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Wizards & Goddesses

It is a week away from the Spring Equinox and I was wondering. At our last outing a couple of weeks ago we went to Nine Stones close and I was informed that I would need to have merged with my Energy Double to be able to sustain a meeting with the Ice Dragon. What […]

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Natural Magick | Theory

Essential Elements of Natural Magick

I have been re-visiting some of the essential elements of the magickal work that I do. Sometimes when working I forget various parts of these elements that I have found to be essential components to the success of such work. When I forget to employ all five of the elements in the process of doing […]

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Magick | Modern Druidry | Theory

Considering The Stations


I was reading the beginning of a book called “A Grimoire For Modern Cunningfolk” by Peter Paddon. I hadn’t got through too many chapters before I stopped getting useful information out of it, but I had got to the point where he was suggesting some associations between cardinal positions and elemental imagery. Paddon suggests more […]

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Going Native in America p5

So this is the last post in the mini series that was my 3 days with a trio of native americans. The other posts can be found by following this native american link. At the beginning of these meetings, Jenni, the leader had told me that she would share knowledge about experiences if I would […]

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More powers of the staff

In a previous post I talked about the recently discovered information concerning my staff. I had discovered that it had acquired some powers courtesy of the Elemental |Masters that I had encountered at Tinkinswood Chamber near Cardiff. After doing a tarot reading I discovered the nature of those powers. To recap those powers were:- Earth […]

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Powers of the staff

This post describes my investigations into the powers of my staff. – an incidental tale whose only relevance  is that it shows what can be done with a combination of intuition, divination and dowsing. After the Spring Equinox I was left with a starting point for how I should proceed along my path for the next […]

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