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Oracle of Delphi Part 6 No one walks in the presence of Athena




As you approach the small town of Delphi you first come across the ruins of the Temple of Apollo amongst other ruins. But even before you get to those, if you stop and look down into the valley on your left you will notice some magnificent ruins which are signposted as “The Gymnasium”. After we had returned from the failed attempt to visit the Corycian Cave we looked upon the ‘gymnasium’ and tried to find a way down to it. Following the path along the road side for a while proved fruitless. It seemed that that area was fenced off. We did not feel the need to don Guerilla techniques and made our way instead to the main ruins and the Temple of Apollo.

A few hours later our work there was done and we turned our attention once again to the sign marked gymnasium. We attempted a couple of routes in but where foiled at every turn. Giving up we opted for a trip to the museum and then some food. Fed, rested and with a few hours of daylight still with us (see Temporal anomalies in Part 5) we decided to make another attempt at the Corycian cave. What madness! As we set off in the car we drove along the road that was adjacent to the Gymnasium. Quite a bit further than we had walked we passed an entrance to the way into the valley. Oh my word! We stopped the car and back tracked to the entrance. Had our desire to go to the cave been prompted by some inner knowledge of the entrance to the gymnasium? The dowsing rods said Yes, but I wasn’t convinced. Anyway, we had a way down and that’s what mattered.

As we got half-way down to these, as yet, unexplored ruins we saw a sign denoting The Temple of Athena. Really!?! Where had the sign been at the top? With more enthusiasm than a mere ‘Gymnasium’ would have elicited we followed the rods down a winding female energy line, almost step to step behind each other.

Perception is almost everything

A feeling that crossed my mind when exploring the Temple of Athena was sadness. I felt that she had been forgotten and indeed, the comparison of visitors to the temple of Apollo and hers was representative of this neglect. It has been speculated that the power of the Gods and indeed perhaps there very existence is relative to the belief that we humans hold in them. It is difficult to imagine belief having such power. My understanding differs slightly in that I think that there is a dimensional separation between us and such beings. This separation is what belief or lack thereof impinges on. So in my humble opinion it isn’t that they have ceased to exist, it is that the bridge between us has narrowed.


I felt sad, and it is sad. Athena know for umpteen qualities is also the companion of heroes. Often seen as a warrior goddess she much preferred the route of wisdom than the sword. Whilst visiting her temple I wondered whether I was feeling sad because there were no visitors here or because of an empathic connection with the goddess. Did she feel sad that she had been neglected? I mused on the topic whilst sitting amongst the remains of her court. Perhaps she was sad because of the state of the country, once the greatest in the world? Maybe both. I would have attempted some dowsing to ascertain answers however I have learned (from my experience with Poseidon) that ancient gods are almost un-connectable.

I do wonder though, perhaps what Greece needs today is some of those Athenian heroes?

Kal Malik

Oracle of Delphi Part 5 Thoughts

Temple of Athena

Temple of Athena


My journey to visit with the Oracle of Delphi was an adventure and half and I feel worthy of a kind of epilogue post. Although the visit to Delphi was at the end of eight months of waiting, preparation and expectation. It is the genesis of a new quest. It began with a Dragon spirit in the Faery land of Ireland and a gift of awesome promise and potential. The adventures are related herein. With the magnitude of the experience at Delphi I thought it worth a post on some thoughts I’ve had.


Upon collating and then writing the post on riddles, the knowledge that flooded out of the Dragons Soul Book once its gate had been opened. The immediate feeling was overwhelm. What was I to do with all this knowledge? How could I handle its enormity and implications. The quest became much more complicated. It started with nine questions. Here is the gist…

A dragon had given me its life story (called a Dragons Soul Book). This book contained nine separations of the dragons life. A separation seems to be a lifetime of a dragon although I wont bet my shirt on it. In any case, during each separation the dragon resolved a question to an answer. Thus the book that I hold (in my chest by the way) has nine answers in it. What they are is a mystery to me at the moment. The quest that I am on is to uncover the questions that the dragon resolved. I believe that once the questions are discovered the answer (from the book) will be revealed. The experience at Delphi revealed that all the questions needed to be discovered by the end of the Serpent year. Why the involvement of the Chinese calendar is beyond me. Perhaps it coincides with another date (Imbolc) and hence its use. Maybe some Astrological significance? Nevertheless the information dump (I shudder at using the word download) was and still is daunting. In itself the quest I am on is simple. Discover the nine questions that the dragon asked throughout its nine separations.


A question that hasn’t been addressed and indeed hasn’t even come to mind is why? Why seek these nine questions (and answers)? Of what value is it? It is interesting that Gwas, only the other day, proposed a monumental question. What is the purpose of these quests and experiences that we are involved in? This seems completely applicable to my current quest. Of what purpose? Of course it is interesting and feels deeply meaningful to be involved in it. However, is that the only reason? Sufficient though it seems. I just wanted to capture that thought here so that it can be mused on later.

Temple of Apollo

Temple of Apollo


Another thought that comes to mind is the mixed nature of things. Why Delphi? Why Pan? Why year of the Snake? Why Ireland? Why sacred sites in the UK? Individually I have no issues. But the fact that the quest began in Ireland and was continued in Greece and I suspect concluded in the UK (although I am having my doubts as to that). Perhaps this is to be a global quest? It is certainly worth pointing a finger at.


Let’s get specific here. Above I mentioned overwhelm and I meant it. Discovering nine questions is reasonable enough, however that turned into some matrix of 3 x 3 (see the post on Delphi and riddles). Which was reflected by clues or codes to the questions. For example:

  • 3 are for the mind, body and energy
  • 3 are for the past present and transcendent

What does that mean? Is one of the questions about mind? Or are three about the mind, three about the body and three about energy? I guess these will be answered as the discovery process continues. Again, I wanted to point it out here so we have a record of my concerns.

Temporal confusion

Another phenomena that is worth mentioning is that of time. We landed in Athens at 7pm on Friday evening. Rather than looking at the time, let’s go with the feeling of time. It felt like a good 3/4 hour drive through occasional rain to our destination Delphi. The next day we set off at 8am in the morning for the Corycian cave. Having failed to reach that place we had returned and spent what felt like several hours at the Temple of Apollo and the surrounding ruins. When we had concluded our work at the site we both believed it to be around 3/4 pm in the afternoon. Given that belief we made our way some half a mile back to the town of Delphi for nutritional reasons. Sitting there in the cafe we noted that the clock said 1pm. What? We were truly shocked? How could it be one? Confusion abound and we triple queried our time pieces. Yes, it was indeed only 1pm. How we had managed to do our work in such a short space (but the illusion of hours) of time was inexplicable.

Another temporal confusion was our return journey. We set off at 8pm from Delphi and were in the suburbs of Athens by 10. Two hours! It was about an hour into our return journey that we realised that we were a lot closer to Athens than what we should have been. Even with a pit-stop!

Definitely a couple of X-Files candidates.

Conclusion – for the moment

I feel that the trip to Delphi was 101% productive and successful. The knowledge and experience gained was vital to the continuation of the Soul Book quest. What this will mean and where it will go is to be determined by the future (as I guess is everything). Even with the above questions not answered I would quest. It provides an amazing meaning to my life and makes it filled with adventure.

Kal Malik – Thoughtful


Oracle of Delphi Part 1 – Prelude to Adventure


It is hard to determine where an adventure begins. Just when you think, “Ah…this is it” you find that the genesis pre-dates your assumption. It is so with this one. Let me have a stab at it though. Following the thread back I think that this adventure began back when we were visiting Ireland for the first time. Out of the adventures of that trip, two stand out as being related to this current outing. The first was the rescue of a dragon spirit from a sacred site called the Piper Stones. The second was, in my view, one of those magic affirming experiences. It occurred at the one of the three main sites in Ireland’s Boyne valley, namely Dowth. At this site I was given a vision of the past of a time when an Oracle was in place at that site. Both these experiences occurred on my first visit to Ireland. A second visit to Ireland last year (2012) it emerged that the rescued dragon had a gift to give in return for its rescue. This Soul Book gift is the main jumping off point for the visit to Delphi in Greece for it was revealed that I would have to go there to obtain the key to open this amazing nine separations of a Dragons life book and gain access to the knowledge within.


A couple of weeks ago it was Imbolc 2013 and I had gone out to Cumbria to see what knowledge could be divined about my up coming visit to the Ancient site of Delphi. There I was given the instruction that I needed to take with me the knights mantle. Which turned out to be that I needed to fast for two complete days. No food AND no drink. Difficult though this was, I was able to do so and was looking forward to the journey which had promised so much.

Trials and Tribulations

Dangerous Road

Dangerous Road

Gwas and I had arrived at Athens airport around 7pm on Friday. The trip had been uneventful and we were expecting a 3 hour car journey to Delphi and our hotel. We had rented a car when booking our flight and when we went to pick it up, the hire-guy informed us of their policy of having no petrol in the car. Fortunately there was a garage just up the road he said from whence we could fill it up. Unfortunately upon our arrival at the garage we found it temporarily closed as the fuel truck refilled its supply. A frustrated hour later had us moving with haste towards Delphi. I wondered whether this initial setback would be a precursor for our visit to Delphi. Ha ha! No chance. It isn’t a matter of faith any more, it is a certainty. Sacred journeys provide auspicious conditions.

We arrived at the hotel, incidentally called “Pan”, at around 11pm and settled in for a very deserved sleep, making plans for a 7am start.

Death Defying Skid

A fresh sleep and a quick breakfast and we were out of the hotel by 7:30. Our first stop was to be the Corycian cave up in the mountains, reported to be some 15 miles from Delphi. About half way up the winding road we passed the local ski resort and watched as the levels of snow got higher and the road icier. Now we were driving down a clear road but the sides had about three feet of snow. It wasn’t looking hopeful for our cave visit! I had the feeling that we had passed the turn off, a dirt track that was probably invisible under the snow. However Gwas assured me we were on track (pun intended).

We passed through some chalets and were wary that the road was dangerously iced. Then, even though we were going really slow and mindful of the ice, upon taking a sharp turn our car went into an uncontrolled skid. It was only a few feet to the snow embankment and the car effortlessly slid into and up it. It was a frightening experience to be sure. We managed to reverse the car back onto the road and stopped at a safer place further along the road to assess damage and our plan. Fortunately no damage had been done to the car and it seems none had been done to our desire to get to the cave.

Technomancy came to the fore again. I keep saying to people that today’s mystic has to include a fair set of technology into their practices and here is another example. A couple of days before our journey I had looked through the available iPhone apps for Greece and managed to find a mapping program. It didn’t look too good at the time, but anything might be better than nothing so I downloaded Copilot GPS and with it the one free country map…Greece. Credit where it is due, Gwas had saved some information on the cave on his tablet. So we had a coordinates AND a app to get us there. Putting these two together we realised that we were 8 miles out! We had passed it.


We had a choice, go on and look for the cave or return to Delphi? We decided to continue the search for the cave for a while longer. So, navigating the icy roads, we returned along the road. GPS in hand and eyes peeled. With this tool we were able to find the dirt track. Unfortunately it wasn’t passable and there was no place for miles to park and walk. We had tried. Had this been enough to satisfy the gods of questing? Yes. With a slightly disappointed heart but with the knowledge that we had tried our best, we journeyed back to Delphi and the Oracle.

Kal Malik

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