Holy Wells and Sacred Springs

Surrey 3- The Well of Anu

Overlooking the ever-expanding amusement theme park that is Thorpe Park is a beautiful hill which is inhabited largely by dog walkers. I pulled off the B388 and headed up the hill, parking at the lower car park on the side facing the theme park. I had a choice of paths – top, middle or bottom. […]

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Meadowsweet, Larks and Loughcrew – Summer 2015 – P1

In the first of my seven Summer Solstice stories I will tell you about how I encountered an ancestral spirit who would work with my Spirit Self to bring about a culmination of my ancestral work on this weekend’s journeying. This was only realised through the two days work, so the stories piece into each other […]

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Hedge Druidry

Red Lady Release

I don’t dream much. When I do it’s very mundane – the kind of universal boring dreams which psychologists love – the kind that are full of the classic “can’t get away” or “never reaching” or “being late” type scenarios. They’re dull and un-memorable. Recently I had the most profoundly affecting dream. It was so real […]

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Crystals | Dowsing | Energy work | Incense | Protection | Spirits

The Sorrowful Widow

I’m afraid that I am unable to post my episode concerning a house clearance that I did recently. The parties involved wish the story to remain undisclosed. I am respecting their wishes. However, I did recently have an encounter with a dark energy force that was far more powerful, and during the course of which I learned […]

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Energy work | Experiment | Modern Druidry

New Moon dedications

According to Philip Heselton’s book “Secret Places of the Goddess” the New Moon phase is a good time to perform a dedication to the three-fold Goddess. Well, I don’t go in for ritualistic acts on the whole, but a little meditation seemed in keeping with The Spirit. A simple crystal layout using my five main crystals […]

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