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Druids and dowsing

Sometimes you must wonder why I put such store in dowsing as a divination method. Of course, I talk about other methods – scrying, tarot, and other obscure methods. Some of these methods have provenance, and most have been validated by my own work to my satisfaction at some time or another. Yet I keep coming […]

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Ancient Sites | Spirit Guides

The Arthurian Earth Energies

In early June Kal and I visited The Druid’s Circle at Penmaenmawr near Conwy. We arrived there in time for sunset, and the western skies filled out with ever-deepening shades of red until the whole sky turned inky-blue as the sun retreated beneath the sea. Before the light around us completely faded I had some work […]

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Ancestors | Tarot

Ancestor energies tarot reading

After my Ireland Ancestor Quest I had one obvious question: “Now that I have recovered them and successfully fought to keep them – what can I do with them?” Some tarot card readers say that they can’t do reading for themselves very well. I seem to be able to. In fact, my own readings are […]

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Ancient Sites

The Well of Saint Lassair

Kal and I are still just outside the village of Ballyfarnon on the shores of Lough Melagh. It is our first day in Ireland on my ancestor energies quest. We have just looked around Kilronan Abbey and found some interesting and significant graves. Now we’ve crossed the road to St Lassair’s Well. Saint Lassair is an interesting […]

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