Wheel of the Year

My Eight-Fold Year – the final four folds

This post is the second half of a post I did after the Summer Solstice. My purpose was to record the eight points in the year because at each of these artificial stages which were roughly aligned to the Celtic or Neo-Pagan calendar I would be seeking a task by communing with Nature. The task would […]

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The Soul Powers of Five, Six and Eleven – Part 2

You may have noticed, if you’ve been following such posts, that I have changed the title of this series to remove “seven” and replace it with “six”. By the end of the post I hope this makes complete sense. However, I had collected some information about the number seven and so I will still present […]

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Edge Wizardry | Energy work

Causitive diagnosis – an experiment

“Yes, that sounds like it might be true” Is a statement that Gwas and I use infrequently. What our preference is, is to say “Let’s test that to see if what he/she says is true for us”. Sounds fair to me, at least we’re not dismissing “stuff” out right. In this months Journal of the […]

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Ancient Sites | Dowsing

Brittany 6: Carnac alignments – Kermario

Kermario, Carnac – 8th May 2009 In this sixth installment of the Brittany series, the second part of the Carnac visit, I found possibly the most interesting aspects of the whole Carnac visit (not to put you off the next post, but this is the ‘main feature’, if you like). Entrance stones As we walked […]

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Dowsing | Energy work

Moon energy for The Loonies

The subject in hand: moon energies affecting dowsing reaction, I have a number of things that I want to add to this based upon recent experience. There are a number of factors that seem relevant to the extent of the influence:- a) The proximity of the moon (apogee – perigee), or, how close it is […]

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