Elemental | Quests

Earth Water Fire Air – update

The story so far…Early on this (2014) year I was tasked to collect (what does that mean?) four elements. Didn’t sound that bad until I learned that each element was to be collected from abroad. Of course these quests never seem to come with the entire manual in one go so it was that on […]

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Ancient Sites

The Well of Saint Lassair

Kal and I are still just outside the village of Ballyfarnon on the shores of Lough Melagh. It is our first day in Ireland on my ancestor energies quest. We have just looked around Kilronan Abbey and found some interesting and significant graves. Now we’ve crossed the road to St Lassair’s Well. Saint Lassair is an interesting […]

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Modern Druidry

The Elemental Cross

I have recently been working with the cross shape. It is such a loaded symbol that I have felt the need to mentally cleanse it of prior meaning. I had been trying to work with the elements for some time now, and frankly had been primarily failing. Finally I worked out why this was – […]

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