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Finding the Horns of the Stag

I know – a stag’s horns are usually called antlers. I am choosing to use the term ‘stag’s horns’ because those are the words that came to me when I asked for this next quest. “Horn” seems to have more resonance with concepts such as drinking vessels and therefore “grails” too. It makes my work […]

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Modern Druidry

The Whitegate White Staff

I am reminded of a post that seems so long ago now in which I told you how I found my old beech staff, or rather, how I came across the staff in a magical moment where I asked for one to appear and moments later I came across the perfect branch for the job. In […]

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Dowsing | Edge Wizardry | Energy work | Theory

Knowledge from a forest

Waking to a cold and frosty morning. I reckoned that the sun was going to be out before long and so opted for a trip to Delamere forest for a walk and general closeness to nature. Wayne Dyer recommends this kind of stuff as ‘wilderness therapy’ although exactly what I was being therapised for in […]

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Ancient Sites | Dowsing | Energy work

Delamere Forest: in colour

Delamere Forest, Cheshire:  Sunday 18th January 2009 Let me set the scene: a cool but calm Winter’s day, two fools with copper rods and petrol station sarnies in backpacks wander purposefully and expectantly towards a specific place. All around the sometimes leafless trees flick from deciduous to evergreen and back again as they pass hesitant […]

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