Elemental | Quests

Earth Water Fire Air – update

The story so far…Early on this (2014) year I was tasked to collect (what does that mean?) four elements. Didn’t sound that bad until I learned that each element was to be collected from abroad. Of course these quests never seem to come with the entire manual in one go so it was that on […]

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Dowsing | Glyphs and Wards | Hedge Druidry

Elemental Sigils

It was Lenten Moon – the February full moon – on February 25th. Kal and I discussed where we might go to do some work: I wanted to stay local but he wanted something more exotic. Sometimes we agree to differ, so I was left to work at home. As it turned out the moon […]

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Magick | Modern Druidry | Theory

Considering The Stations


I was reading the beginning of a book called “A Grimoire For Modern Cunningfolk” by Peter Paddon. I hadn’t got through too many chapters before I stopped getting useful information out of it, but I had got to the point where he was suggesting some associations between cardinal positions and elemental imagery. Paddon suggests more […]

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Quickie | Wheel of the Year

My elemental year cycle

I have recently found out something that I had begun to suspect but that I had never actually confirmed until now. My year is based upon an affinity with each of the four elements as the year cycles around, and some times of the year I am more in tune with certain elements than others. […]

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