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Dunce cap is Druid hat

Feeling stupid in a Dunce's Cap

I have been researching the origins of the traditional Dunce’s Cap – that conical piece of headwear so often seen reflected in pictures of old school days. The hat is also commonly associated with a Witch, being the tall black hat that everyone recognises.

However, in my research I have come to discover that the ‘D’ that is marked on the so-called Dunce’s Cap does not stand for “Dunce”, meaning a dunderhead or stupid fellow. Instead the ‘D’ once stood for Druid, with the conical hat being formerly associated with a tool to enhance and amplify the received vibrations and emanations of energy from stars, sun and moon.

Etymologically, the ‘D’ letter is found as the beginning character of the word for druid in many cultures that had druids as their shamanic figures, such as the Welsh word “Dryw“.

None other than the highly-respected socio-archaeological research institute “Adademie Societé d’Inigene Francaise (ASIF)” have also published similar information recently backing up this claim. Read their recent report here.

So, there you go. Just when you thought you knew something – it gets turned on its head. Literally! ;-)



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