The Role of The Fool

Happy April Fool’s Day. In recognition of this important day I wish to take you on a little journey – a Fool’s Journey. I want to re-enforce the importance of laughter. This year Kal got a message that would define his year’s perspective – it would be a year of laughter. He is still learning […]

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Modern Druidry | Tarot

Tarot: another source of information

I rarely use Tarot Cards. That’s mainly because they are so damned spookily accurate! They make me nervous. There was a spell when Kal was using the cards regularly, for himself and for others, and he found the same. He told me how it was useful for obtaining the kind of information about a situation […]

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Dowsing | Other reports

The Shining Ones: re-acquiring ancient knowledge

There have been many wild and fantastic suggestions and theories about the coming of the group known enigmatically as The Shining Ones. Some “theorists” have said that they were so called because they gave off an unearthly light, or that they were extra-terrestrial visitors who came down to give knowledge to the human race to […]

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