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Reconfigurations and Repurcussions

It was the first energetic thing that I could bring myself to do after Kal’s death. I knew what needed to be done, but I needed a week away to even begin to get enough space between the event and what I needed to find the strength to do. Energetically, shamanically, we had discussed the concept of clearing death energy many times. This was not the circumstance in which I ever intended to use such practices.

Yet the fact remained. Kal’s energy needed to be released from the spot where he had died. Only I knew that. Only I knew how to do that. Only I cared that it was done. He would only have wanted me to be the one to do it. So I had to stiffen up the sinews and go back there. Back to the slopes of Dinas Bran in Llangollen.

Approach to Dinas Bran

Approach to Dinas Bran

On the way it looked so familiar. I remembered all of our conversation that day – his hopes for the future; his travel plans; how other people seemed not to share our levels of commitment to this kind of spiritual work; our shared admiration for Carlos Castaneda’s accounts; and how I was dressed in white and he was in black. Some things were profound, others insignificant. At the time we may not have known which were which.

A Hard Rain

As I began the climb memories came flooding back as though a sluice gate had been opened. As I walked I re-traced the path as exactly as I could, in a meditative state of mind all the way. I walked past the fateful spot and felt my heart ache. That feeling again. A feeling like someone was gripping my heart in some kind of Dim Mak move from a martial arts film.

Heartache through combat

Van Damme makes his mark

I reached the top and the strain on my heart got stronger with each step. I was re-living Kal’s experience, I felt. To the point where I thought I might suffer the same effects! As I reached the top the rain began, and I knew this was the beginning of the cleansing process.

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Spring 2015-P2 – Blood from a stone

In the second of my Spring Equinox 2015 posts I recount a short tale about memory and stone.

We had travelled northwards after scooting around the area of Rutland – an unusual area that very few people would be able to point to on a map of the country. Our searches for some sacred springs and well needed more time than we were prepared to give it. Therefore we settled on finding the Grimston Monolith at the small village of Grimston.

You know what? Turns out we got the wrong stone! I thought it stood inside the churchyard, so when we found a stone in there we latched on to that. No wonder it didn’t have any energy! What it DID have was a story, however.

4 - Grimston Monolith (1)

Grimston Church near Melton Mowbray

I was surprised to find that the stone had no subtle energies. I believed it to have been excavated and the re-sited. Now I know it wasn’t even the right stone. Nevertheless, the rods indicated that there was something I could work with. Knowing that they wouldn’t tell me more I tried my hand at psychometry – the art of obtaining information from ‘inanimate’ objects.

I felt “death energy”. Why, I wondered? I asked for a direction, and in response my mind was filled with a wandering path that went off to the back end of the church. I could see the energy trail stop at a specific gravestone, even though it was currently out of sight of the stone where I was standing.

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Thornborough and Arthur – Solstice 1

This is the first in a short series of tales about my journey into the darkest depths of Yorkshire for the Winter Solstice this year. It was only one day’s outing, yet it managed to encompass a number of new sacred sites and to throw up a number of amazing synchronicities between the work that I did and what Kal was experiencing at the same time. I’ll tell my side of the story, and then you can compare these to Kal’s tales. I think you’ll be amazed too!

A Lesson In Patience

The journey was unspectacular except for one incident. I had arranged to meet Kal at 8:30am and despite the fact that he wouldn’t mind if I was one or two minutes late I was rushing to get there on time. Some people were driving very slowly that morning, possibly having nowhere in particular to get to for any specific time. This was rather frustrating me, and so I was getting increasingly flustered. Then, just as I was about to overtake someone ahead of me I looked up at a tall telegraph pole, and atop it was a hawk – just sitting still, and being patient. I saw the message straight away and my foot moved off the accelerator. I would get there when I got there. Phew – and relax….

Then I realised that only two minutes earlier I had been wondering whether I would see a hawk today as a sign, because I so often see them whenever I am journeying on a sacred calendar day. Well, there he was!

Thornborough By The Thorny Route

Finding Thornborough Henge should have been easy. I mean – you can hardly miss a henge in such a flat landscape! Yet it took Kal and I several attempts before we were on the correct small country road, and we had gone off track and gone through a lovely village called Kirklington before we spotted the structure in a field just beyond the village of Thornborough itself, heading towards West Tanfield. There was enough space to park outside a utility building, and soon we were walking through the impressive Thornborough Cursus – a long wide embanked structure which ended in a dog-leg right turn. What on earth was this structure for, we wondered? Soon we would find at least one purpose! I’ll come back to Kirklington later because the church in the village seemed to call to us.


Thornborough Henge - Winter Solstice 2014 (3)

For a short while we were the only ones inside the henge. The diameter of the embankment is quite impressive. It has an Avebury scale feel about it – far larger than Arbor Low, which is what we are more used to. Despite the cold dull day I felt warm and excited – something special was about to happen!

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Energy restoration at Djoser pyramid – Egypt 5

It was my third day in Cairo and I had decided to chill. Well, the order had come from on high, in the form of a text from Chris…”Chill out, have a beer”… He knows only too well that I don’t do chilling very well. Still, I decided that today would be a day of nil energy work. Maybe I would take in the Cairo museum? I finished a late breakfast and sat in the sun, looking out over the Nile, perfect. Twenty minutes later, I was bored. As I said, I don’t do “chill” well, even when it is like this.

Cairo on the Nile

Cairo on the Nile

The resort I was staying in had a kind of menu of options sand taxi prices. It began with the pyramids and ended with souks. The staff at the resort had got used to my dowsing rods by now, so the concierge only gave an enigmatic smile when I dowsed for a place to go…what do you mean No Energy Work!? Number four on the list was the Pyramid of Djoser. The familiar tinkle of the rods indicated that this was a place that I could visit.

Wanting to know the scale of things, I asked how important it was for me to visit this place? Ten! What!? Of course I did my double and triple checking (talk about irrational). Ten it was, and I thought I was done in Cairo. A long taxi drive later and I was stood outside the unimpressive Step Pyramid. I’m sure in its time it was awesome, however, with the restoration work happening, it didn’t have its mystique.

Energy Transference at Djoser

Energy Transference at Djoser

I asked the rods (oh by the way, a good way to avoid the hawkers is to dowse around the place with the occasional “shhh” with fingers placed on lips) whether I had to prepare in some way and they responded in the affirmative. I was taken to some ruins by the side of the pyramid. Did I have to prepare? No. After so many questions that I nearly gave up I had placed my set of crystals in the following layout.

It seemed and dowsing confirmed that I had transferred the Pharaoh death energy into the orange crystal. Then I had to take that crystal and bury it in the sand before the pyramid. As dowsers go, we must look odd when we’re dowsing. Spaced out is a better word to use. Often when we are on a mission with dowsing we’re not paying attention to where we are going – trusting the rods. Thus we are often surprised when we come to our senses and find ourselves in an unexpected place. This was to be one of the occasion. The rods crossed and I dug out some sand and buried the crystal. When I looked up, this is what I saw. I wondered whether the energy would return via the hole in the ground some feet away and in alignment with the burial. Yes said the rods.

Burial place of the Crystal

Burial place of the Crystal

The job was done, in under fifteen minutes. That was it. The whole death – pharaoh – restoration project was completed in two half-days. It seemed that Luxor would have to be a place of chilling. I wondered how much energy had ben returned and queried the rods…less than 1% but an important keystone part. Now, apparently, the physical restoration could begin. Interesting.

Not that I want to leave you on a cliff hanger but the next two posts begin the long in waiting wand quest and it was magical as only the Arabian Nights setting could be.

Kal Malik – a restoration guide

Energy of the Pharaohs – Egypt 4

Sun Alignment

Sun Alignment

In my last post, I spoke of wandering the road at night and finding the body of a dead dog. I had collected it’s death energy into a crystal last night and this next day I was wandering the pyramids again. I had been here for a while, having taken (half of) the tour in the morning (post on that Amber experience coming soon). It seems that 3:30pm was the time for me here in Egypt. As again the sun was looking over the Great pyramid.

I asked the rods whether there was anything that I could do at this place this afternoon and the answer was a quick and sharp yes. So (with no need to prepare) I was taken off to the side of the Great pyramid and a place that then I looked up at it, gave me the image as the picture shows. Well not quite actually, when I got there it was about a couple of inches away from the top. Was there any thing to do here? I asked and got another sharp yes. Apparently I had to lay the crystals out in a similar pattern to last night when I captured the dogs death energy. Ah…I thought…more to do with that. Interesting.

Placing the crystals in the layout as shown, I sat and considered them. It looked to me as if, they would draw energy from the great pyramid or maybe put energy in. I instinctively knew that the time of transpose (like that word) would be when the sun hit the top of the pyramid and also that I didn’t have to do anything but wait. You have to remember that sometimes your actually doing something is indicative of intention.

Literally a few moments later, the sun hit the apex of the great pyramid and I knew that something had occurred. Had the dogs death energy gone? Yes. Had it gone into the pyramid, no. Oh, that was not what I expected. Had some energy come from the pyramid into the crystal? Yes. More dowsing revealed that the dogs death energy had called (attracted) energy from the pyramid. A Pharaoh signature energy. Now that was completely unexpected and yet – in hind sight – so obvious.

Second Alignment

Second Alignment

After collecting the energy of the pharaohs in the crystal I had to go around to the other side of the Great Pyramid, where the third pyramid is and place the crystals in the same layout, but with the difference that the smokey quartz terminators were placed the opposite way. Apparently, this locked in the energy. An internal feeling suggested that I would be doing something with this energy in Luxor. However, I was mistaken.

As a final note on this part of my Egyptian adventure, I was nearing the exit of the area when I realised that I had been completely remiss in not doing a gratitude ceremony. I turned around to head back and complete that when a force stopped me. I was surprised by my lack of ability to move back. Had I come too far? Was it too late to do a gratitude ceremony? It seems that one wasn’t needed. That surprised me, but I still wanted to do one. Again no, almost as if it wasn’t allowed. Strange! In the end I dropped a crystal in the sand where I stood and intended it as a gratitude gift. But still, very odd.

Kal Malik – puzzled!

Death of a Dog – Egypt 3

Capturing Death Energy

Capturing Death Energy

It was my first night in Cairo and I awoke at around 2:30 am. It wasn’t a noise that woke me. Maybe a bathroom break? I returned to my bed and was about to snuggle in when I felt an urge to get back up again. As is my normal practice these days, whenever I am in a new place, I check the energies to ensure all is well. I had done so here and found that the energies were as beneficial as I could have had them. What then?

Pacing around the room a time or two led me to conclude that I needed to go out. I quickly changed and let the dowsing rods lead me out of my room and towards the long path to the exit of the hotel resort grounds. You might think it odd, a guy walking around in the middle of the night with a couple of metal bent sticks in his hand. Yep! I agree!

The hotel I was staying in was about 2 miles from the great pyramid and I wondered whether the rods were going to take me in that direction. No, at the junction to the road they turned the opposite way. Oh crap! According to the maps I had perused earlier, there was nothing but road on this side. But I wasn’t going to argue with the rods. I set off along the reasonably quiet road, watching out for rubble and uneven surfaces. Terrific!

The road got darker and the path less discernible. In a strange land, with a strange (to me) language doing a strange thing…as recipes go, one definitely in the disaster category. Still, what’s an energy adventurer to do? I continued on, more slowly now as the pavement along the road thinned to just a foot wide barrier. Then, just a few feet in front of me I saw something black on the ground. I wondered whether it was a hole in the ground as I approached it carefully. No, it was the corpse of a dog.

Ever since a few years ago when I went through a spirit walker phase and learned about death energies and how to release them. I have automatically released the energy of any road-kill that I have come across. So much so that it is a normal and simple practice for me now, that doesn’t even require me to stop. Feeling the trappings of an Energy Undertaker I was just about to make the hand=movement and change of focus to do that here, when I stopped myself.

Was this why I was wandering the night roads in Cairo? Yes, the rods confirmed. And was it to clear this energy? No. A few minutes of intuitive questioning revealed that I had to collect the energy into a crystal (see the diagram). Once I had done this my night-time sojourn was done and I returned to the hotel – puzzled as to the why of things.

Kal Malik – not death energy again!



Summary 2013 – Lessons Learned Pt2

In the second half of my second summary post I’m completing the lessons learned for the remainder of the year – that’s August to December. In this post I talk about the stag energies, energetic balance, death energy and some of the natural magickal techniques that I have been shown this year.


Stag and the Staff

  • Learned that a staff can become associated with a kind of ‘patron’ energy form
  • My new yew stag-headed staff becomes associated with the Gwyn Ap Nudd/Herne/Cernunnos energy.

Related posts: Initiation of the Yew Staff

Balancing and Tuning at Sacred Sites

  • You can reconfigure your own energy field to match that of a sacred site (especially a stone circle).
  • When the circle is at a balanced point in the year (equinoxes) then you can easily balance your chakras/energy field

Related posts: Mitchell’s Fold balancing

  • Chakras can be tuned through the vowel sounds – caves are excellent places to do this

Absorbing the Gwyn energies

  • The energies of an energy form such as Gwyn Ap Nudd can be absorbed into your own energy field, such that they “walk with you”
  • The purpose of this is to be able to invoke their guiding presents more readily

Related posts: Chun Quoit, Faery Portal, Faery Feast

What the Romans Did For Us

  • On Anglesey I discovered that one of the few remaining traditions that were left virtually intact by the Roman invasion were the arts associated with the knowledge of local plants and their powers.
  • I was asked to continue this tradition when communing with the shade of Iestyn.

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