Yearly Update

Summary of the Year 2014 – Chris

Taking a leaf from Kal’s book I will summarise my year in terms of the quests that I have been involved with. The year had many more facets than this, but I think the quests are the important factors, as they form a developmental framework for my druidry work. They show the progress of my […]

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Elemental Angels | Tarot

Tarot for Elemental Angels

As you know I can’t say the name of the elemental angels that I am working with, but I can tell you something about them and their role in my future. I did a tarot reading asking one fundamental question – what is the nature of their relationship with me? The results chimed so clearly […]

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Angels | Elemental

Spring 2014 – The Earth and Fire Angels

The third elemental angel was found at the end of one of the muddiest walks I have ever done. I think there was barely a moment on the walk when Kal wasn’t complaining – but that’s what you get if you wear inappropriate clothing. This is Cumbria!! We parked at Long Meg stone circle, just […]

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