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Wells Cathedral

It was a dry-ish Saturday morning when I got up and had the desire to go and seek adventure. However as Gwas pointed out, “What purpose?” and to be quite frank I couldn’t find one. So instead I high-tailed it to Costa coffee shop and relaxed with a book and cake.

However upon my return to my lodgings I still felt the urge to be “out-there” and so I decided to take the car for a drive. It sits unused all week and so it’s good for it to be taken for a reasonable drive during the weekends.

Just to get me moving I plugged in Avebury into the sat-nav and was off. Between where I am staying and the M5 motorway is one singular link(ing) road of around 40 miles. It is a tiresome road I have to say and I don’t relish driving it, but since its the only way out-o-here I was on it in moments.

Hitch Hiker and the philosophical lesson

I got to about 5 miles on the link road when I spotted an out-stretched thumb. I drove past it without a thought and within moments reconsidered. I wasn’t going anywhere in particular I reasoned, lets see if this hitcher has some fantastic place to be going to? So I flipped the car around and was off to pick him up.

As he got into the car I said to him, “mate, its your lucky day, wherever you want to go, I’m your man!” At that moment, I was ready to go anywhere petrol would take me. Sadly the universe missed a trick and the fella only wanted a short journey of some 30 miles up the road.

Martyn by name, he was a kindly soul who without encouragement dispensed his wisdom and views of life, love, peace and balance. Promising to be in touch he vanished out of my life some 30 minutes after appearing in it.

I continued on along my journey to no-where at roughly 60 miles an hour.

Cheddar Gorge and reuniting with my energetic double.

The M5 gave me many options, Glastonbury, Stonehenge (which was closed the last time I visited before xmas. Or more city oriented places such as Bristol. This latter (1 more hours drive) took my fancy and I continued along the straight and rather repetitive motorway.

At one point some 30 or so minute later I spotted a sign for Cheddar Gorge and Caves. With virtually no thought at all my car steered itself of the road and went off in search of this Gorge. Even as I wondered at why I had decided to come of in this direction a thought struck me…

It was time to re-merge with my energy double! Wow really? Back in Alderley Edge, 2 weeks ago, when I had released it, I had said that it would need to return in 3 weeks. But it seems that this prognosis was going to be out by a week. But who was I to argue? So with that purpose in mind I wound my way towards Cheddar Gorge.

Parking my car by the very apt sign, FREE PARKING ~ Rocks can fall at any time. I put some protection around it, You never know, right? and followed my rods as they led me on a winding and muddy path up the side of the gorge.

As you know me and heights dont mix and luckily the rods knew this too and after a climb of some 40 feet in height they twirled. I asked whether this was a suitable place to call my ED? No.

What? I looked around for some indication as to why this spot had been picked out. On the ground was a golf ball sized piece of quartz. I asked the rods whether this was why they stopped and would I be needing this, yes and yes.

Odd though, because I had only asked to be shown the best place to call my ED. I carried on along the path which was now getting quite high and narrow! The rods stopped again and this time I felt that it was the ‘right’ place. I was mistaken and again found another piece of quartz on the ground.

The third stop, now well up the cliff, almost near the top was to be the place. According to the indication of the rods I placed the two crystals one on either side of me, slightly above my head. I remembered this time to use a rock as a point of deflection and mentally sent out ‘my’ song. It took just a few moments for the soft whoosh to push me back and I knew I was again housing my ED.

I rather wish it was a more spectacular experience, but alas I report un-embellished.
I asked the rods, whether I was done and after a bit of intuitive honing in I understood that I had to cleanse the two crystals of my personal energy, which I did with intention and washing in a cold stream.

The path down the slope was quite a tricky affair and with no trees to energetically bind myself to I nearly took a slip a couple of times. The caves that had been advertised on my journey to the gorge were closed for some reason and so I was off, in no particular direction.

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Darkness at the Wizards Wood

old picture

Well, Here we are 2011 and we’re off! From my records I noted that my first visit out in 2010 was to Alderley Edge and so without much ado I was email Gwas and suggesting a January the 2nd trip to that magical (well it is called the Wizards forest) wood.

With other commitments to consider Gwas re-scheduled what was going to be a daytime visit to an early evening one. That was fine with me, Alderley Edge and I are well acquainted for nightly visits (as I spent the night there last year).

When we stopped at the edge of the forest Gwas announced that there were no torches to be had and since my night vision is totally gone to pot. I was left wondering whether this was going to end in injury. Undaunted however I rallied my reserve strength and my belief that the wood and I were on good terms.

As we walked through the wood I recalled reading the Shamen Carlos Castaneda’s work. In particular a time when he was out in the dead of night in the brush of the wilds and was practicing power walking or the gait of power. From memory I tried this myself and it worked a treat. The whole visit was fall and trip free.


Curiously Gwas stopped at one point in the path and we looked up to see that we had come to the fake stone circle that is a mere hop away from the father of the forest. Being the forward-scout I jumped up the path and wandered around the non energised stones. Hmmm still no energy i’m afraid.

Then it was down the slope to the Father of the Forest. I have a weird experience with Oaks, the one at Nine Ladies is rather a cantankerous old smudgeon who has twice nearly had my eye out. The one at Nine Stones Close however is a wonderful being who has afforded me much attention and learning. The gigantic father of the forest (as Gwas has named him) is somewhere in between.

old picture

I approached cautiously but felt that he was amenable this evening (It is Alderley Edge after all, though). I wandered through his aura with comfort and ease. After moments of meditation I felt the urge to leave his side and so, virtually with eyes closed I wandered off further down the slope. For a moment I had a fear of losing Gwas, but it was only an instant. Again, this is the wizards forest where I was first named, The magician who creates his own worlds. Nothing bad was going to happen here.

Although I had my rods in hand I was navigating by feeling alone. Eventually I came to a stop some fifty metres from the Father, though I couldn’t see it. I was no-where in particular as fas as I could tell, but this seemed to be the place. I asked whether this was a good place to seek answers? Yes.

As an exercise (laugh) I asked to be taken to the best place to ask questions. The rods took me in a sharp circle exactly to where I was standing.

On my mind of late had been the exodus of Energetic Shrouds to Woodhenge (via me!) I asked whether I should do anything about this and via yes/no responses came to the conclusion that

Whats done is done, leave it, let it go.

Quite un-equivocally.

Along with Gwas I lit some incense as a sign of thanks and we departed.

Kal Malik

Winter solstice and discovering the trick

The 2010 winter solstice evening was around -8 degrees, crystal clear and a full moon. Rather than my usual any-weather gear I decided to add a couple of more layers on for protection of the mundane kind.

I went out for an evening stroll, enjoying the Christmas lights and the fullness of the moon shining down upon me. The streets were clear as it was around 10pm (way past everyone’s bedtime in these ‘ere farming parts).

The roads were (radio 4 treacherously) icy so I didnt fancy going for a drive to some exotic energetic location however I did feel the need, so as it was the only place in the offing I meandered in the direction of St Annes church, the site of many Energetic Shrouds as I discovered earlier (see post here).

As I arrived at the portal-like entrance to the back streets, I stopped to protect myself with an extra layer of energy and felt the sizzle of my Energy Double glow too. Hmmm I wonder what effect that would have here?

I stepped/slid my way down the old paved stones and felt odd. It was odd because I couldn’t feel the usual “pull” of energy from the shrouds. I paused by the wall of the church, partly to steady myself on the snow and reflected on this feeling. My first thought was, wow! This new Energy was well good at protection. But I had a niggling fancy and dropped my protection to see if it had any effect,none. Not a frankfurter. What was going on?

As er fortune would have it I had my dowsing rods in my satchel so I did a quick bit of dowsing. Was I being affected by Energetic Shrouds? No. Was it because of my protection? No. Was it because of my Energetic Double? No. Was it for some other reason? (obviously) Yes.

A thought occurred to me, were there any Energetic Shrouds near me? No. Take me to the nearest Energetic Shroud, now I knew the place was loaded with them from past dowsing, right so there should be one quite close by.

I found one right on the other side of the square and in the process was nearly caught, rod handed, by some late-night revellers.

But there should have been more than that?

  • Are there many Energetic Shrouds here? No.
  • In comparison to the last time I dowsed how much less are they? 10% No,
  • 30% No, 50% No – wow! seriously!
  • 80% No.

Eventually, I got to 97% less shrouds than when I last dowsed. What “was” going on?

  • Was this because it was a Solstice? No,
  • Full moon? No.
  • Any astro phenomena? No

Oh My Gods (Shiva, Shakti, God, Allah, Yehovah, Kahooli…), a single thought struck me and I was totally thrown by it. I couldn’t even dowse it for a moment as I reeled at the…at the what? Shock?

Was this because they had been taken away by me in the rose quartz crystals and left at Woodhenge (see this post and this post 16th December)?


I had forgot! I had completely forgot that I had taken the Shrouds from here in the crystals. I had forgotten that fact when I was hastily leaving the crystals behind.

Another thought occurred to me:

  • Was it the shrouds that had made me hurry from the Woodhenge? Yes,
  • Was it so that I would leave them behind and not realise it? Yes
  • Was this what they wanted? Yes

O well I suppose if it was what they wanted then no harm done, right? I asked the rods, “Was that a good thing to do?” fifty/fifty. I got the left rod turning and the right staying solidly forward.

My hands were totally frozen now (no gloves alas) So I quickly shot off one more question…

  • Is it because it is undetermined as yet whether it will turn out for the better? Yes.

Didnt’ I tell you that shrouds are tricky beasts? I have a feeling that I might be going to Woodhenge again to fix this.

I slipped and slid back home, pondering this “usage” of my goodself.

Kal Malik – feeling used

Guerrilla dowsing at St Annes Church Barnstaple

Last week I moved to North Devon, specifically the town of Barnstaple. I was here but a day when I was walking around the town center getting my bearings and checking out the cafes when I was pulled into an alley way. I say pulled because that was how it felt. I had walked past the non-descript alley several times without noticing, this time however I felt a strong urge to turn into it and explore what was on the other side.

I am reminded of an occasion when our sometimes dowsing companion John tells of a time he was “pulled” off the road and along a lane to a hidden churchyard. Well this was no different. The alley led to a secluded set of lanes that went around and between a chapel. More accurately St Anne’s chapel.

As I walked around the lanes I could feel that there was something going on here. Special is a word that I used at that time, perhaps even magical. The feeling wasn’t good or bad, it was just a feeling. Like static electricity in the air. It, simply “felt”.

Although the chapel was in a very secluded area I could see that there would be no chance of dowsing it, as there were a few people passing through or seated on the occasional benches all of the time. Still my curiosity was peaked and for the next couple of days I went to that “hidden” strange place several times.

Gwas and I have a term, Guerrilla Dowsing for occasions when our dowsing is rather risky, perhaps at sites that are gated and barred. A week after my arrival at St Anne’s I knew that I just had to dowse that place. So setting off about 2a.m. I decided that now was the time.

The streets were empty except for a saxophone player in the empty market square, playing the same mournful tune again and again, seriously!. I walked past him, pretending to be hurrying home and entered the dark alley and the lanes beyond.

The static feeling I had had on previous occasions seems to be magnified by the darkness of the night as I pulled out my dowsing rods and began to question them regarding this mysterious place.

  • Was there anything energetically significant about this place? Yes
  • Was it to do with the church? Yes
  • Was there any ley lines going through this place?Yes

There were two leys that crossed the chapel, not being as well equipped as Gwas I don’t know which direction they were going I’m afraid. Nevertheless my questions continued…

  • Was there anything else here besides the leys? Yes
  • Power centers? Yes – were these significant? No

On impulse I asked whether there were any Energetic Shrouds here? The rods fairly jumped out of my hands with a YES. But as I explored the place I couldn’t find any graves so my curiosity was peaked further…Shrouds with no graves?

Gwas and I have come across the odd energy shroud outside of grave yards, but here the rods were going manic over the question of Energetic Shrouds, there were lots and lots of them here.

Being a lot wiser than before I immediately put up several layers of protection and continued my investigations. Take me to the most concentrated area of shrouds? The rods took me up the steps to the church. Wow! You could really feel them crowding around up there or was it the dark and my imagination.

Further questioning revealed that the there had been many burials at the site but the graves had been built over (Does the Amityville horror ring any bells people?) Also that the two leys were energising the shrouds and thus giving them a longer “life” than they would normally have.

I was getting over whelmed by the energies of the place by this time and conscious that someone might spot me, a newcommer, wandering around churchyards at night, so I produced a protective Energy Bomb as I left the place.

Now that I am writing this I googled the church and found the following interesting information…

… the grave stones were removed and placed around the boundary walls. The walls of the crypt, which had been buried outside and choked up within by an accumulation of soil, were opened up.

What  must  always  strike  the  visitor  is  the  height  of  the ancient churchyard above the level of the church and other nearby buildings and pathways. This is due to centuries of burials.  It was the universal custom after each burial to scatter the remaining soil onto the adjacent ground and so gradually this raised the level of the churchyard.


What a set of confirmatory information! Exactly as I dowsed it to be.

Kal Malik ~ Late night dowser!

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