yet again I couldn’t have done half of the work I do without his enthusiastic and sometimes madcap influence. So pleased to have such a great friend to work alongside.

Here are the main elements of my year, in roughly chronological order:-


Year of the Dragon.

Dragon2012First there was the dragon vision at Dinas Emrys – a vision of a Dragon at the “Solstice Centre”. This idea led me on a quest to find the dragon energy or spirit form that might exist at the centre of the land, and to do that close to the Summer Solstice. The vision of the dragon at the centre of the land, followed by seeing the dragon sylph in the clouds at Moel Ty Uchaf.

I was then urged to visit Hanger Hill in Sherwood Forest for a second time in the year to find this centre, and there I had a strong vision of the dragon energy covering the whole island. Finally  at the end of the year I would see the sleeping dragon in Spain and wake the fire dragon when I linked the two mounds in Antequera with my friend Mike.

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renown2012 “I will be spending the year seeking out sources to increase my personal power.

That was the prediction I made at the start of the year. How much did that come true? I have certainly felt that I have followed a path that had led to an increase in my personal spiritual power.

Renown has come to the fore in many ways – increased recognition (popularity of the blog), increased personal power (magickal energy), and through research into many historical and mythical figures that are closely linked to my own history.

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Arthurian Archetypes

galahadThis year I expanded the number of Arthurian archetypes that I work with to four. 2010 was a Merlin year, 2011 an Arthur year, and this year has been a Gwalchmai year. I thought it was Merlin at Lud’s Church, but now I realise it was a knight figure and that was Gawain/Gwalchmai.

Time and again I would refer to The Green Man and associate this with Merlin. Looking back I can see that actually this was totally the wrong association. It should have been Gwalchmai all along!

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RoscommonStart of the year was the start of the quest at Vale Crucis. Being directed toward RoscommonIreland by the shade of St Duignan. Finding my ancestral home, and its warrior kings. The wonderful and strange encounters in that land. Finally feeling a true link to the land. The rewards of this journey were instructions about how to access ancestor energies that I had received as ‘a download’:

  1. The first stage to unlocking the energies is to remember the quest that gained them, especially the moment when they were downloaded into me when I held the Eel Sword at the edge of Lough Key.
  2. I should let my mind go free and let it link with the land. It also represents will. Some willpower is required to unlock these energies.
  3. Use a feeling of joy to unlock the access to the ancestor energies once linked to the land and mindful of the downloaded energies.

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Influence of the Stars

astrology1The link between my energy body and the stars that influence it. It started with Venus, but at the end of the year I was shown other specific stars that form a personal astrology – specific stars that influence some of my emotional traits.

The work came full circle on that subject. I now understand the very personal nature of astrology and its energetic effects.

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Predictions for crop circles

AveburyCropCircle2012I predicted that this year would see the last of the “real” circles. Was this true? Perhaps only next year will tell for sure.

Certainly it has been an incredibly poor year for circles to say the least. People put that down to the amount of rain. I don’t know what caused it – but oddly I felt a compulsion to predict it at the beginning of the year. The quality of the circles was astonishingly poor – I felt like most of them were clear and obvious man-made circles, which is different to other years.

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Re-balancing via the Sun

holding-the-sunAt Imbolc I was told by the spirit of Brigid that I needed to re-balance. I would do this by allowing more sun energy into my energy field this year. I have certainly spent much more time using male/sun energy than in previous years where I was almost exclusively using female energy forms. An orb makes an appearance at The Bridestones as though to confirm this requirement from spirit.

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Map dowsing

mapdowsingAt the Spring Equinox Kal and I did a map dowsing experiment. We decided to choose a place to visit anywhere in the British Isles. When we compared notes we had map dowsed exactly the same square mile.

This is a skill that I have significantly improved this year. In fact, in many ways map dowsing started my whole year off with a bit of recuperation and some early site visits that would open a whole side to the country that I had neglected.

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Becoming a Druid

becoming_druidFeeling like I had been “upgraded” to the “oak” level – the druid level in Ireland. Understanding that this would mean turning my thoughts to teaching the information I had gained, rather than just obtaining it.

Also, a new sense of responsibility and a duty to give something back comes with this new level of ability. I have felt this as a deep connection with the land, and a desire to plant trees.

The final aspect of this evolution was to discover that my druid name was closer to “Vassal” or “Son of Merlin” than “Servant”. This moved me a stage closer to that energy frequency. I feel just a touch more integrated with that energy now.

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The Elemental Year

four_elementsCan utilise the elements better as they move around the year.

  • Earth from Feb to May;
  • Fire from June to Aug;
  • Water from Aug to Oct;
  • Air from Nov to Feb.

Later in the year I began to say “Sky, Land, Sun and Sea” instead of Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

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Powers of the Staff

ash_staffFinding out that my staff has its own powers courtesy of the Elemental Masters of Tinkinswood. It became an indispensable and valuable tool this year. I have been guided to learn about the powers vested in it, and am now able to utilise those powers to define energy changes in an environment. This has been incredibly useful, but I have been led to realise that some of these powers have still to be mastered, and that invoking them is not enough. They also need skilful use.

This year more than ever people remarked on the staff and how beautiful it looks. I nearly lost it several times, but on each occasion I made a supreme effort to recover it. We have a strange relationship – one in which I mustn’t take it for granted. It has its own inherent powers now.

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Bran The Raven & Seeing like a hawk

bran_the_ravenWorking with his presence and guidance all year. I have been to Dinas Bran so many times this year, and each time he has been there to assist me.

This was part of the Gwalchmai training. Ariel viewing, seeing hawk lines, silvery trails in the landscape. I would be taught by Bran the Raven about some techniques for remote viewing. He taught me how to use the raven’s bird’s-eye view to see far away, and how to project my attention to a far point.

I didn’t know why at the time but later I came to understand that remote viewing wasn’t just for acquiring knowledge of events distant in space but present in time. It could also be used for finding and healing past events.

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Opening the Third Eye

thirdeyeThis long-term quest was presented to me to encourage me to spend more time trying to see psychically rather than dowsing for answers. I think it has worked because my visions are more frequent and much clearer.

I have also begun to feel the energies, rather than needing to dowse for them. Finally, I have begun to trust my intuitive responses and intuitive information much more than ever before.

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reunion2012So many aspects of the year’s quests and events were related to the idea of Re-Union. At Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall I was shown that union could mean recovering past energies that were left like stray threads through our lives,

Later, in Ireland, I was re-united with my ancestor energies,and integrated energies from people connected to me in the past into the present to make the present a unified and more powerful whole.

The whole Iona visit was centred on the energy of union – the island resonated with it. I also found out that the colour of Union is fuchsia pink. Odd! The walls around my desk at work have recently been painted this colour by a strange coincidence. It’s the first time they’ve been painted in 10 years, and before that they were beige.

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Tarot readings

tarotAlthough I have learned some useful techniques for providing readings for others, the majority of the work I have done this year, and the most astonishing, has been when I have done tarot readings for myself.

I seem to get most out of these readings if I do them immediately before or after a significant quest.

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Freeing Merlin

Merlin_(Excalibur)I released Merlin energy from the Underworld in 2010. Now in 2012 I was releasing Merlin energy from The Otherworld. I still don’t know the true significance of this, other than it required me to engage with some bardic skills, and this has re-kindled a desire in me to re-awaken many of the old bardic skills I used to use, but have since forgotten in all the excitement of my questing.

I had to visit several sacred sites to recover fragments of poetry in Old Welsh, then translate them, put them in order, and learn to recite the poem! I used to play musical instruments, write poetry and be able to recite some of it. I think I need to do this once more, so I will use Winter to begin again because I rather enjoyed the challenge of learning the poetry.

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Aliens, Angels and Giants

Healing AngelTowards the end of the year things veered away from normality and into the kind of territory that I usually enjoy reading about but would not contemplate getting involved in. I got involved. I found that an energy that I had simply identified as “alien” was in fact angelic in origin, and  on Iona this energy had been deliberately infused into a stone that had been placed by a giant who had come over from Ireland. Well, I’ll leave that one there, I think! This kind of thing was the very reason I stopped looking at crop circles. Things got too weird!

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campaignsAs might befit a move into the realms of the “Druid” level (my own certification, I hasten to add – I’m not on the OBOD course or anything like that) I have begun to involve myself in local ecological campaigns. I have been supportive of the bees, the ash trees and local tree planting initiatives. I have also been working on a subtle energy level to re-balance and re-energise several sacred sites. This has not been arbitrary work done in passing, but work that I was called to do.

Most of my charitable work I do not advertise here on the site because it’s personal, and I’m not trying to tell people what they should do. You are your own example, I believe.

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The year began with a frisson of anticipation. Would this year bring the catastrophe predicted for a long time? Would it bring the energy shift that was a hot topic in energy-worker circles? Would it bring an alignment with a galactic centre and a rush of transformational celestial rays that would sweep mankind into the next generation of being? Well, even in January I had the feeling that the answer was “No”. All through the year I was re-iterating this to all and sundry. The only transformation possible is within YOU and initiated by yourself. I have found this year that our personal energies ARE linked to the celestial influences, yet there has been no general “cosmic download” this year. My cosmic download came in May when I visited Ireland.

For me the year has been one of working with The Past. I have been healing energy ripples from earlier in my life, re-uniting my current self with my ancestral selves, and learning about the power of re-unification generally from bathing in its frequency, to discovering its colour vibration, to washing myself in the uniting waters of three waterfalls. The year has all been about re-unification. The energy that has come from this process has been what I call “renown”. This is the energy that increases one’s personal power. A signifier that this was happening was my move into the druidical final grade – “druid”.

Thank you for reading our exploits on this year’s turn of the spiral. We are very grateful, and as we await another amazing year beginning in February 2013, we hope you continue your journey with us.



The Bridestones at Imbolc 2012

What I most enjoy about the work I do with sentient entities is the way that it is possible to get both immediate feedback, and then sometimes you will get a sign or a little gift later on when the whole episode has been integrated into your being. Such was my double dip reward at The Bridestones this Imbolc. Firstly I had the absolute pleasure of spending it with some good friends – the best I have – and secondly I got a visual reward when I found that Brigid herself had made an appearance on camera.

Signs for Britain’s Sickest Village?

As this was the final site visit of Imbolc we happened to arrive very close to sunset, with just enough time to prepare for the setting sun. Very little of our visits are planned in terms of timing, and this was another occasion when we just happened to have arrived when we needed to. Something was certainly involved in guiding us that day as a whole. We had encountered “signs” related to being stuck, and having barriers in our way as we travelled around the Derbyshire countryside. For example, Mike had mentioned that one particular village – Swythamley – had some terrible energies, and that we should go an experience this for ourselves. Kal was not keen on this at all, but I dutifully followed navigational directions in order to drive through the place out of curiosity. As we got closer to the village we encountered a huge lorry stuck in the middle of the road on a bend. We narrowly missed being squashed as it squeezed past the car. Then there were two near misses with other lorries that also caused us to have to either brake severely and swerve, or stop completely to allow the lorry to pass. Not particularly unusual in Derbyshire, but it was the coincidence of these events happening as we approached Swythamley that made Kal in particular take notice of the signs, and begin to express his dread fear that we might not get out of the village alive!

I noticed the energetic field around the village as we approached the outskirts of the first buildings indicating the village boundary. The place began to feel increasingly dreadful. Awful, horrific energies pushed my sacral chakra point relentlessly making me feel more and more nauseous. I nearly vomited as we reached the centre where people had parked their cars to go walking in the nearby hills. “Why would they park here!” I opined, disbelieving that we were the only ones that could feel this awful throbbing darkness. As we left the village, to the relief of everyone, particularly me, I noticed that the village lay at the end of two long straight rods that were channelling energies into the basin of Swythamley village itself. A warning: if you’re energetically aware, please don’t ever go there! Not even out of curiosity. For the next five minutes I spent my time energetically cleansing myself with silver and gold light visualisations.

The fading light of Imbolc at The Bridestones

As we arrived at The Bridestones a lorry tried to turn into the tiny lane leading to the quarry next tot he site. We sat for five minutes in the road watching in disbelief as the strange stuck lorry syndrome was repeated. Please, I begged, don’t let this be another sign that the energies are terrible. Not after all the work that Mike and I had done to try to repair the energetic framework of the site. We entered the site after the lorry abandoned its fruitless task and as we walked through the gate and the yew bower everyone agreed that the site felt much much better than they had ever expected. Phew! Things were looking good.

Diversions aside, we began our preparation for the Imbolc sunset.

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The Promise of Imbolc 2012

I had a chain of sites in mind for Imbolc this year. Kal and I had already gone through the list and dowsed an order or preference based upon the energetic requirements of the people who would be there – Kal, Mike and myself. For Kal the important sites would be Lud’s Church and St Helen’s Well. For myself and Mike the important site would be The Bridestones. In addition I wanted to show Kal Clulow Cross too, but then I sprung a surprise on everyone. Marton Chapel near Congleton, Cheshire would be our first site.

For some reason I needed to go to Marton Chapel. I didn’t know why but something about it appealed to me. I don’t even remember how I came across the name of this church. Somehow, in some research one evening, the name appeared. The name had been written down on a piece of paper for several weeks now, but Imbolc felt like the time to pay the place a visit. I dowsed some possible reasons for going, using educated and intuitive guesses to get the questions. The result was that I believed I might meet with the shade (the emergetic remainder) of someone who wanted to speak with me. How odd! Really? I was curious, but also cautious, and checked to see whether this was a good idea. The dowsing rods told me it was. OK – let’s do it and see what happened!

Grounding and smiling

As we pulled into the churchyard I could see that this was at least going to be a wonderful photograph. The clear blue Winter sky formed a perfect backdrop for the quaint timber-framed church building. It was delightful and the moods of the assembled companions – Mike, Kal and I – could not have been merrier. I wandered for a moment but then felt like I was being drawn to one of the yew trees near the rear end of the church – it’s eastern end. I found a clear spot beneath the tree and knew this was the position. I got my dowsing rods out and walked back a few paces. In all innocence and with the most objectivity I could muster I asked for the best place for me to be right now – I was led in a tight curl back to the place I had been standing. This was the strongest energy point for me.

Seconds later Kal turns up and confirms the spot as the strongest, but says that all the shades have been drawn into the tree by its incredible strength. Already I knew what he was talking about. I could feel the pulling momentum of the tree as it was drawing energy into its trunk and down through its roots. To say that Yew trees are excellent at energy grounding is akin to saying that the sky was blue. Mike was also interested in the tree, offering a different perspective on proceedings by confirming the strength of the attractive power, and adding that it is generating a “happy”, “laughter” energy. It did feel good to stand beneath its branches, that was undeniable. We all were smiling just by being close to it. We were being grounded and cleansed, and that felt good.

Marton Chapel - a timber-framed church near Congleton, Cheshire.

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Astbury Church – spirit release en masse

The weekend of the 20th February M and I had one of our now-regular meetings with our friends Mike and Maddy – our psychic dowsing friends. We had made plans to go dowsing in the afternoon but firstly M and I had to overcome a slight problem – we had locked ourselves out of our house by mistake! An hour later we were back in courtesy of my lovely helpful mother coming down to rescue us. Not an auspicious start!

When I met Mike one of the first things he said to me was he had to pass on an urgent message that had been related to him by his spirit guides several times over the previous few weeks. The message was that I was to begin to dispense with the dowsing rods. I should begin to trust my intuition and to develop my psychic skills with a view to not needing the dowsing rods except to act as confirmation. I understood what was being asked of me – it was something that I had even said to a friend who had asked me about what dowsing was, to which I had replied, “We used tools to reveal the information but really the aim is to do without the tools completely when we master the feel for the energies.” Now here I was being asked the same thing the very next day!

After a hearty lunch together we made our way to Astbury Church, near Congleton – a place I’d passed many times and always wanted to visit. Maddy had been before and mentioned that she had felt a crushing pressure of the weight of the energies there, and a feeling that there was a sadness associated with the church which she couldn’t explain. I was keen to see what the energies were like around the church and noticed firstly that the church was called St.Mary’s – my first hint at what lay ahead. Apparently Bronze Age urns were found in a reputed barrow site opposite the church’s current position, where the cemetery is today, which showed me that the site was probably older than the current church building would lead you to believe. I went off dowsing as Maddy began to give M a lesson on dowsing.

Site of Bronze Age urn at Astbury, Congleton

I went directly to a female power centre at the south-western edge of the church. This was linked to a strong female line coming out of the western porch. There was another line coming out of the other side of the porch. It was a female arch over the porch. The source of this female energy was somewhere inside. Possibly the two holy wells that the church is reputed to have been built over?

Now we moved on to try to find more interesting things about the church and its energies.

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Seven Sites for Beltane – Part 2

This is the second post describing our Beltane excursion to Derbyshire’s finest megalithic sights. In the first post I introduced my reasons for being on this purposeful quest on this particular day, and now we were heading back to some more of our favourite sites but this time with a more relaxed approach, seeking only to learn whatever it would be our pleasure to acquire on this occasion. Little did I know that I was in for a bit of a revelation, and some fine titbits of dowsed information along the way. In this post we head back West from the heart of Derbyshire, picking out sites along the route.

5. Nine Ladies

We entered Nine Ladies from the longer and more fulfilling route from Stanton Moor. On the way we amused ourselves following energy lines without dowsing rods, spotting energetically-alive places and watching out for the signs of birds. All good tricks for a would-be druid to learn – we don’t always have dowsing rods handy to guide us, and developing a sense for energy is a useful skill that is bringing greater rewards the more we train ourselves to recognise its feeling and forms.

Nine Ladies from the King Stone

One thing struck me as we approached the gentle rise that marked the slightly higher ground of the stone circle’s siting – and that was that there were far fewer trees around this year, since our last visit last in 2009. The area felt…stripped back, opened out, as though it had had a severe hair cut, and perhaps against its will. A shudder went through me and I blocked the through out for fear of being overwhelmed. I had a tendency to get upset at things like this these days.

Here are some things we found out at Nine Ladies:-

  • The oak “Wishing Tree” still feeds the power centre, as previously identified.
  • Water flows under the site, and there is indeed a blind spring – much to our amusement (because we so rarely find this feature that is supposedly common to ALL sites according to some dowsers who don’t seem to get out much).
  • A pan type of spirit is present at Nine Ladies. Pan is a TYPE of spirit, not a particular singular spirit.
  • The transformer stone was active during the sunlight/moonlight duality and it transforms male and female radiant energy and mixes it with neutral earth energy, splitting it out into male and female earth energy that circulates the site.
  • There were four female energy rings surrounding the circle, of increasing amplitude – and one male ring that stayed close to the stones.
  • A stone that I had identified as female during evening visits was identified by Kal as male this afternoon! It would seems that during the day some of the stones have different energy polarities. I verified this by dowsing the flat stone that I had always identified as being female and it too was male.

That last point is a bit of a bugger then. It means that all the diagrams I have posted on the Sacred Sites section need to come with a time stamp! I will have to introduce the caveat that the polarities are described as they were recorded and that they male be reversed depending upon the time of day/year/wind direction!!

Some people perambulating sunwise

We met a very nice couple from Shropshire (pictured perambulating in blue and black) with whom we had a discussion about the stone circles we had all visited. They were very forthcoming and knowledgeable about the site on Dartmoor and later even gave us a pencilled list as an aide-memoire of the long list of names they had discussed, for which I was very thankful. Kal and I are heading down there in August, and intend to visit these recommendations then.

6. The Bullstones

The sun was moving in on the horizon like a teenage boy edging towards the girl in glasses in the last few minutes of a school disco, and like the dance floor the sky had cleared completely. All around the blue-ness blazed at us as we headed back West towards the setting sun. There was another site I had in mind – The Bullstones.

I had recently met Michael Clowes – a highly sympathetic and complimentary dowser also local to the Cheshire area. He had held a one-day course at Gawsworth Hall which I had taken my wife M along to in order for her to, as she put it, “see what this stuff is that you’re into“. The day was very interesting and intimate, and the tuition unhurried and nurturing for all levels of skill. If you are free around the end of September I would highly recommend coming along – from beginner to expert, Michael has something to teach. And the jam-filled scones are not to be missed.

Michael was a revelation – here at last was someone who totally got where I was with my dowsing, and his relaxed but effusive style made me re-invigorated and re-assured as to my developing skills. Almost as an aside Michael had told the tale of his “coming into his powers” when he touched The Bullstone, and he described its location sufficiently well that I was able to find it later on a map. Guess what? We were going to see what happened when we touched it too!

A bullish stone

The circle was a disappointment. We edged nervously towards it, dowsing as to the appropriate approach point. Neither of us got any kind of “shock” of energy from the central stone. I felt a bubbling of energy up through the stone, but there was nothing else of interest surrounding it. We looked at each other, suspicion growing in our eyes – was this an actual stone circle? We were cautious. If it was it was practically the closest to us, and one we could visit regularly….but….something wasn’t right.

I went off to check the outlier I had seen in the adjacent field. After some barbed-wire hopping I found it’s smooth edge pointing back to the stone circle, but the direction of its alignment puzzled me – it wasn’t pointing at the circle exactly, but slight to one side of it….usually the circle-builder were SO precise about these things….suspicion was bubbling up again.

Bullstone outlier points to stone circle

Like the Hollywood denouoment of an episode of Scooby-Doo, by the time I had hopped back over the fence Kal had solved the mystery. He found that the circle had been reconstructed, and moved about twenty feet away from the original siting, which was on top of the hill, rather than the side where it is now. In the picture below you can just about see my copper L-rods marking the exact size and location of the original stone circle’s centre.

The original siting on the top of the hill had many alignments with surrounding hilltops, and we dowsed where the original five stones were, and the hills that they aligned to. I spun around on the spot, looking down at the ground, pinpointing the location of the five invisible spots where the original stones had been. Every time I said, “There!” Kal said – “…And that spot aligns to that distant hill!”. Each time I looked up and saw that he was right. Perhaps this site had once been another “hub” for ley lines like Arbor Low?

The real Bullstones location

And with that revelation the circle ceased to be of any use to us, and there was nothing to learn from or experience with it. It had been reconstructed. Even though the stone had been placed on another point from which earth energies were emanating, nevertheless there was no energetic value in the formations as they remained. We headed back to the car somewhat quietened by the experience. Another destroyed site, and why? What purpose did it serve to destroy it, or to move it?

7. The Bridestones

As we swung from side to side propelled by the centrifugal forces of the tight Derbyshire bends heading back towards Cheshire I felt like there was still more to be wrung out of the day. The sun was warm enough to be outdoors in comfort, I had no time pressures, and the day did not feel finished. I fished around for sites nearby, and we made a faint attempt to find a nearby standing stone, but missed the turn-off by a mile. Then it struck me with some force – I had forgotten that I had planned to visit The Bridestones near Congleton. And to top it all, where were we close to now? We were ten miles from Congleton. Decision made. And I knew how to get there (roughly). Best of all, Kal had never been before.

Sunset at The Bridestones near Congleton

I had forgotten about the protocol of respect required when entering new sites. Or rather, I paid my respects to the genius loci, the spirit that watched over The Bridestones, but Kal flounced in and began stomping around like any old disrespectful visitor. I could see what was going to happen, but it wasn’t my place to say anything. Sometimes it’s more amusing not to.

For several minutes after clambering over the stones like a climbing frame Kal sported a puzzled look as he dowsed around. “I’m getting confusing results!” he complained. I gave him a disapproving look, “Well, you know why, don’t you?” He didn’t want to acknowledge that, and so ignored my unspoken advice and shrugged. Seems like he was not going to let it bother him, and he was certainly not going to apologise to the GL or defer to it. That’s his way, but this is one of the consequences – the spirit of the place was sending his rods haywire – he would get no sensible results from this site! He insisted the issue was due to him playing around with his aura – trying to make the crowd of young bulls move away. Could be, but I had other ideas. he was just being stubborn.

My dowsing results were good and consistent. Here’s what we found out during dowsing:-

  • The genius loci spirit was localised to this site – it had never been anywhere else
  • I found two centres – a combined male & female centre at the back of the burial chamber, and a neutral centre near to the entrance.

Youthful admirers

I asked the rods if this was a suitable site to obtain some information about the chakra colours and energies that I had been directed to research for the next few months. The result was that this site would be a good place to do that. I lit three incense sticks and placed them at strategic points around the site, and then prepared myself to go deep into a meditation. Here’s what I did:-

  1. I was shown how to extract my own chakra energy when sitting on a combined male/female centre
  2. I chose a root chakra/red colour energy, which was easy to extract on its own due to being sat within a male/female white energy stream
  3. I pulled the energy out of my navel and shaped it into a ball
  4. To prevent it disseminating I had to collect neutral energy out of my lower energy centre (dan tien) in order to coat it in neutral energy and keep it in a ball shape.
  5. I had to expend some collected sun energy from my upper energy centre to harden the coating and ensure the neutral energy didn’t dissipate

A superb meditation centre

My second lesson was how to do the opposite, and for this lesson I went to sit on the neutral energy centre. Here’s what I did:-

  • I used the moon to draw up neutral energy from the ground where I was sat
  • Using my own male and female energy forms I created two streams of energy that flowed to the point where my body met the ground
  • At this point the male and female energy acted as a filter so that I could draw the neutral energy up as only red light, or root chakra energy
  • I refilled my root chakra with this red energy, then disconnected

This was a very difficult meditation, and one which I will have to practise in order to master it. Now I had learned how to extract only the specific energy frequency I needed, and how to replenish any energy that was used from the source “neutral white” light energy. I only had to learn to what purpose the seven different frequencies of light energy could be used, and I would have fulfilled the tasks I had been set for this time frame before my visit to Glastonbury at Summer Solstice.


Bridestones re-visited: energy mapping

As I mentioned in my post about an update to the Sacred Sites page recently here is a more detailed account of my recent visit to the rather small but beautifully formed site that is The Bridestones. By some accounts what remains is but a small part of an originally much larger collection of stones and chambers. Here is a quote from the Unknown Phenomena Investigation Association’s web site:

The site is very different to its original structure; many tons of stone were taken from the cairn by the builders of the nearby turnpike road in 1764. Other stones were used to build the adjacent house and farm, and more were recycled into an ornamental garden in Tunstall Park.
However, before this large scale ransacking occurred, it appears that the Bridestones was an incredible monument, perhaps unique in England. Evidence from a variety of sources indicates that it was a chambered tomb of massive proportions with a paved crescent forecourt and a port-holed stone dividing the main chamber. The complex was supposedly 110 metres in length with the horned cairn being 11 metres wide. A report from the 18th Century notes that in addition to the main chamber which still stands today, a further two subsidiary ones were located at a distance of 55 yards. No traces of these have ever been found, but there is much debate as to whether they are located east of the surviving chamber, or west. The latter seems more likely as they were probably covered by the same cairn as the main chamber.
” (source: UPIA web site)

My task on this visit was not to investigate the former scale of the site, but to map the remaining energies in detail. I set about the task with some vigour as there was a cool wind and the sky was thickly clouded – not a day to be hanging around sun-bathing!

Luckily for my work the site was empty and there was little passing traffic from Dial Lane – the road passing the site across the adjacent field. The field contained a small group of young bullocks, though, and brought to mind several dowsing visits where cows had curtailed such dowsing endeavours. This spurred me into action all the quicker!

Yet I couldn’t start dowsing just yet. I had to have a good look around and get “into attunement” with the site, which is simply a question of being there, without thought, tuning into one’s senses and taking in everything at once without analysis. Moments later I felt myself blend into the site much better, and then I was ready to start dowsing its energies.

The Bridestones - Congleton - Oct09 (19)

I started at the entrance and worked inwards to the chamber. Once I found a connection to the chamber I stayed in there for a while finding its power centres, denoted by terminating spirals. The alignment of the power centres seemed beautifully balanced – a male here, then a female, then a male and female centre combined. It felt lovely to be dowsing here – some sites feel ‘difficult’ or complex, but this site was beautiful in its simplicity and balance.

Inside the chamber

I stepped into the chamber by the right-hand edge’s gap and felt a compulsion to light a stick of incense in there. These days I go with such feelings, so I lit one and it scented the air nicely as I dowsed the rest of the chamber. Were the remains of the dividing wall between the two parts of the chamber the place where there was a hole that could fit a man, allowing access between the two when there had been a roof? It was hard to tell. The dowsing rods indicated that possibility, but were not conclusive about it.

The Bridestones - Congleton - Oct09 (17)

Re-emerging from the chamber an intriguing lone pointed (male) stone caught my attention and I found that it had a connection to an energy that formed a ritual path into the nearby chamber. I was finding this feature almost every time I dowse a site now, and am beginning to think that Stone Dowser may have been on to something with his ‘ritual paths’. It does indeed seem like there was a specific way to enter some sites, irrespective of simply finding entrances.

The bullocks begin to take an interest and come over to see what’s happening. We have a short one-way conversation where I quiz them about why they might be interested in my dowsing. When questioned they move away as though they had never been interested after all.

The Bridestones - Congleton - Oct09 (20)

I followed the spirals I had found to their termination points. Where did they go? Were they self-contained or did they link to other sites, I wondered? The female-to-female spirals I knew were self-contained, as was the male energy around the outlying male stone. It was the male/female power centre that needed to be explained. I followed the female energy to a large spiral a few feet outside the entrance to the chamber. The male energy flowed through a gap at the back of the chamber to sinew its way out of the back of the site but I couldn’t follow it far through the thick rhododendrons, brambles and assorted other obstacles that sealed off the rear of the site.

The Bridestones - Congleton - Oct09 (15)

Some sort of rambler’s club began to make their presence known by gabbling loudly as they walked up the lane to the site. I decided this would be a good time to retire to consider what I wanted to do next, and leave the site to them for a few minutes. In my experience visitors to ancient sites are usually frequent, but fleeting. And so it proved. Minutes later your anti-social Hedge Druid had devised a set of questions to ask at the site and was back on the job without distractions – even the curious bulls had retreated faced with the retirement party.

I made a more respectful entrance, introducing myself to the guardian of the site, stating my name and purpose, and asking for permission to enter. A curious ritual, but one which I have learned from reading about and trying to understand the mind of The Druids. It was at this stage that things began to take a mystical turn!

I’ve posted recently on the strange phenomenon of the sun making an appearance when Kal and I meditate at sacred sites. Standing on the power centre in front of the tall stones outside the chamber I felt a gradual warmth penetrate my eyelids. I opened my eyes to see the whole site, and only the site, bathed in the spotlight of sunbeams the were radiating through a gap in the thick cloud cover that had been the constant feature of the day’s weather. This was highly improbable, but certainly very welcome!

The Bridestones - Congleton - Oct09 (5)

The Bridestones - Congleton - Oct09 (6)

Power centre lit up by sun

I smiled. I felt integrated with the site’s energies, and in response the sun was smiling down on me. Of course, it’s pure coincidence, but when it happens like this you feel something special is happening. I felt this was a good time to get the rest of my questions answered.

Here are the questions I asked the dowsing rods to help me answer about this site:-

  1. Is this site still capable of performing its original function? YES.
  2. Is the site still energetically active? NOT RIGHT NOW. (3:50pm on 3rd October 2009)
  3. Can the site be activated? YES. AT SAMHAIN.
  4. Can the site be used for education, revelation, healing, transformation, communication or something else? EDUCATION by nature spirits, REVELATION, HEALING, and TRANSFORMATION.
  5. Does the site need restoring, healing or balancing? NO to all.
  6. Is there a genius loci present at this site? YES. FEMALE.
  7. Does this site respond to human interaction, the position of the sun, moon or stars? YES to all. Specifically the FULL moon, and the sun at NOON. Stars, less so.
  8. Is the site an observatory, a calendar, an initiation chamber or a burial place? OBSERVATORY, CALENDAR, INITIATION CHAMBER.
  9. Is there underground water at this site? YES.

With that information in mind I went back to do some quick dowsing for where water might be present at the site to see if it had any obvious significance in terms of where it might flow. As you can see from my sketch below there were two main flows of underground water crossing the site, and indeed they did tally with significant places for energy – namely the female spiral links just behind the entrance to the chamber, and the other, wider stream being marked by an outlying stone.


As I drove away from the site back towards Congleton I saw the group of bullocks react. They saw me driving away and began to gallop as a tight group stalking the car from across the field. I watched in a kind of amused shock. What were they doing? Then they turned like a flock of starlings straight towards me as they approached the end wall of the field. Now they were galloping towards me with a speed I could never have supposed a bovine to be capable of! I waved to them and wished them a cheery good day as my car dipped down the hill and beyond the confines of the field. Very strange behaviour!

From the information gleaned from this site I can see that there might be more to be learned, but that the next interaction would need to be a much more spiritual affair, guided by the information that I have obtained from dowsing. I think this clearly demonstrates the way in which dowsing can be used as a powerful investigative tool that can lead one quickly to understand qualities of a site, and the times when these qualities can best be utilised for the purposes that the site was designed for. We shall see!


Bridestones added to Sacred Sites

The Bridestones - Congleton - Oct09 (3)
A quick visit to The Bridestones of Congleton yesterday furnished me with enough information to provide an energetic map of the place for you. Check it out in the Sacred Sites section for more details. I’ll do a post of the visit, and add some pictures to the Gallery soon to fill in some extra information too.

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