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Farewell to a spirit guide

Finding a Spirit Guide Very early on in my druid training I tried an experiment. The experiment was to call upon a spirit guide and see what happened. I did so via the staff that I was using at the time. I placed it beneath the old apple tree in my garden and asked that […]

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A Song for Merlin – Part 1”

A song for Merlin is nothing like A Song For Europe (you may be pleased to hear). I was tasked with discovering the various lines of the song or poem, and then learning to recite it at a northern stone circle whose location i had been given in a vision. One snag – the poem was in […]

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Hedge Druidry

2011 – Summary of the Year by Gwas”

Well, I see that Kal got his summary out first. Still, “if you can’t beat them…” Generally, what type of year it has been? Dis-jointed, slower than last year’s breakneck speed, measured, with lots of deep synchronicities. When I come to review the year I realise that I still made lots of progress on the various tasks […]

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Mysterious Earth Conference 2011

I was at the Mysterious Earth Conference this year. The conference was held at the Village Hall in the village of Grimsargh near Preston in Lancashire, England. Kal had come up so that we could go to this event together, which was very nice of him to make the effort. There were four speakers lined […]

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