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The Shining Ones: re-acquiring ancient knowledge

There have been many wild and fantastic suggestions and theories about the coming of the group known enigmatically as The Shining Ones. Some “theorists” have said that they were so called because they gave off an unearthly light, or that they were extra-terrestrial visitors who came down to give knowledge to the human race to […]

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A day in Cowan’s Country: Part 1

I recently got the chance to scout around the countryside between Loch Tay, Crieff and Dundee. This is David Cowan’s neck of the woods – the Scottish earth energy researcher – so I was delighted at the prospect of visiting some of the megalithic sites in the area. In this first part of a two-part […]

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The Sign of Venus

Bryn Celli Ddu: Monday, March 16th 2009 I don’t know what possessed me to go the almost 75 miles to Anglesey straight after leaving work last night. It’s not something a sane person would contemplate, but I was on my motorcycle and felt an urgency to get there before the sun set. Sunset time was […]

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Waymarkers: Reichenbach, Magnetism and Od

Every once in a while I am stopped in my tracks when I read a passage from a book whose description of the subtle energies is so closely in accordance with my own experience. In Chapter 3 of Serge Kahili King’s book, simply entitled “Earth Energies”, I have found just such a correspondence. Describing Baron […]

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