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The Female In The Landscape

Although many ancient mounds are compared to the figures of women, and thus considered to be homages to female deities or Nature ‘herself’, it seems as though this is not just an ancient admiration. Recently the incredible new land sculpture known as “Northumberlandia” was opened to the public near the town of Cramlington. The park is one […]

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Ancient Sites

The Heart of Paris

I found myself in Paris on a business trip with one night free to look around. Ok, so where would you go? I was starting from the centre. Would you go to the Eiffel Tower, Pompidou Centre, Latin Quarter, perhaps a stroll along the Seine? I couldn’t decide either, so I did a spot of […]

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Experiment | Quickie

Marianne Williamson and Feminine alignment

I was at a talk recently given by Marianne Williamson, in her talk she often described various aspects of the Feminine. She related this to Earth quite effectively and I wondered whether there was any connection between this and female aligned people. Currently I have learned the female aligned people are aligned with the moon. […]

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Tyfos and Being directed

After our visit to the Church of St Mael and St Sulien (Sun God) our next stop was a sacred circle that we had looked for in the past without success, Tyfos. I picked it because I liked the name. It just jumped out at me. Fortunately with the techno-mage additions to our tools (namely […]

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