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Summary 2013 – Lessons Learned Pt2

In the second half of my second summary post I’m completing the lessons learned for the remainder of the year – that’s August to December. In this post I talk about the stag energies, energetic balance, death energy and some of the natural magickal techniques that I have been shown this year.


Stag and the Staff

  • Learned that a staff can become associated with a kind of ‘patron’ energy form
  • My new yew stag-headed staff becomes associated with the Gwyn Ap Nudd/Herne/Cernunnos energy.

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Balancing and Tuning at Sacred Sites

  • You can reconfigure your own energy field to match that of a sacred site (especially a stone circle).
  • When the circle is at a balanced point in the year (equinoxes) then you can easily balance your chakras/energy field

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  • Chakras can be tuned through the vowel sounds – caves are excellent places to do this

Absorbing the Gwyn energies

  • The energies of an energy form such as Gwyn Ap Nudd can be absorbed into your own energy field, such that they “walk with you”
  • The purpose of this is to be able to invoke their guiding presents more readily

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What the Romans Did For Us

  • On Anglesey I discovered that one of the few remaining traditions that were left virtually intact by the Roman invasion were the arts associated with the knowledge of local plants and their powers.
  • I was asked to continue this tradition when communing with the shade of Iestyn.

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Becoming a Death Eater

Another night prowl. In the surprising relative warmth of a mid-October night Kal lured me into an excursion across to the western end of North Wales. Our target was, of course, The Llangernyw Yew tree. That ever-faithful dispenser of all things Otherworldly.

As we got closer that evening the mist began to form until, on our arrival, the churchyard had adopted what for most people would have been a “spooky” atmosphere. For us, it was our cloak. The moon hung wide and bright, close to its full Harvest wax, but not quite full. There was enough ambient light to move safely without torches.

A Question of Service

As I walked through the graveyard I became aware that something was different about this visit. I decided to ask some questions using the dowsing rods to see if I could figure out what that was. I began by asking:

  • Is there anything for me to gain here? NO.
  • No? Then is there something for me to give here? YES. I am here to be of service.

Interesting. This doesn’t happen very often,and probably because most sites we visit have been worked on by Kal and I already, and so rarely need energetic attention or healing. However, in this case it seemed like it was not the usual energy healing that the Llangernyw site needed, it was something different – something that I had not been called upon to do at a site before (although as it turned out it was similar to something I do regularly anyway).

I was curious, so I asked the dowsing rods to lead me to a place where I could be of service…

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Menorca – Your Gods are Our Gods

Naveta Des Tudons – Menorca – 9th October 2013

In the final part of my Menorcan excursions I found one more site that had any energy left at all – and that was a chambered cairn called “Naveta des Tudons” – the burial chamber of Tudons. I was on my own for this one. M stayed in the hire car – she’d seen too many stones this week and fully expected another site with me walking around mumbling about there being nothing to see here.

So, I paid the entry fee (three of those euro thingies) and walked the five minutes along the wide dirt track to the monument. As I got closer I asked the dowsing rods a couple of questions:-

  1. Is there anything I can learn here? YES
  2. What is the best way to approach the site?

The second answer had me bearing right to head out into a ploughed field next to the impressive stone chamber. Where was I being taken? To a clump of thorny bushes which grew on top of a flat wide stone which was half buried in the field. The lichen-dotted stone gave me a tingling feeling. I needed to ground and attune myself here. I just knew.

A grounding entry stone at Naveta Des Tudons

A grounding entry stone at Naveta Des Tudons

From the stone I followed the dowsing rods as I gave the instruction to be shown the correct entrance to the site for me. I was taken in the back way, through what must be an exit for most people. This is fairly typical – I always seem to get directed to the lesser-used paths and entry points.

As I approached the entrance to the burial chamber I noticed that there were iron bars preventing ingress. Shame. The bars looked fairly new, so I guess that the chamber could have been visited at one time. Now there was no way in. I would have to do any work from the outside.

Naveta Des Tudons in sharp relief

Naveta Des Tudons in sharp contrast

Directing my attention to the inside of the chamber I tried to feel around for any remaining energy inside. I felt there was something, so I opened up a communication channel with it – as though I was an ancient switchboard operator, pulling a thread out of my central bundle of connections and passing it to the energy inside to connect itself to. Here’s what I heard in my mind when i did that:

 “Your gods are our gods”

I was stunned by its simplicity and yet how profound that statement was. The statement was both welcoming (“There is no difference in our spirituality – welcome brother!“) and also challenging “(Why are you coming here seeking something when you have the same energies around you at home?“).

This got me thinking about the nature of divinity, and it’s relationship with the land, sky and sea. We become familiar with the sentient energy forms that we encounter regularly. We begin to associate spirits with place, but they are probably less constrained than we are – so why are they “of place” at all?

Time to do some dowsing to get some answers:-

  1. Are certain types of energy forms restricted/attached to a single location?
  2. Which types are not constrained in this way?
  3. Is there anything which creates the link between entity and place?

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Menorca – The Death of Energy

Cala Morell Necropolis – Menorca – 9th October 2013

At the north-western end of Menorca’s small island is a necropolis – a system of caves which have been used for the deposition of human remains. Notice that like the last encounter I had – the one at Fort Marlborough – the subject is again ‘death’.  Let’s talk about death in relation to Menorca’s sites.

It seems that generally the sacred sites on the island are now dead or dying. There is a distinct lack of energy at these places, and I believe that is due to the neglect (i.e. the failure to re-energize the sites) by people who have a magickal purpose or intention. Sure, there are lots of visitors, and yes I’m sure that some of them are energy-aware. But I equally think that no-one is maintaining the sacred sites of Menorca in accordance with how they were energetically created. Hence, there is almost nothing left at these places. Out of ten, they register as a zero or one on the scale of energetic strength.

Who created the sites in the first place? Well, the information boards talk a lot about a tribe of people known collectively as The Talaiotic Culture. It is supposed, although little is known for sure, that these people were responsible for the construction of these megalithic sites. There are a few ancient settlements with some well-preserved layouts and I visited a couple of them. They were very beautiful, and their structures were reminiscent of much of the architecture which we see from the north fo Scotland al the way down through to the Mediterranean islands. Amazing consistency of concept.

Caves at Cala Morell Necropolis

Caves at Cala Morell Necropolis

So, let me tell you about my visit to the necropolis of Cala Morell.

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Menorca – Death Energy at a Fort

Fort Marlborough, nr. Es Castell, Menorca – October 9th 2013

I recently went to Menorca - one of the beautiful Balearic Islands off the eastern coast of Spain. One of the ways in which I was persuaded to go there was that not only was it a great destination for some autumn sunshine, but it was also littered with megalithic sites. Well, this hedge druid only needs one such invitation. We were going!

After a few days relaxation and recuperation M and I hired a car and headed out into the island’s interior. We were based in the south-eastern corner of the island as S’Algar, and within half an hour’s drive there were a couple of places that I had already ear-marked as being potentially interesting. I had a print-off of the location and a brief description, We made our way along the main island highway stopping off at places along the way. First destination – Fort Marlborough.

For Marlborough Menorca

I didn’t have any expectations of this place. For me it was just intended to be a sightseeing episode, but actually it turned into something more interesting.

Being Scared To Death

Our adrenalin levels had been sent sky-high – firstly M jumped at seeing a wax dummy of a solider when she rounded a corner on the tour path. Then I jumped when I was struck my a simultaneous blast of air and explosion noise when I ventured into one of the tunnels under the fort. It was a demonstration of how sappers sabotaged attempts to burrow under the fort’s walls, but it made me jump! It nearly scared me to death! And maybe that was the start of the whole theme for Menorca’s ancient sites – death.

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The concept of renown

Last year I went to Ireland based on the idea that I was going in search of renown. I don’t think I properly explained that idea, so in the hope of making  the motivation behind those episodes a little clearer I want to discuss what I have come to think about the idea of “renown”.

The original meaning of renown is to “repeatedly name”, in the sense of repeating the name of someone until they accumulate fame. A sort of “making a name” for someone through the stories and mythology that comes of telling about someone’s deeds and life history. Figures who ended up in tales, poems and songs would come to be passed down through the generations and across cultures.

In an energetic sense one can increase the renown of someone or something (or place) by increasing the amount of intent and attention that they receive. By receiving the energetic focus of an energy worker a person, place or thing can accumulate subtle energy (of the human variety). Some cultures have spent time creating structures, spaces and coincidence of time and space which will corral, encourage and intensity subtle energy forces with the express purpose of creating renown for a person or place. A sacred place is made special to humans by the use they can obtain from its energy fields. Repeatedly focusing one’s intent upon something, say by gathering many people at specific times of the year when the energy is more abundant or in harmony with the Earth and Sky, only serves to increase the energetic renown.

Collectively forming renown

Collectively forming renown

Building a collective legacy

When it came to the idea of one’s legacy, I think that the Neolithic people had a concept of renown that meant that they sought to achieve a nothingness, a balance of energies at the point of leaving their physical bodies. For them, achieving renown was a personal matter of achieving the maximum personal power in order to have sufficient energy to carry one’s spirit through death into the Otherworld. Sacred sites and point of strong subtle energy on the Earth were places where such passings into spirit could be completed with the best effect. As the spirit retreated out of the world, renown was left behind – an energetic shell which retained both energetic force, and more importantly the information field of that person.

What a person of renown left behind was his story, his history, his achievements, his energy. For example, what a shaman left behind were the tales he had collected from the tribe’s ancestors, the healing knowledge, plant wisdom. A tribal mother may leave behind her knowledge of how to bring children into the world safely. Renown was accumulated not only through personal experience, but through the recovery of knowledge from the Otherworld (by liaising with energy forms in that existence) or by undergoing a shamanic journey to recover knowledge through a revelatory experience.

All these things still exist in the information field of the person of renown when they transferred into spirit. Their subtle information energy field, their information field, remained in place, accessible to future generations, and kept alive by the renown with which they were adorned. The tribe continued to apply its focus of attention and intention upon the sacred places, the places of the passing of people of renown, and thus they re-energised and kept these field integral, kept them from disintegrating through neglect.

Power and status now denote renown

Power and status now denote renown

Bronze Age – A change of ideas

I think that the Bronze Age people changed their concept of renown. In their eyes renown was imbued into a person or place based on the assessment of personal power. Consequently, for the Bronze Age people renown meant the maximum accrual of energy through wealth, status and influence. The concept of renown began to become entirely anthropocentric – all based on the human’s energy, rather than a combination of power, place, timing and human energy, as it had been seen earlier. They no longer sought to transport spirit and leave renown for spiritual purposes. Now the renown was purely linked to the life of the individual who was the pinnacle of the social hierarchy – the King or Queen. Thus we see the introduction of tumuli in the megalithic landscape and the concept of burial becomes the parting practise instead of creation. In time this became a physical and material shift away from the spiritual and subtle energy forces that held the renown energy. With that change in emphasis came the move away from spiritual practices that retained and encouraged the preservation of subtle energy forces. As the subtle energy dissipated over time through a lack of intent and awareness, so the site gradually became abandoned. What purpose did they have now? They were merely the marker stones and turf mound graves of forgotten individuals. No longer did they have the same subtle powers, and the information field dissipated into the general consciousness of the nation, held in place by written mythology alone, and no longer functional as information sources, or guiding forces for the tribes that had moved away from the sites.

My quest of renown last year was closer to the original concept – I went back into the landscape of my forefathers in search of places where their renown still lingers. In this way I took on their energies, leaving them free to move on. In taking their energies I accumulated more personal power and this added to my own energetic strength, whilst simultaneously cleaning the land of their remnant energies. Only I can judge whether this is going to be a beneficial thing for me and my ancestors, but I believe the concept is real, and marks a passing of “the mantle” of information to a living generation. Now it remains for me to find out whether this information can be put to good use for the benefit of myself and future generations. It is for me now to create my own renown through my words and works.

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A journey p4

In my exploration of energy I have come to the hypothesis that intuition and emotion are the interface between our organic self and our energetic self.


I am sat during the final moments of the sun’s setting, facing the western shore looking out into the Irish sea. Behind and below me is the ancient sacred site of Pen Maen Mawr also know as the Druids circle. Between me and the circle are a set of incense sticks burning. 23 in total although only 3 or 4 can be seen from my position. They have formed a tether between the energies of the circle and myself. I have been told that I will need it. Surrounding me are 5 pure quartz crystals. Reminiscent of a powerful layout that I recall from an experience in the Emerald Isle.

Wisdom and guidance from an ancient friend and perhaps an infinite one has brought me here on this cold evening. Here in this spot the sun takes an age to disappear and it’s a good job too because I need some extra time to prepare.

A song comes to my mind bidden from memory. It is a song that has been played here before, down in the circle. It is the song that connects me to my energy self. That mysterious other that legend and myth speaks of. My thoughts aren’t as clear they have been on previous occasions when I have sung the invite to my energy self. I have emotional things on my mind this evening.

I look down at the pure white rock in my hand. It was a gift given to me on a beach that shores the Atlantic ocean off the island of Iona only a few weeks ago. At that time its purity was visible an clear. Now it burned with another hue, or maybe it was just me imagining it. A little of both perhaps?

Three hours ago

Can one have so much adventure in the space of one day, or indeed half a day? Do you know, this is what I think it feels like when one is following Destiny. Destiny, I wonder if its etymology is to be on a journey to a destination? Aren’t all journeys to a destination?

I had issues of death and life on my mind. Given that, my destination is a place where questions about such matters have always provided dividends. Of course my destination is that Ancient Old Yew tree that is the caretaker of a church in the village of Llangernyw.

As I walk through the gates I spy two other visitors sitting under the eaves of my old friend. I nod to them and remark at the wonder of the tree. They smile and agree and I ask if it is okay if I joined them, to sit under this marvelous creature. Commune with Ancient ol yew is as easy as it has always been and as I sit there holding a bright white Ionian rock I ask my questions.

  • What to do?
  • Where to go?
  • When?

Ever faithful Yew responds with directions. Go to the Druids circle was the immediate response and even as he spoke I felt another presence enter the place. It was Caileach. I hadn’t communed with her since my episode in the hospital.

What do you have there ? she asked gently. Like she didn’t know. Nevertheless I held my hand open for her to see the pure white rock. I don’t know whether beings like her understand human emotions. Tears trickled down my eyes as I cradled the stone with soft gentleness. She stroked my cheek, as if curious about the tears. With one arm wrapped around the yew she gestured me away from that place. Go now to the Druids Circle and call upon your shining other.

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