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Beltane 2015 – Reparations and the Four Stone Circle

We begin this year’s Beltane celebrations with a set of tales that are like ripples in life’s pond. They form concentric circles within each other, being made of the same substance, and affecting each other. So, I start my set of stories with the largest of the ripples – a ripple going back through time […]

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Fay Grove Beltane 2014 – 10

Gwas and I had opened a portal earlier on (Opening Portals) as a consequence we had been pulled down a path adjacent to the main site. At first we had encountered a couple of huge stones. After exploring those we entered a grove and instantly knew it was a Fay Grove. Before I even entered […]

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Anglesey Winter Soltice – Part 2: The Bryngwyn Stones and The Soar Stone

After Bryn Celli Ddu we travelled further along the southern coast road towards the village of Brynsencien. We had discovered some interesting new patterns of energy around the ancient mound and chamber, and had spent time drawing upon the Winter Solstice energies. Now we wanted to see whether those energies might change at the next […]

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