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Summer 2015 – P3 – A Sting at Dowth

This is a short post. It’s also a sad post (for me) and a humorous post (for you). It concerns an object lesson in following one’s intuition.

We were in Ireland and were visiting the Boyne Valley sites again. We had bought tickets for both Knowth and Newgrange, but as we left Knowth Kal wanted to go directly to Dowth. He reckoned that there was nothing there for him at Newgrange, and although I actually did want to go, my brain kicked in and added several reasonable reasons not to visit: it would be busy, we would have to get the hot stuffy bus back and wait for another one going back out, Dowth was just a lovely walk down the road.

Dowth - June 15 (2)

We went to Dowth. It was a lovely walk, but as we approached I had mixed emotions. My thwarted intuition was giving out warning signs, but my rational ego-driven mind was tweeting to all and sundry that I was about to enter one of the most interesting and energetic site sin the area. I don’t know if I was trying to convince myself or what, but as soon as I approached the site I knew I had made the wrong decision.

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Stalking or Tethering p6 Solstice 2015


If you pop over to Chris’s post you will learn that he had gained an interesting insight into my, what I am now going to call, Magician Quest. Although it might be good to have it under the banner of ancestral quest too. As I learned, it was about this ancient magician, who was in my ancestral line, summoning up the energies (spirit?) of dragons from Albion to use to tame the Djinn in an effort to gain an artifact known as the Ring of Solomon. Talk about a mouthful of Arabian Nights!

What Chris had learned was that should I embark on this quest then I would be tempted to call on Dragon Energies myself. To avoid that scenario he had learned that I had to tether the dragons here, in Albion. I have to confess, had the need arose I would have done it, call the dragons I mean. Probably to my detriment at some point. But tethering them, didn’t seem in my style either.

We had walked from Knowth to Dowth discussing this dilemma of temptation, with no resolution coming to hand. Upon reaching Dowth and communing with the spirits therein, I had had the experience of future seeing (see last post). But as I mentioned there, the Oracle had not finished…

Genius Loci of Dowth

Genius Loci of Dowth

The Genius of the Loci

The oracle had just placed a finger on my lips thereby sealing off the knowledge of the future. Why show it me? Also, I might add, sealing off the hundred questions I had too! But she wasn’t done. There in the envisioned halls beneath Dowth she took my hand and led me deeper into (the) space. Although where I had been was dark, as she led me deeper, it got brighter. Until I was facing a brilliant sparkling lightning. It was the Genius Loci of Dowth. I’ve never really seen one in the flesh so to speak. But here, in this dark place, it was dazzlingly bright.

Now before I continue, I have the same question that you might have…why? why do the beings we meet tell us things about ourselves, about what we should do, about the answers we seek? It’s almost like a computer game isn’t it? We come here and collect a piece of the puzzle then we go on to the next place and collect the next. Almost always personal. Why do these beings know what they know and why do the tell us such. Almost as if they are sat waiting for us to arrive so they can impart the next piece. Why? Why? Why? It is a question that troubles me on occasion. And here again it caught up with me. Why had the Oracle shown me what it did? Why was this bright spirit before me going to do the same? It is a truly healthy question to ask and I will explore it specifically in a post later. But for now, you and me, we’re thinking the same things.

I kind of bowed to the Genius and expressed my awe at its appearance. After all, it was something I had never seen before (the image is the best I could find). As with the Oracle, the Genius seemed in a hurry. Why? Nevermind. Again (see above rant) the Genius knew what was in my mind and answered a question…

Yes there is another way. You won’t have to tether the dragons…if…if…you learn stalking.

My thoughts vanished from this time and were back some 25 years ago…Chris and I had been fascinated by the work of Carlos Castaneda and hist Shaman apprenticeship. One of the Arts he had been taught was the Art of Stalking. Ideas and memories from those books returned to me. Hmmm…Stalking. Not an easy thing to learn. It would be easier by far to figure a way to the tether the dragons. But stalking…

I was lost in thought before the Genius, but it didn’t seem to mind and in fact had nothing more to impart. Why!!!??!!!

Ireland – the Oracle of Dowth

Sorry for the delay in this post, but I honestly thought I had written it already, however when I came to look for it as a reference, alas it was no where to be found. I’m afraid its going to be from memory that is about 6 months old.

Just to set the scene then, we had just visited New Grange and Knowth, where I had a spectacular 3rd eye opening experience and had just walked the couple of miles in lovely sunny May weather to arrive at the rather non-descript (compared to the other two places) mound. The mound is called Dowth and means Darkness.

Gwas was off doing his thing whilst I felt the urge to climb the mound and go and sit on the opposite side to where we had come in to the field. i.e. facing the sun.

Although I was by no means tired in a physical sense, I did feel tired in a energetic sense. Perhaps the experience at Knowth had taken it out of me? I don’t know, but feeling the way I was (and thinking that since this seemed to be the least of the three mounds) I decided to take a time-out for this one.


As I sat there my thoughts un focused and I was transported back in time (and I know this will sound like story telling – but it was so vivid and real…) I was back in a time when people knew what the use of the mounds was, not far from the time of there creation. I saw Dowth as being, perhaps the most important of the mounds. People from across the world came to visit this particular site. But it wasnt the site itself they were interested in it was the person who lived there.

As I saw through time, I knew that an Oracle lived at Dowth and it was her that people came to visit. She would dispense her gift to all who came (and there were queues of people). She sat in an inner chamber, which was lit by sunlight and quite big. The chamber I felt was by the side of the mound and not under it. The woman seer was clothed in ordinary clothing of the time. There was a great sense of peace about the place.

My seeing allowed me to experience one of her readings with her and I knew that she saw like I was seeing her. Again I had a feeling that it wasn’t so much the future that she could see but more like…the wisest course of action. Yes, that sounds right. This is what she gave to her visitors, wisdom in the form of actions to take.

What I thought was odd was that even when her news wasn’t good, the people still felt at peace. Which makes me wonder whether this place, Dowth, was also a place of peaceful energies?

I can’t recall how long I was in the pastfor, but I was given time enough to see many of the daily goings on of people and visited with the Oracle a few times. Of course they didn’t see or interact with me. Oddly the Seer didn’t either and thats curious isn’t it?

In time I returnedfrom my visitation and felt even more tired than before. I am certain that the 3rd Eye experience at Knowth was a catalyst for this vision. I have to say though, it was one of the most “it really happened” visions that i’ve ever had.

Kal Malik – Visiting with Seers

Dowth: Place of Integration

Sunday 29th May – Dowth, Boyne Valley, County Meath.

Dowth (“The Place of Darkness”) is the lesser-visited site of the three famous megalithic structures in the Boyne Valley complex. It is less visited because there is no convenient bus taking tourists to the site, and instead intrepid visitors have to walk the mile or so from the bus terminus, or a mile and a half from the Knowth site, in order to reach it. Luckily for us this late May day was about as beautiful and sunny as May days get, and so we walked along the blooming hawthorn-lined lanes in utter delight. Some days it pays to be a (would-be) druid.

When we arrived at Dowth we had the place to ourselves with the exception of a solitary photographer who busied himself with setting up some arty shots. We read the information board (always amusing, sometimes useful) and then looked at each other. We felt there was something we should do before going in – but what was it? We decided to wait. We didn’t know what for – perhaps just to let our blood cool from the walk, or to become totally attuned to the ambiance of the site before we entered. We weren’t sure. But we waited for ten minutes, then entered.

Information created by archaeologists

The site exuded a sense of spirituality from the outset. As soon as I entered I got my dowsing rods out and asked them to lead me to the place that I was best attuned to, my power centre, taking me by a “ritual path”, as I called it. My intention, the thought I had in mind, was of the path around Glastonbury Tor – the labyrinthine path that I would soon take again at the Summer Solstice. Eventually, after much to-ing and fro-ing around the edges of the mound I was led into the centre to a spot where someone had had a fire, somewhere near the centre of the hollow that formed a giant hole in the middle of the mound. Kal calls this form of perambulation in trance a “walking meditation” and says that groups he works with do them quite frequently.I wouldn’t know anything about that – I did it because it felt right to do. At the burnt spot the energy spiralled indicating a power centre. It was here that I meditated on my throat chakra. I wanted to clear myself and energise at the same time, with special attention to my throat chakra.

Fire pit power centre at Dowth

Then, like at the entrance to this unusual site, I got the oddest feeling. I felt that I couldn’t progress until I had recited a poem that recounted all my efforts to this point – a kind of announcement as to why I was here. Was I not in a land of poets? Was this not the land where the Blarney Stone is kissed for its gift of eloquence? And so I began to recite some dodgy rhymes, somewhat self-consciously even though there was no-one else around except Kal and he was over the other side of the hill. I told the spirit of the hill all about the other places I had visited to work on various chakras, and what the result of each encounter had been. As soon as I completed my poem I felt a wave of relief (release) and I picked up my dowsing roads again to see where I should go to next in order to work on my throat chakra. I felt like I had opened a doorway into an opportunity, and now was the time to step across this Mercurial threshold.

Kal's vision quest on Dowth

I began to follow a single dowsing road as it led me around the curve of the hollow and back to a new power centre – a rocky scar in the hillside similar to one that I knew from my many visits to Gop Hill in North Wales. I went there and lay down to ‘doze’, to get myself into an attuned and trance-like state of mind, a receptive mind state, if you will. As I entered a light trance state and became comfortable with the hill I heard and fleetingly saw a familiar figure – it was The Lady. The same lady that I had encountered at Gop Hill (this was something I felt, rather than positively identified). In my half-sleep I was able to ask questions of the Lady of the Hill. My questions were answered by the reaction of the sunlight – if it went behind a cloud then the answer was negative in nature, and vice versa. The strength of the heat or cold indicated the strength of the answer.

Some of the information simply formed in my mind, or bubbled up from somewhere, and then I tested its validity using the clouds. This sounds stupidly un-scientific, I know, yet it was utterly consistent. I could ask test questions which had simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers and the clouds would react accordingly and immediately, uncannily so. Those test questions provided the assurance that this was some form of divination allowing me to interact with this powerful yet elusive Lady figure. This was not the first time I had encountered this kind of divination opportunity, and I recognised it for what it was, and wasn’t about to squander it.

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Knowth – Part 2: a guide to power centres

Sunday 30th May – Knowth, County Meath

This is the fourth of my posts about the journey through the seven chakras. In this post Kal and I returned to Knowth to exclusively dowse it for a purpose this time – for me to find out whether I could work on my heart chakra. This was a necessity, according to the previous day’s work at Kells. You may remember that my spirit guide had helped me to clear me solar plexus chakra and that I had gained insight that the next chakra would be the most important to unblock or empower.

The Neptune gateway and the Carlanstown stone

I’m really miffed now that I didn’t take a picture of the stone that I retrieved from the Carlanstown Spring. I’ve never seen anything like it before or since, and it’s green-flecked appearance is an image that is now only accessible in my memory banks. Sorry I can’t provide you with more than this vague description. As a former geology student I ought to be able to be more specific, but I have forgotten more than I will even learn again, and now even an educated guess would be far out. It was some form of igneous rock, if that helps? Obviously not.

The starting point at Knowth

We started at the timber circle, me with the green-flecked stone in one hand, and a quartz crystal in the other. Ask me not why this was so, for the answer shall be, I don’t know! It felt right. It also felt right for me to walk into the timber circle from the entrance closest to the main mound (the gap closest to the mound in the picture above). Despite having stones in my hand I needed to quickly check some things and got my iPhone out to use the Starwalk app to find out where stars and constellations were positioned at that moment. I was standing in the power centre (where Kal’s stood in the picture) facing the entrance to the timber circle. Which stars or planets aligned with this entrance….why, Neptune of course! The planet associated with the gods of water. Ever after the green stone became known as The Neptune Stone.

Standing in the timber circle I began a process of cleansing and clearing – removing the detritus of this world, the energetic rubbish that we all accumulate around us by passing through strong electromagnetic signals and other energetic influences that we pass through and by during our normal day. Luckily, if you live in the country or in Ireland there is much less ‘stuff’ to accumulate! The ritual is similar to the kind of purification rituals performed by druid types of my ilk who perform group rituals and the like. For me, it is a purely energetic cleansing. For some, they prefer to include a physical cleansing involving some form of washing in spring water or bathing. Whatever floats your candle, and lights your incense.

One of the things I found interesting was to find that, in each of the sensory-deprivation chambers the initiate would have to spend three days. The best three days for the process would be the three days of the Full Moon in each month.

Mapping the Transformation Sites

Having got myself attuned to the Knowth site again, cleansed and powered-up I wandered back over the Kal who had been off dowsing around while I was ‘dallying’. I had asked the dowsing rods to take me to a place that had an energy form that I had not encountered before. A big ask, possibly, but I remained hopeful. As we passed each other Kal said cryptically, “Interesting energies there.” and pointed to a small raised grass embankment shaped like a teardrop. I registered his words but was busy following my primary objective – to go to a place with a new energy quality or form. The rods continued on their wavy course and took me round to the very place that Kal had nodded to. Damn him! He’s always right! I’ll cover what I found in sequence with the rest of the parts of the Knowth site because it fits better in context.

At the place that Kal had pointed to I found some cool stuff to do with attuning the heart chakra. Following on from this I went around the site finding which other parts of the site could be used for which chakras. There was a centre of a particular place and type of space for each chakra, but the heart chakra seemed to be the strongest.

In this next section I will show you what I think each of the unusual parts of the site might have been used for in terms of The Initiate and their spiritual transformation process.

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Newgrange – Part 2: The initiation room

Friday 28th May – Newgrange, Country Meath, Ireland.

This is the second part of the account of our visit to Newgrange. One thing became abundantly clear to me as we were there – this was not a suitable place to be doing some work on my chakras. The rods luckily agreed with that instinctive diagnosis. Instead, we spent our time finding out about the place – what was it for? How did it work? Was the main mound the only interesting part of the site? It wasn’t.

Emerging from Newgrange’s main chamber, Kal and I headed in the opposite direction to everyone else. We walked clockwise around the huge wall of white quartz rock with its occasional studs of differently coloured stones protruding like dull stars in a negative image of the sky at night. 

We set about dowsing and discussing the quartz wall of facing stones that was a reconstruction from the fallen stones found at the site when it was rebuilt recently. We dowsed that the quartz was used to amplify the energies captured and then filtered through the mound’s many alternating layers of organic and inorganic material (cf. Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator). This fantastic site has some excellent imagery of the layers discovered during the excavations.

We spent just another few moments at the reconstructed quartz wall, trying to find out whether those intermittent stones had any effect. We found that the duller spotted stones were important somehow. It was important that they were part of the wall, important that the broke up the continual pattern of white stones but they were not energetically significant in themselves. They had a function, but the purpose was not fulfilled by some property of the stone, only by their placement in the pattern. With this confusing response, we decided to wander on, around the exterior, contrary to the flow of the other tourists who looked at us with some idle amusement.

We walked around the right way and Kal showed me his discovery from when he had been off wandering alone earlier – a small double chambered building. What was it? What was its purpose? We wandered inside to try to find out.

The building had two chambers and an entrance porch. Beyond the porch was the larger of the two chambers, large enough to seat eight people, and indeed there were eight alcoves built into the round chamber’s wall. There were two such alcoves in the entrance porch too. Beyond the main chamber with the eight seats was another smaller chamber which had one seat cut into the back of the wall. The smaller chamber looked as though it would fit someone in if they were sat down, perhaps with a ‘minder’ or observer watching them in the seat opposite.

We went back to the entrance and began to investigate the purpose of each of the parts of the building. We dowsed that the two entrance seats were for guards, people who would prevent others from entering and disturbing the proceedings, whatever they might turn out to be.

Inside the main chamber we found out much more information. There were four seats on the right-hand side of the chamber which were for men to sit in. The four seats on the left-hand side were for women. The purpose of the eight participants was that they would draw down moon energy through the small portal windows that dotted the chamber at strategically placed points above eye level.

The whole building was geared around an initiate. The Initiate would have someone with him or her, who would guide them through the process they had to follow. The Initiate would sit in the smaller far chamber with the guide watching over them. The eight people in the main chamber would channel the moon’s energy into the Initiate through the small gap that leads to the Initiate’s chamber. This would be done during the three-day cycle when the moon was at its fullest.

The signal for the end of the process would be a shaft of sunlight that would enter to strike the Initiate through the small window in the Initiate’s chamber.

One very interesting aspect of this energising ritual was that there was a spiral formation in the main chamber. When I dowsed as to where the energy went from that point the rods directed me to the main Newgrange chamber. This got me thinking – was there some kind of passageway between the two places, because there was no obvious entrance in the side of Newgrange’s main mound? The rods indicated that there is a hidden passage beneath this smaller building that leads to the main mound. It seems as though, even with all the excavation that has been done on the surface of this site perhaps something has been missed that existed underneath it? Without some kind of surveying equipment I have only got the dowsing rods to rely on.

This is, of course, highly speculative and we have nothing to rely upon here except the dowsing. There were several correlations, though, both before and after finding this information out, that would contribute towards correlating the ritual and how it was conducted. In other places we found the three day Moon cycle was important (Knowth and Dowth).

It was with some interest that I can now piece together two pieces of information that I didn’t have at the time. I noticed that the floor plan of this building, its layout,  is exactly the same as an inscription carved into one of the rocks in the Four Knocks mound – a carving which shows a spiral in the middle of the larger chamber with a smaller chamber next to it. This is what we found here too, before we had been to Four Knocks.

Next we would take a long walk along the valley to a site that very few visitors seemed to bother with (because no tourist bus went there). We walked to Dowth, a large mound whose features I recognised immediately, and which Kalhad a particular affinity with. Newgrangehad provided us with some interesting information, but Dowth would surpass even that.


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