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Crystals are personal

Judy Hall – one of the foremost active authors on crystal working, has a new book out: Life-Changing Crystals. I was interested enough to consider whether the information that she was giving out in her book had general relevance – could anyone and everyone find the same uses for these crystals?

I dowsed each of the crystals she presents in the pages that can be viewed in Amazon’s preview, where she described the type of crystal and its properties. I asked the question “Would the stated energetic qualities of this crystal work for me?“. In every single case with one exception the answer was “No”. The one exception was Malachite, which apparently I can use for “stepping into my power”, whatever that means, I guess I’d have to buy the book to find out.

Can Judy's book change your life?

Can Judy’s book change your life?

Given that the other crystals had no correspondence with me I am not going to buy that book (although I did buy her book about crystal working at sacred sites – it was too enticing not to!).

So, what is the principle at work here? It’s not that crystals generally have properties and energetic uses that everyone can agree upon. It’s much more the case that crystals have properties that resonate with individual energy fields in very personal ways. You have to find out for yourself which crystals you can work with, and to what purposes they can be put. How do you do this? Who am I, Judy Hall?

I have a couple of methods.  They are:-

  1. I shop for crystals in places where the energy feels good generally, and I feel like the crystals are powerful. Then I ask to be shown a crystal that I can use for a specific purpose. I am usually led to see or feel one that I can use.
  2. I buy crystals that feel powerful and energetic. If I can dowse them I will. Then when I want to use crystals for a specific purpose I use my dowsing rods to dowse for suitable ones. I dowse for which type, how many I need, and sometimes even a configuration that I should lay them out in which best suits that purpose.

These methods have been continually proven to work for me. I have crystals whose uses have even changed over time as my energy has changed. So, even though some books may say “X crystal does Y” – does it always? Well, there may be some general guidance to be found from these ‘universal’ descriptions – they may lead you to consider what crystals can be used for. However, I have never found these general ‘uses’ the be useful for me.

I recommend picking crystals for yourself, for your own current purpose, and using them on a more personal basis than these guide books can every really inform you of. All such books are useful for is to suggest possibilities of uses generally. It’s then up to you to find or collect the types of crystals that you can make use of.



Poltergeist Pet

What else is one supposed to do on a Sunday during The Quiet Time? Why, go in search of the energetic sources of poltergeist activity, of course. Obvious. Kal had kindly invited me into the situation. He had been asked by a friend to investigate the activity reported by the lady’s sister, and so with a full kit of potential useful items – candles, incense, crystals, dowsing rods – we made our way into the heart of suburbia in an ordinary modern northern English town.

The day was already shaping up to be unusual. In a huge car park covering several acres I had managed to park a few cars away to Kal’s without realising it until I got out and looked around. What a coincidence. Next, when we met up, Kal fumbled for his wallet to have a pen drop out of his coat. He swore it wasn’t his pen! Odd.

On arrival we were made welcome by a nervous family – mother, father and three teenage girls. They were used to their sister’s “white witch” ways and proclaimed themselves open-minded to what we might find. The father remained silent. We invited the assembled household to tell us some of the events that had been happening, and the discussion suddenly went into overdrive – the incidents tumbled out like a flash flood – they couldn’t speak quickly enough. All except the father, until he pressed by Kal to reveal how it had affected him. Then he was able to add a tale or two that even this self-proclaimed sceptic couldn’t explain.

They talked of two different types of incidents. In one type there were items moved around the house which only a few had witnessed directly. The first type was classic poltergeist activity at a low level. They described the dangling crystal beads on a small chandelier lampshade left swinging when no-one was around and no windows were open; knocking from upstairs that everyone downstairs could hear; a thump as though something was jumping off a bed onto the hardwood floor. On investigation nothing would be there, of course. Doors closing unexpectedly, even with deep pile carpets that would prevent explanations of draughts or wind.

The second type of behaviour was slightly more sinister. The two elder girls who had separate rooms both reported sleep paralysis symptoms, feeling like they couldn’t move. They also felt as though they had been suffocated and even choked on one occasion! Finally, one of the girls reported that she felt that she had been moved in her bed by some force. This was very recent behaviour, and from the history of the accounts it was clear that the symptoms were getting more frequent, and more powerful by the day.

Read on to find out how we investigated this series of events, and how we concluded the situation.

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The Gnome of Gawtons Stone

In England one has to get used to working in the rain – especially in Summer, it would seem. June 2012 has been one of the wettest months I can remember. However, despite this, I have somehow managed to be out and about quite a lot.  I think it’s down to sheer bloody-mindedness, which could be seen as both a positive or negative trait.

One June evening I was chatting with my friend Mike and he mentioned that a friend of a mutual friend had mentioned that a recent visit to a sacred well had been unexpectedly unpleasant. The report that came back was that the well felt disturbed and oppressive.  We discussed whether there might be something that we could do about it. The name of the place was “Gawton’s Well“. The name rang a bell with me – then I remembered that I had seen it on the Megalithic Portal, but its location looked difficult to identify, and I remember thinking, “I will mention this to Mike ad see if he knows where it is”. A year later, here was Mike mentioning it to me. Maybe I was being a bit too eager, but I asked if we might go and try to find it. Apparently Mike didn’t know the location of the well either, but he knew the area. Good enough. Surely we should be able to locate it? Despite the dark clouds and drizzle I managed to persuade Mike to leave the house and we set off for the reservoirs beyond Biddulph.

Locating with Dowsing Rods

When I heard that the well was situated near to a place called “Knypers-ley” the name drew some raised eyebrows and knowing looks. Could there indeed be a ley line running through the area? If I had had more time and the weather had been nicer I might have added it to the list of things to look for, but this evening I only had time for one objective – to find the location of this mysterious well, mentioned as one of the most spiritual places in Staffordshire, and now possibly energetically damaged.

We had only three points of reference to find the well. We knew that it was “north” of the reservoir, and that it was on a path that wasn’t the main path. From a photo we had seen there was a wall with a gap in it too. That was it. How difficult could it be? Well, we drastically underestimated the size of the reservoir for one thing! After twenty minutes of walking approximately northwards on the path round the reservoir we hadn’t seen a wall, and we hadn’t seen any sign pointing to a well (not that we were expecting one).

We stopped to ask the dowsing rods for some help. Could they direct us to where we could find the well, I asked?

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Scotch Mist and Scotching Myths

Oh blimey! We’re so far behind with our posts. Here’s one from the early part of June that I’ve just got around to. It’s the second part of the story of our Wales visit during the Venus Transit early in the month. I think I put “Mid June” at the start of the last post, but actually it was early June. Wishful thinking! I’m determined not to fall further than a month behind with these posts. We’ve got so much to tell you still! Onwards!

In this post I will tell you about some dowsed history of Dinas Emrys, and then another experiment we did with sound and chakra points. The scene starts with curtain up on a wide valley steeped in wisps of flowing mist like the breath 0f a Welsh green dragon filling the world with its presence.

Mist in the Nantgwynant Valley

Breath of the Dragon

As we turned the corner and passed over the crest of the A498 heading towards Beddgelert were were greeted by a sight that literally made us gasp in astonishment and wonder. The sweeping panorama of the lake and valley of Nantgwynant is stunning on any day of the year, but today there were wisps of cloud hanging on to the sides of the mountains that made the whole scene magical. Snowdon had never looked more mysterious, and broad smiles were pasted to our faces for the rest of the journey into the valley below.

Parking in one fo the handy lay-bys at the side of the road we got our wet-weather gear ready, despite the humidity. It was definitely going to rain. It had been raining all morning everywhere around us on the journey in. All surfaces were wet and slippery. I put my sturdy boots on. Kal went in trainers. He surely had to expect wet feet again?

We climbed over the iron gate, got to the path, and climbed up past the static caravans up the less steep side of the hill to the first plateau. Once reached I reminded Kal that this was the place where the mythological red and white dragons had their battle as Merlin and King Vortigern watched. Kal ignored this wonderful piece of information and reminded me that his vertigo had gone. I’m sure he misheard me!

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Egypt – Saint Simeon Monastery in Aswan

You can’t come to Egypt and not take a ride on a camel, apparently. So, we did. We got up early and crossed the Nile from Aswan‘s east bank across to its west bank, where all the culture related to the afterlife was situated. On the western bank, just below the tomb for the Aga Khan III, is a small stable of camels and their keepers – mere slips of boys with eager grins.

The Nile near Aswan

We ensured the indignity of our unpractised and unbalanced mounting of the Desert Taxis didn’t go unrecorded, and then began our stomp up through the sand and rocky paths towards the remains of the monastery founded by the legendary Saint Simeon (or Simon The Tanner, as he was also known).

Who is more indignant - camel or rider?

Our guide for this short expedition was the delightful local lady “Maggi” (a shortened version of a lovely Nubian name that she knew we wouldn’t be able to pronounce, let alone retain in our tiny western brains. She was right – we couldn’t. It must be the effects of the sun?).

Sat atop the rocky ridge overlooking the Nile at Aswan the monastery initially appears to be quite compact, but as you enter the building you realise that it is split into the lower religious section consisting of a large courtyard and a small church. Up some stone steps the larger expanse of the functional elements of the complex become apparent, with areas for stabling camels, toilets, a laundry, extensive sleeping quarters and storage rooms.

After our guided tour we were left to our own devices for as long as we needed. Up here, on this deserted desert ridge we were the only visitors, and we left to explore the place at our leisure. Immediately I got my dowsing rods out and began to investigate the area for interesting subtle energy spots.

My first quest was to find whether there was any Spirit of Place at this location. There was. I asked to be taken to the spirit’s current location and the rods began to direct me to an area of the monastery that I hadn’t been to as yet. Eventually I arrived at a small room with one triangular end which had no windows. This would surely not have been a place of residence without windows? Mind you, from what we had heard St Simeon was a strange man. We heard the story of a hole in the ceiling through which Simeon had his hair held by other monks so that he wouldn’t fall asleep while reading scriptures. If his eyes drooped then the monks gave his hair a tug to keep him awake! And I thought I was dedicated to the cause!

The rods twirled around into a circle at a spot to the southern end of the room.Q. Was this SOP the spirit of St.Simeon? YES. Further inquiries began.

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Egypt – The Power of the Pyramids

Pyramids and Pyramyths

The only question I needed to answer when faced with the gigantic step facade of the Great Pyramid was whether I wanted to pay to go inside the structure. Of course I did! I hadn’t come all this way not to take an opportunity like that. We escaped the afternoon sun and the pesky traders who swarmed like sand-flies around the pyramid’s lengthy base. As we stepped inside a frisson of excitement and awe pulsed through us and we exchanged glances – yes, we really were inside the Great Pyramid of antiquity.

We climbed the steep wooden-runged ramp with heads kept low until we reached one of the vaulted inclined chambers. There we caught our breath in the humid and close stale air before continuing another steep climb up to the King’s Chamber. Once inside we were pounced upon by a local man of overwhelming insistence who ‘guided’ us through some basic facts and figures, dragging a different lady to each point in the chamber before performing a very physical demonstration of the chamber’s position inside the pyramid’s structure, making us feel the inside of the remaining sarcophagus, and shining a torch so that we could see the vents and shafts at various points around the room. Then he flattened his hand in a gesture anticipating kind donations, Few were forthcoming, and most people escaped his avid attentions and the stifling closeness of the air as they exited the room. We lingered for a while because M could see that I wanted to check some things out. However, I didn’t do any dowsing – I just ‘felt’ around using my senses and my intuitive responses.

Why didn’t I take the opportunity to dowse in there? Did I feel anything? Were there incredible energies in that chamber? There was nothing. No feeling of any energy at all. Whatever that chamber’s previous or current purpose or activity there was none of it going on when I was there. The chamber was devoid of subtle life, only tourists. I wondered at this point whether the idea that this chamber might seal off energies from outside could be true? I tested the seals between the stones in the walls and found that I couldn’t even put my fingernail between the stones. Why would this degree of perfect fit be necessary for such a room unless it served some function? Nowhere else in my subsequent travels to temples would I find anything like this kind of perfection in the remains of temples. It certainly begs the question!

Sonic experimentation

Trying to avoid the attentions of a pesky “guide” who was angling for money off anyone lingering in the chamber I tried an experiment that came to mind. I began to hum to see what the effect was of sound made within the chamber. I was expecting an intense resonance off the sleek and tight-fitting walls but instead what I got back was a dulling of the sound, almost an absorption. It felt like I was humming slightly in my own head. My sound was not ‘bouncing off the walls’ in a ‘sonic cathedral of sound’, but instead it was being pushed away by the angles of the chamber until it almost cancelled itself out! The effect was quite disturbing, and I stopped any further humming, not knowing what to try next. The ‘guide’ became insistent upon payment for his meagre services in a most leering manner, and I decided to get M out of the small space before something untoward occurred in this special place.

As we re-emerged sweating from the humidity inside I turned my attention to some of the other tales I had heard about the pyramids.

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Map dowsing my recovery

lately I have been over-worked and exercising too much. I have had so little time left for updating the blog and doing any spiritual work that I have been left feeling disconnected and strained. I decided I needed a break. After a tense negotiation with my lovely wife she graciously accepted that it was in both our interests if I took a few days away to recover.

With this in mind I began the thought processes turning about where I should go. Somewhere with a spa, or healing waters, or a relaxing heated pool. Such visions filled my mind and my logical brain began to suggest some obvious places: Harrogate, or Bath, perhaps? Both sounded great, so I began to look for hotels. Despite a cursory search I couldn’t find what I was looking for! Something wasn’t right. I needed the dowsing rods to help me, and so I decided to do my own version of map dowsing, which is really more like “direction and distance finding”.

I cleared my mind, relaxed, and asked the important preliminary questions:-

  • was it alright for me to use the dowsing rods to ask about such a topic? YES.
  • would I be able to get a suitable response to my questions related to going on a break? YES.
  • was it right and proper for me to do this? YES.

All well and good, therefore I set my mind to finding what I was looking for. I had two stipulations:

  1. The place or hotel must have a pool and spa facilities (I really couldn’t shake the image of me relaxing in a jacuzzi)
  2. The place must have some energies that I can use to aid my recovery back to full spiritual strength.
  3. The place I visited must have a beneficial sacred site very close by (I wasn’t going to drive for an hour to visit a place, climb a steep hill, and then tramp over moorland when I’m supposed to be resting)

With these stipulation set in mind I called upon the rods to show me the direction I should head in. The rods swung around and stuck firmly in one direction. I moved left and right to try to pull them away (always a good test of whether the result is real). The rods didn’t move. I realised I didn’t have any compass to determine which direction I was being shown, so I had to put the rods down and go find one.

Head East, young man!

I did the dowsing again and the rods swung around to exactly the same direction as before. Good sign. Using the compass I found that the direction was due East. Exactly. Oh! How odd! From my part of the country there wasn’t really anything that I knew of that was of interest due East! North, South and West, yes, but due East? Due East is the rising ofthe light, the Sun’s first appearance. I have recently been informed that this year’s theme will be “more light”. I wonder if this is significant? I was puzzled, but decided to continue with more dowsing to get some definition.

Next question. How far away is the place that I should visit? I dowsed up in spans of ten miles, 0-10, 10-20, etc. The rods began to turn between one particular range. To be sure of the exact number I started at the bottom of this ten-mile range and moved up in one mile intervals until I reached the exact number. Now I had my co-ordinates. A bearing and a distance. Next I had to translate that onto a map.

This part was easy. Using Google Maps I simply used the ruler tool to measure out the distance across a map of the country, due East from my house. Of course, as you and I both would expect the result ended up being in the middle of nowhere, right? Wrong!! It ended up being right in the middle of a town whose name I recognised. More than that, there was a sacred site right in the heart of the town. And it was one that I had been recommended to visit by a friend several years ago. Since then I had imagined going to visit it several times. Now, my spirit guides had led me to this exact spot. How could I not go? I booked a hotel nearby.

Now let’s see what happens!



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