Hedge philosophy

Druid Mind and Creating the World

There is a theory that says that the world is illusion, “maya”, and that we create the whole of reality within our own minds. This is heard often in the New Age arena, and such philosophies are initially very attractive for they feed the ego of the newly expanded mind. If you mind can be stretched to encompass more than you […]

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Ancient Sites | Dowsing

Knowth – Part 1: Rock Art and Energy Symbols

Friday 28th May – Knowth, Country Meath, Ireland. The series of large megalithic structures concentrated in the Boyne Valley was the target of our first full day in Ireland. We were stationed nearby at Duleek, so getting to the Newgrange complex was a breeze, and we were properly fuelled by a hearty breakfast including locally-reared produce […]

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Modern Druidry | Theory

Beyond coincidence and into Conscious Co-creation


Beyond coincidence —————— “Beyond Coincidence” is the very intruiging title of a book by xxx that hints at the possibility of a sensible discussion of highly anomolous and unusual phenomena related to extreme probabilistic events. The book tells us many stories that seem to defy the mathematics of probability itself. At the end the authors […]

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