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Conversation with an exorcist

In a recent post on SEP fields and entities (link) I talked about bad energies in the home. I was writing that post in the Lincoln Center in New York (a rather nice place, which provides free Internet access, tables, sockets and a cafe). At the table next to me was a curious (in two […]

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The Sorrowful Widow

I’m afraid that I am unable to post my episode concerning a house clearance that I did recently. The parties involved wish the story to remain undisclosed. I am respecting their wishes. However, I did recently have an encounter with a dark energy force that was far more powerful, and during the course of which I learned […]

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Woodhenge – clearing and leaving”>httpv://

A few weeks ago I was back at Woodhenge as part of my travels from Arbor Low to Christchurch. I was busy tracing the line through a barrow which I later found out was called “Ratfyn Barrow” locally, and which was positioned on a hill just south of Durrington and west of Bulford. Woodhenge’s location was a […]

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