50+ new pictures added

I’ve just uploaded more than fifty new pictures to the “Year 2010” image gallery. They’re all of our Wiltshire crop circle experiences, so if you haven’t seen the inside of a crop circle yet, then now’s your chance to see three! UPDATE 10th August: I have also uploaded all of the pictures from our Ireland visits. […]

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Crop circle | Dowsing

The End of Crop Circles

On Saturday 31st July Kal and I went to Wiltshire (I think Kal said he was in Somerset! Hmmm.. and he was navigating too!). Wiltshire is the “home” of crop circles and this season has been no exception. We didn’t have far to travel within the county to find the ones we wanted to see, […]

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News article

The First Crop Circle of 2010: My interpretation

CropCircleConnector – the site that I trust to deliver sensible and timely information about the location and circumstances of the latest crop circles – has posted pictures of the first 2010 circle to appear. Yet again it has started in Wiltshire, and again the location is significant to those of us who watch for such […]

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Modern Druidry

The Knighton Hill maize circle: my part in its downfall


Knighton Hill, near Wayland’s Smithy – 7th September, 2009 I thought that my chance to dowse a crop circle had gone this year. My recent two-day visit to Wiltshire’s White Horse Valley had been fruitless in terms of finding any remaining wheat or corn circles, as they had all been harvested. It was only by […]

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