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Wells Cathedral

It was a dry-ish Saturday morning when I got up and had the desire to go and seek adventure. However as Gwas pointed out, “What purpose?” and to be quite frank I couldn’t find one. So instead I high-tailed it to Costa coffee shop and relaxed with a book and cake. However upon my return […]

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Edge Wizardry

Winter solstice and discovering the trick

The 2010 winter solstice evening was around -8 degrees, crystal clear and a full moon. Rather than my usual any-weather gear I decided to add a couple of more layers on for protection of the mundane kind. I went out for an evening stroll, enjoying the Christmas lights and the fullness of the moon shining […]

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Guerrilla dowsing at St Annes Church Barnstaple

Last week I moved to North Devon, specifically the town of Barnstaple. I was here but a day when I was walking around the town center getting my bearings and checking out the cafes when I was pulled into an alley way. I say pulled because that was how it felt. I had walked past […]

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