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The Dearth of Crop Circles in Early 2012

A naughty play on words because recently I posted to say that I believed that 2012 would see the death of crop circles as a phenomenon, and then I went on to predict the number of genuine circles that would appear this year. I have been given some more information, or should I say, I […]

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Modern Druidry

The Knighton Hill maize circle: my part in its downfall


Knighton Hill, near Wayland’s Smithy – 7th September, 2009 I thought that my chance to dowse a crop circle had gone this year. My recent two-day visit to Wiltshire’s White Horse Valley had been fruitless in terms of finding any remaining wheat or corn circles, as they had all been harvested. It was only by […]

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Crop Circles & the dowsing rod

As fortune would have it – I set off at about 6am on a fine summer’s day heading southward to meet up with Lucy Pringle and a few other cohorts to tour around some of 2009’s crop circles in Wiltshire. I arrived at Silbury Hill (our meeting place) at 10:00 am on the dot to […]

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