Staff | Trees

Spring 2015-P5 – Oak Staff of Sherwood

For a while I’ve felt that I needed a staff that is more practical than my too-obvious antlered yew staff. The yew staff was right at the time, and is good for ceremonial occasions, but is impractical, too decorative, and was fashioned by someone else. I felt I needed something more subtle that I can carve […]

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Tarot | Wheel of the Year

Tarot and Dowsing for Beltane

As I often do before embarking on a major point in the year’s work I decided to do a tarot draw to ask about my work for Beltane. I already know that my next part of the year will be under the auspices of the tree Blackthorn, according to the Tree Angle Oracle tarot draw which […]

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Angels | Dowsing | Energy cleansing | House Energies book

Saving Annabel”

I never quite know how these things come about, but a friend of a friend of a friend of Kal’s mentioned something about their house being haunted, and next thing you know Kal’s inviting me to call them to arrange a visit. Now I like to be prepared. Hence, there were introductory phone calls, confirmation […]

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