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Finding the Horns of the Stag

I know – a stag’s horns are usually called antlers. I am choosing to use the term ‘stag’s horns’ because those are the words that came to me when I asked for this next quest. “Horn” seems to have more resonance with concepts such as drinking vessels and therefore “grails” too. It makes my work feel more Like a Grail Quest than a Stag Party. This evening’s work began when I was considering where I might go to try to run like a stag. How does a stag run? Unhindered. Freely. Instinctively.

The obvious choice for such a run was my nearest large forest – Delamere in Cheshire. It was a cooler evening. The nights have been drawing in, getting darker sooner, and the temperature dropping accordingly. Nevertheless, on my way back from a fitness session in Manchester I made myself drive back through Delamere Forest. The light was already low as I parked in a convenient lay-by – one that I had parked in many times before. I knew where I was heading and why. I was going to visit The Father of the Forest – the spirit of Delamere – to seek his blessing in my next endeavour which was to Seek the Stag.

Seeking the stag was the instruction I had been given as my quest this turn of the year’s wheel. It had recently been revealed in a vision to be related to discovering the feeling of running freely through the forest, uninhibited, undaunted by obstacles. In the low light of early twilight which was descending quickly this seemed like a true test in these conditions.

Delamere Forest lake at sunset

Delamere Forest lake at sunset

In my sports gear I blended well with the last of the forest trail runners. They were better prepared than I was having torches, and heading out of the forest instead of in. I knew that the Father wasn’t far away, however. Working from memory (when was the last time I had sought him out – a couple of years ago?) I went off the main trail and into the undergrowth. I couldn’t find the usual trail and instead ended up hopping over young sharp bramble tendrils as they tried to snare and slice my exposed limbs. At the point where I was brought to a standstill by one offending strand I made a verbal exclamation: “Hey – don’t you know I’m here to see the Father of the Forest? Let me pass!

As if in response to my demands I spied a clearer trail and moved across to walk on that. This was much easier and I didn’t get stuck or sliced up from that point on. I was still smarting from the original “defenders” work, however, to be too grateful for an easy passage at this point in proceedings. I made my way slowly down into the bowl of swampy ground where the newer growth had formed in a clearing. This was my starting point for this evening’s work.

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Darkness at the Wizards Wood

old picture

Well, Here we are 2011 and we’re off! From my records I noted that my first visit out in 2010 was to Alderley Edge and so without much ado I was email Gwas and suggesting a January the 2nd trip to that magical (well it is called the Wizards forest) wood.

With other commitments to consider Gwas re-scheduled what was going to be a daytime visit to an early evening one. That was fine with me, Alderley Edge and I are well acquainted for nightly visits (as I spent the night there last year).

When we stopped at the edge of the forest Gwas announced that there were no torches to be had and since my night vision is totally gone to pot. I was left wondering whether this was going to end in injury. Undaunted however I rallied my reserve strength and my belief that the wood and I were on good terms.

As we walked through the wood I recalled reading the Shamen Carlos Castaneda’s work. In particular a time when he was out in the dead of night in the brush of the wilds and was practicing power walking or the gait of power. From memory I tried this myself and it worked a treat. The whole visit was fall and trip free.


Curiously Gwas stopped at one point in the path and we looked up to see that we had come to the fake stone circle that is a mere hop away from the father of the forest. Being the forward-scout I jumped up the path and wandered around the non energised stones. Hmmm still no energy i’m afraid.

Then it was down the slope to the Father of the Forest. I have a weird experience with Oaks, the one at Nine Ladies is rather a cantankerous old smudgeon who has twice nearly had my eye out. The one at Nine Stones Close however is a wonderful being who has afforded me much attention and learning. The gigantic father of the forest (as Gwas has named him) is somewhere in between.

old picture

I approached cautiously but felt that he was amenable this evening (It is Alderley Edge after all, though). I wandered through his aura with comfort and ease. After moments of meditation I felt the urge to leave his side and so, virtually with eyes closed I wandered off further down the slope. For a moment I had a fear of losing Gwas, but it was only an instant. Again, this is the wizards forest where I was first named, The magician who creates his own worlds. Nothing bad was going to happen here.

Although I had my rods in hand I was navigating by feeling alone. Eventually I came to a stop some fifty metres from the Father, though I couldn’t see it. I was no-where in particular as fas as I could tell, but this seemed to be the place. I asked whether this was a good place to seek answers? Yes.

As an exercise (laugh) I asked to be taken to the best place to ask questions. The rods took me in a sharp circle exactly to where I was standing.

On my mind of late had been the exodus of Energetic Shrouds to Woodhenge (via me!) I asked whether I should do anything about this and via yes/no responses came to the conclusion that

Whats done is done, leave it, let it go.

Quite un-equivocally.

Along with Gwas I lit some incense as a sign of thanks and we departed.

Kal Malik

Delamere Forest – Meeting the Spirit of Place

For what felt like a very long time (although, if I look back it is probably only a year or two) I have tried to locate the position of the Spirit of Place within Delamere Forest. The forest is one of the largest in Cheshire, and it used all year round by mountain bikers, dog walkers and anyone else within a fifty mile radius.

When I initially tried to locate the Spirit of Place (hereafter – SOP) I was led around in circles until, exhausted, scratched and dripping in sweat I admitted defeat. Since then I have tried several more times, each time being led on a wild good chase over hill and down dale to various end points that were clearly neither energetic nor particularly convincing as old and powerful trees.

This year, within the last month, I was diverted away from my usual homeward route and forced to go through Delamere. As Idrove through the forest I began to think about finding the SOP again and so I switched off my normal “guidance systems” and simply stated that I wished to be guided to the Spirit of Delamere if it was appropriate for me to meet it.

I drove part way along one of the forest roads and soon felt the urge to pull over in a place I wouldn’t normally stop because it is too close to the cluster of houses near to the village, and it is often very busy with cars. Today, however, it was clear and I stopped. I got out my dowsing rods and began some preliminary questioning – Which side of the forest road should I start on – the left or the right? RIGHT. I walked across the road and began to follow the rods, taking them with locating the spirit of place.

Delamere's beautiful paths

Within seconds I was being taken down a straight wide track that I had never walked on (because it is straight and wide, and not the kind of path I like). Luckily there were no people around at this time of the evening, but the path that the dowsing rods were describing was snaking side to side along the straight path, which filled me with confidence.

Some hundred yards down the track the trees began to encroach and darkened the path a little. Here the rods swung off to the right again, pointing into the cluster of young beech trees and wanting me to follow. I picked my way through their undergrowth only to find a small little-used path leading to another trail, again very small and winding. The rods wanted me to follow it along a ridge and then the trail began to dip into a hollow. As the trail turned towards the hollow I began to get snagged on brambles, ferns, to trip over roots, slide in mud…everything seemed out to stop me! How strange! Was something trying to protect itself? Birds began to make noises in the canopy above me, shuffling around, cawing nervously. Was I nearing something important?

I moved forwards more cautiously. As I did so I felt something and stopped. I felt a boundary, and energetic boundary. I stepped back and moved slowly forwards again. Yes, the air was different – back a step and the air was cool, move forward a touch and it was slightly warmer, and…thicker? More resistant?I recognised this as the boundary of an aura, and I asked permission to enter, asking that the “guards” be called off, and introducing myself as my druid name. I also stated my purpose – I was here to meet with the Spirit of Delamere should it allow me to do so. I waited for a sign. A little bird in a nearby tree chirped lovingly – a very different sound than I had been hearing all the way into the forest so far – and I knew this was a “go ahead” sign.

Now, as if my magick, I no longer got snagged on anything, or slipped, or tripped, despite heading down an incline at an angle along this narrow path. The undergrowth still spilled over the path but now it fell back easily as I passed. I walked down into the hollow and then stood at the bottom, as the path opened out, and stared at the sight before me…

The Spirit of Delamere Forest

There was a feeling emanating from this area. It crawled and pulsed with a life force that wreathed and writhed around you like so much invisible mist. I got my dowsing rods ready to ask some questions:

  • Was this the strongest energy spot in the forest? YES.
  • Was there a particular tree here that was the Father of the Forest tree? NO.
  • Was there once a tree here which was the dominant tree of the forest? YES.
  • Does the energy of that tree remain at this site? YES.

I felt privileged that I had finally been allowed to find and to recognise this place. I knew it for what it was now – the very beating heart of the forest, full of life, growing, pulsing, emitting life force. I sat and watched the wildlife for a few minutes to see how they reacted to it. Small birds landed alone onto the higher branches and sang songs. Flocks seemed to direct their course over the top of the clearing, as if drawn to it. No creatures seemed to go within it, though. It was as if they swarmed around it, but wouldn’t venture inside. Interesting. I wouldn”t venture in either – the land looked as though it wouldn’t support my weight. I wasn’t fooled by the green mosses and grasses. This was a place that demanded respect in many ways.

I said my farewells and made my way back to ‘civilisation’ and the gravelled paths. I felt so pleased and in a way a little better about how much I had progressed since my last efforts.


Hedge on The Edge

Alderley Edge, Cheshire – Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Another tale to tell of a fun visit to the magical forest at AlderleyEdge. You may see that we have both been visiting this forest recently. Firstly, Kal spent a night there (my word – how scary is that?) and then went back to find his lost dowsing rod. I have been there recently too, and although I wasn’t expecting anything unusual to happen, I just went for a pleasant walk, really, but it ended up being a very profound experience.

First thing that I did on entering the forest was to pay my respects and check I was welcome to come and do some energy work. This has become a routine for me now on entering a forest, especially one as powerful as The Edge. I felt a slight tug at my navel chakra and a sense of happiness, so I walked in with a little bow of respect. Seems silly, but believe me, it pays to have some respect for the old large trees, because they have a wealthof knowledge that can be tapped into with either dowsing rods or a bit of deep meditation.

I decided not to use my dowsing rods to find the first place I should go to. I wanted to try to find something without them for once. I began to walk in whatever direction felt right, and I noticed that I was walking in a kind of snaking path, weaving slightly side to side along identifiable paths, then also through the middle of the forest itself where there were no paths. Within minutes I was disoriented, and didn’t really know where I was heading, but it didn’t matter. Something would happen, I hoped. A few minutes later I arrived at the end of a ravine where a small path dipped into the hollow. I recognised the hollow as I got to it – this was where my power centre was, but I had come at it by a totally different approach and so didn’t recognise it! Happily, I bounced into the hollow and took up my place in my preferred power centre.

Once seated I lit four sticks of incense and tuned into the forest. Initially a bird was annoyed at my presence. I communed with it and told it that this was my place too, and that I meant no disturbance. It calmed down. Then I tuned into the forest fully. It only took five minutes before a squirrel was hopping along the nearby branches and across the ground. Then a rabbit came out and began to forage only ten feet away from me. My protective shield was clearly working! I had four sticks of incense lit, AND I was wearing a brightly coloured t-shirt. Somehow, these shy animals were okay with that!

Map of Alderley Edge forest paths and places

After some time I called and tuned into my spirit helper to ask about how I could go about making magic manifest here. I asked if it was possible to alter a digital photograph as evidence of making magic manifest. She responded that it was possible, but only with her co-operation. I couldn’t do it alone. Strangely, the response was accompanied by a rendition of The Can Can music! So, she was on playful form today, huh? Good, because it made me laugh too. I would try to make that photograph experience happen soon and see if anything…developed (ha ha)?

In that trance I was told to go fr0m my power centre straight to the Father of the Forest – the huge beech tree that dominates the forest with its fifty feet wide branches and imposing spread, whereupon I should pay my respects. Also, I was shown that I should link this beech tree to the one at the front of my house, whose heart had been cut out of it a couple of years ago by some stupid telephone company workers who were trying to prevent the tree from ever touching their phone wires. With this directive I set off, again without dowsing rods, in a vain attempt to locate the tree. I had only a vague notion that it might be in one particular cardinal direction, so I set off that way.

Getting lost again I trusted to this intuitive guiding principle that was like following a dowsing rod but not having one to watch in my hands. Minutes later I emerged at the fake stone circle, and from there the beech tree was visible. Incredible! Five minutes wandering through the undergrowth and amazingly I had found the tree in this huge forest of twisting paths and dense foliage. At the beech tree I did some work touching the tree and asking for his spirit to visit my beech tree. I saw in my mind a double vortex of energy spiralling inside my beech tree’s missing heart. When I felt the work was done I asked to know where to go next and was shown a trough of water, and then a quiet secluded place further out into the forest after that. That sounded too impossible to trust to intuition again, so this time I got my rods out and began to follow them. Besides, it was slightly draining to use intuition alone, I felt. Who knew how far I might have to walk this time? Miles?

Unbelievably I walked directly to the water trough! It was less than two minutes away. There I gathered some water as it dripped from the moss on the stone beneath a tree. I drank it and washed in it and felt much better – it was still warm for the time of year. There felt like nothing else to do here except to thank the water spirits, which I did, then set off with the rods again to find this next place on my little quest. I followed the rods blindly in a direction I had never been before. I put my trust in the rods even though they took me across a very steep slope! I climbed for less than a minute before a hole in a rock wall appeared before me. The rods indicated I needed to go IN! It was steep, full of leaves, and smelt damp. I wasn’t sure but the rods insisted when I asked them again and again whether this was the right place.

Mole - hole - goal

Inside the hole I felt my aura being constrained.I put my trust in the experience and let go. Tentacle threads came out of me in the only directions they could go – up! The threads were being powered by me drawing up earth energy from the ground. I found that I could direct the threads to wherever I wanted them to go, and soon I was pushing them out into the forest above, where one of them hit a tree. As it did so I found that the sensations, the feelings and the viewpoint of the tree became my own. I could see out from the tree, and I could feel the wind stirring me as though I were a tree!

I experimented next with pushing the tentacles up into the sky and connected to a passing bird. Now I was flying over the forest getting an aerial view, and suddenly diving towards a tree where I landed on a branch. Something didn’t feel right, so I took off again and there was a whirl of branches and leaves and I was airborne again. I disconnected and withdrew the tentacles. Yes, I had control of pushing them out and taking them back in again, and it was all down to being in a confined space and from drawing upon earth energy as it spiralled upwards in this place of power. I climbed out of the hole astonished at this amazing experience, and a little disconcerted by it. I had learned a valuable lesson about how to project my energy, and how to gain shamanic sight through inhabiting other bodies.

Finally, I was led by the rods through the forest (again, not by a path of any sort) to suddenly emerge into the place that housed by power centre. The rods turned on top of my power centre to indicate clearly that there was something I needed to do here. I tuned in and felt that something was missing – it was. I had taken the incense sticks that I lit last time I was here and had put them around the huge beech tree. I needed to replace them. I lit two sticks and gave thanks to all the spirit energies that had helped me have these experiences.

As the sun fell below the tree tops and hid behind a cloud I made my way home. Another incredible experience at The Edge. That forest truly is magical.



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