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Knights Pilgrimage 3 of 5 Phoenix and the Dragon

This is part of my knights pilgrimage. for all the other posts related to this please click this (Knights Pilgrimage)  link and follow in order. Or just dive in and have fun!


In the previous post I had just left a couple on their way to their car and I was walking down a path which I hoped would lead to mine as the night was closing in. Fortunately it did and I was amazingly relieved. Hang on though, I thought as looking for my keys. Where am I supposed to go next? And had I done what was needed at the Forest of Dean? I asked the latter question first.

  • Was I done with the forest? Yes. Considering all I had done was show a lost couple out of the forest. Was this what I was supposed to have done? Yes. That’s it? No. Was there a lesson in it for me? Yes.

I am not one for lessons, I have to say. And as I considered this, I heard some people walking towards me and stopped my dowsing to let them pass. I was shocked when they came into the light of passing cars. It was Beverly and Darren. The couple I had just left in the forest. They were as surprised to see me as I was them.


“Are you still lost?” I asked. They responded no, and pointed to the only other car parked near mine. “That’s our car.” I was stunned. What! I pointed to the other car and said to them. That’s mine. I was expecting surprise and shock. What I got was suspicion. “Well, thank you for your help.” They sidled passed me got into their car and drove off in haste. Gosh! People!

A little tip for you. When we’re out in the midst of sacred sites looking for direction and guidance. One of the ways we try to find the relevant event or incident is simply by breaking up the events into parts and asking, “was that relevent?” for each part. Simple, stupid, but often effective.

So, I began asking about each part of the day to find the missing link so to speak.

  • Was it the crows that led me to the forest? No
  • Was it my adventurous spirit to go? No
  • Was it bumping into the couple? Kind-of (Ok, this is where one rod swings in but the other doesn’t. Come on you know this already, right?)
  • Was it helping them find their way out? Kind-of.
  • Was it that their car and mine where in the same place? No. I was expecting a yes here.
  • Was it that they were lost? Yes.

Lost? Why was their being lost the message or guidance for me. Added to this was helping them find their way out. Definitely something to muse over on my pilgrimage.

Pilgrim notes

As an exercise, I thought that I would compile a notebook for the specific messages that I got on this diary so here it is so far:

  1. Following and trusting my totem (crow)
  2. Finding a couple who are lost
  3. Helping them (reluctantly) find their car.

The Longest Drive

Was my pilgrimage complete? No. Come on, I had to ask. Okay where to next? Which direction? Thank god for my iPhone compass. I dowsed in a circle and ended up pointing south, according to my compass.

I thought of some places to the south, bare in my mind that my geography is appalling.

  • Glastonbury? It was an obvious choice and the No wasn’t surprising.
  • Avebury (was that south of here?) no matter, the answer was no.
  • Stonehenge? No
  • Tintagel? Okay, I know it’s South-West from the forest now, but at that time I didn’t. Anyway the answer was No.

    dean to merry maidens

Alright, it was time to try a different tack. Was it further than Glastonbury? Yes. Further than Stonehenge? Yes. Was it a (known to me) Sacred Site? Yes. Had I been there? Yes. Was it further than Tintagel? I was really hoping for a no to this one, but got a yes. O Crap! I cast my mind back to my stay in Devon and the sites I had visited.

  • Hurlers? No
  • Pipers Stones? No
  • Any of the number of churches? No
  • The Fogou, the name escaped me. No.
  • Merry Maidens? Yes.

What! Seriously? The merry maidens? Why? Did I have to go there now? Yes. What? Why? I plugged the destination into my sat nav. 240 miles! Just under 5 hours! It was 7pm now! Am I insane? Don’t answer that.

The Dancing Coven

I drove and drove. Luckily or not, I’m used to these loooong haul drives having done them for a year or so. Even so. I had better get something useful out of this. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, written by J.K. Rowling and read by the amazing reader, Stephen Fry was my companion on this long journey. Amazingly I was only up to the point when they (Harry, Hermione and Ron) go down the trapdoor when I turned onto the lane that is adjacent to the Merry Maidens. I parked up the car and looked across into the field. There was a small fire burning in it. I got out of the car and for some reason, quietly closed my door so the sound wouldn’t carry. After waiting a few moments I walked up to the edge of the surrounding bushes and peered into the field. There were several people in the field. I wondered if they had spotted my car. It wasn’t visible over the bushes but the light must have been. Hang on though I thought, I had as much right to be here as anyone else. So why was I hesitating?

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Mysterious Earth Conference 2011

I was at the Mysterious Earth Conference this year. The conference was held at the Village Hall in the village of Grimsargh near Preston in Lancashire, England. Kal had come up so that we could go to this event together, which was very nice of him to make the effort. There were four speakers lined up, but we only found three of them to be relevant to our studies and research, so I will concentrate on the positives and tell you about these three.

This year's Mysterious Earth lectures

The three speakers of interest to me were:-

  • Kevin Rowan-Drewitt – Neolithic Observatories
  • Pete Knight – West Kennet Long Barrow: Ancestors, Landscape and the Cosmos
  • Gary Biltcliffe – The Belinus Line & The Spine of Albion

Here is a run-down of their primary themes and some notes that I took about each of their lectures.

Neolithic observatories by Kevin Rowan-Drewitt

Kevin Rowan-Drewitt

Kevin’s talk was informative and a feast of facts. Having read many books on the subject of Alexander Thom, his Megalithic Yard, and of his convincing argument that most if not all stone circles are designed as neolithic calendars to track the movements of the sun and moon, I didn’t find too many points that were new to me. However, Kevin’s lecture was clearly delivered, well structured and well-argued, even if he was simply relating other people’s theories. For those who may have been new to the concept of neolithic astrological observatories it would have been truly enlightening.

Some notes that I made that were particularly significant for me were:-

  • Bryn Celli Ddu on Anglesey has in-built alignments for tracking Venus and the Summer Solstice. You may remember that I was called there in 2009 to observe Venus, even though at the time I had no idea what I was seeing.
  • Mayburgh Henge in Cumbria is aligned to the eastern sunrise
  • The book ‘Uriel’s Machine‘ by Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas contains the practical workings out of the theories of ancient astrological circle structure, and they based much of their work on the ‘Book Of Enoch‘, particularly the section ‘The Book of Courses of the Heavenly Luminaries’
  • In the Book of Enoch the circle-makers are mentioned as The Watchers. Rowan-Dewitt interprets this as being the Beaker People.

Personally, I feel this Bronze Age Beaker culture only created some of the last generation of megalithic structures, not the first ones, even if their structures were the most sophisticated, impressive and enduring. The astrological know-how was already in existence and evidenced by timber and rudimentary stone circles before the arrival of the so-called Beaker culture, so this doesn’t hang together for me.

  • Also in that ancient text, The Nephilim are mentioned as being from the Orion Constellation.
  • Newgrange, in the Boyne Valley in Ireland is aligned with the Winter Solstice sunrise but also with Venus too, on an eight-year cycle.
  • The line of ‘lozenge’ shapes or crosses on the lintel at Newgrange may denote the Venus cycle, as there are eight such symbols in a row.
  • Thornborough Henge in Yorkshire is aligned to Orion.
  • The Sun has a 32-year cycle until it rises at exactly the same spot on the horizon. This fact is used by Rowan-Dewitt to support the idea that astrological observances and star lore must have been passed down through the generations or preserved in some fashion because neolithic people had a relatively short life span.
  • Most measurements of megalithic structures are in 0.5 Megalithic Yards, or 16.32 inches. The Megalithic Yard of 2.72 feet was used for convenience by Alexander Thom.

West Kennet Long Barrow by Peter Knight

Peter Knight

Peter Knight is a well-practised and engaging speaker. His presentation was slick, precise and moved you from one concept to another easily and with a sense of passion. I am a fan of the West Kennet Long Barrow myself and have had many visits to the site mostly unaccompanied and without anyone else around, so I have been able to practise many of the things that Peter talked about in the shamanic parts of his talk. However, in the first part he went through the various alignments with the surrounding megalithic sites such as Avebury, Silbury Hill, East Kennet, and many of the lesser-known circles, tumuli and hills that form the rich Wiltshire megalithic landscape.

Some notes that I made on this talk were:-

  • There are sun and moon rising or setting sight alignments from West Kennet to many of the surrounding features.
  • Some of the lesser-known sites include Belas Knap chamber, Silbaby (or Woden Mound), Morgan’s Hill and Harestone stone circle.
  • The long barrow itself is constructed with layers of large rubble, then fine rubble, turf, then a sarsen stone core. The layering is reminiscent of Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator principle.
  • There is an acoustic “hot spot” close to the stone called “The Skull Stone” which is considered to be a portal to the Underworld.
  • Long barrows and chambers in the area are mainly aligned to the South-East (the Midwinter Solstice).
  • East Kennet is aligned to the Orion constellation, West Kennet to the Gemini constellation.
  • A cave was usually associated with a process of initiation or transformation.

PETER’S WEB SITE: Stoneseeker

The Spine of Albion by Gary Biltcliffe

I have been eagerly awaiting Gary’s book about this subject for over a year now. Hopefully it is due to be published soon. Gary has spent a lot of time, effort and money on travelling up and down the country in pursuit of a ley line that he is calling the Belinus Line, after the ancient Celtic god Baal or Bel. The name thereafter got associated with a king of England called King Belinus, who was supposedly one of the great road-building kings, although many believe that the lack of historical evidence suggests he may be a mythical figure rather than an actual king. Certainly, it is not uncommon for people in power to associate themselves with great engineering from lost generations, for example the Romans simply paved many of the existing spirit roads that were created as embankments by the druid culture and those before them too. We all now know these roads as ‘Roman Roads’ which is testament to the power of a written historical record, rather than to the feats of engineering.

For the talk in Preston Gary concentrated on those sites which were more local to us, rather than describe all the sites along the line. Given that it had taken him 20 years to follow them, he was unlikely to get through them all in an hour!

  • Seven Barrows Down is the crossing point for the Belinus Line with the Michael/Mary Line.
  • The village of Dunsop Bridge is the geographical centre of the Belinus Line
  • North/South ley lines are associated with physical and East/West lines with the spiritual, thus the Belinus Line is mainly a physical line with very few spiritual centres on it.
  • The line goes through various centres including Lichfield, Birmingham, Manchester and Carlisle.
  • Dragon stories hint at the location of sacred sites such as caves, wells and mounds.
  • The Belinus Line has twelve bands of energy – balanced with 6 male and 6 female.
  • Guy Raglan Philips was the first to identify the line.
  • The female lines are violet in colour and the male lines are gold/yellow
  • The line goes through The Bridestones – formerly one of England’s largest long barrows.
  • Marton church gives a unique view of the sunrise over The Cloud in Cheshire
  • Shap has an avenue of stones similar to Avebury
  • The Kemp Howe stone circle is on the line
  • Other sites on the line are Merlindale, Knowlmere, Alderley Edge, Caverswall, The Rollright Stones, and Uffington Dragon Hill and White Horse
  • In Carlisle Catherdral is a stone carving of kissing dragons
  • Arthuret Church in Cumbria holds a familiar title of King Arthur’s burial place, and has a well called St.Michael’s running through it.

GARY’S WEB SITE: The Belinus Line

I hope those comments make some sense to you! They are slightly out of context, but they may be more relevant if you get to see them speak for yourselves.


Arbor Low and the Phoenix

Indiana Jones

Gwas had decided that he was going to follow the Southern Ley line that passes (starts) at Arbor Low. Being a sun aligned person, how could I resist a trip to that fantastic sacred site? So I had travelled up the 250 miles just for a hour or so at this magnificent site.

Arbor low is known as the Stonehenge of the North and having been to the more famous southern one a few times now, I have to confess, Arbor Low has energies that dwarf its more famed cousin. Why? My personal speculation is two fold, the first is that all the people visiting Stonehenge for tourism purposes rather than ritual or magic have caused its energy to diminish. Second (and more importantly) I believe that the people who visit, having to follow a directed path around it, are actually walking around the site the energetically speaking, the wrong way.

I was ready to meet Gwas at about 7:30 a.m and I got into my car at 7 and was utterly astounded to see that the very same wheel that had been punctured only three weeks ago had a nail stuck into it!

Since the weekend I have done some speculation regarding this rather unusual coincidence and rather than putting it off as literally a coincidenceI feel that it was caused by my having received a Reiki healing session (the night before) from a person that I felt shouldn’t have been doing them at the time (he seemed not energetically well). Of course this could just be me being paranoid and I wouldn’t have brought it up if it hadn’t been that right after the healing session, when we came out into the car park his car window had been smashed. Just a coincidence?

Thus Gwas came the extra few miles and picked me up from home. Our journey to Arbow Low was spent updating each other on our previous weeks exploits and so it was that we arrived at Arbow Low without even noting the passage of an hour and half. What we had  however noticed was the down pour of rain. Which seemed to be getting steadily worse.


Arbor Low

Arbor Low

At some pint in the in the past Arbow Low must have been blessed by a passing Rain God. Of all of the times we have been to the place (twenty perhaps?) it has only once been dry and sunny (and on that occasion we hadn’t intended to go, we were passing past it and saw that it was sunny and managed to sneak in when the weather was hospitable!)

Gwas had a lot of work to do at the site on this occasion and so whilst he busied himself with that I had some confirmations to make. The questions I had gone with were concerning my Knights Quest:

On a trip to the Merry Maidens I had garnered that I had to have a crest for my Knights Quest. My hints for what would make up this symbol were a phoenix, Gemini and infinity. What I wanted to know was whether these would form three separate sigils or a combined symbol that represented all three. The answer was that it should be a combined. I asked whether there would be a restriction on colours, I went through the colours with the following result:

  • Red, Green, Turquoise, Gold and Purple

Holy Grail

Right, that felt pretty safe and reasonable now for the bonus prize. I had occasionally thought about the symbolism of the Holy Grail, especially with the Rosicrucian and Templar connection I had got. Now, my curiosity had been peeked by the Dragon at the Merry Maidens being aligned with the Phoenix constellation. Mostly because the central theme of my coming book is the Phoenix. Could this be a coincidence? Of course. However, it was as I finished my Crest questions that Gwas called me over to help him out with some of his questions. Working our way down his list he had a question for Arbor Low.

  • Was Arbor Low currently aligned with any astronomical/logical body? And if so what?

Active Enlightenment

To both of our surprises it turned out that Arbor Low was currently aligned with (drum roll) the Phoenix Constellation! Coincidence surely!

This was too much for me, so I snuck off to my power centre and asked a question that my intuition was kicking me to answer. Was my book being represented as the Holy Grail? Honestly it was a tough question to ask. But what can you do? You have to follow the path even if it leads you up strange roads.

  • The answer was, rather too significantly for my liking, Yes.

I was smacked in the gob (an English euphemism for being totally shocked) once again. Seriously was this what the rods were telling me? Yes. Absolutely? Yes. Then to top it all. On a day that had no chance of the sun coming out (see Gwas’s promise) the sun broke through the immense cloud cover and briefly presented us with a sign.

Kal Malik – wondering and wandering

The Knights Quest: A Dragon at The Merry Maidens

Having met Louisa at the Boleigh Fogou and then walked the country lanes on a lovely sunny mid Feb day to the St Buryan stone. We were now making our way to the Merry Maidens. As we walked and talked my thoughts were ticking off the some synchronous connections. The first of which was that Louisa was a writer too. But that could be a coincidence, then I learned that she too was from Devon and not far from where I had hailed from. Whereas I had driven down, she had set off much earlier and had caught a couple of buses and a walk to get here.


As we talked I mentioned that I too was from Devon and asked her how she was getting back. She listed a lengthy trip involving walking, buses and eventually a lift from a friend. As she was talking my intuitive side of me was giving me a kick, you should offer a lift. So I did. The suggestion was lost in conversation and I didn’t want to mention it again at the time even though I felt I should.

Then as we approached the gate to the stones the conversation turned to a return journey and I offered the lift and as I did so my hands were pushing on the gate of the field. It wouldn’t open, it was padlocked closed (but easily climbable) and a thought entered my mind. Louis was closed to the signs. It was a surprising and judgemental thought for me (well was it from me?) So I left it at that. But I am certain that a sign had been missed.

Knight Errant and the Dragon

Fortunately Louisa had arranged to meet a teacher of hers at the site so I was free to do my own work. I got the basics out of the way pretty fast and found that the site had a Genius Loci and a Dragon (see glossary) I found the best place for me to do some work and it coincided with the Dragons Point. I had already asked whether the site was going to be a place of learning new Knight’s Quest things and the answer was a definite yes.

As I stood upon the Dragons head I thought to find the appropriate direction to face. As I stood and faced that direction I recalled that I had the fabulous Star Walker app on my iPhone and so used it to determine what I was facing. The app revealed the astrological sign of Gemini facing me.

In the past we have noted that Dragons can be aligned to astrological symbols, for instance Taurus and Arbor Low (we are there next week so I might do some more on this then).

Given this I dowsed to see whether the Dragonwas aligned to Gemini. The answer as yes. My curiosity was peeked with this because my star sign is Gemini too. I wondered if there was anything in this coincidence. The rods said yes.

There I was then on a knights quest, standing on the head of a dragon, looking out at the sign of my birth.

As my thoughts cleared I saw the sign of Gemini floating out in the sky without the aid of the iPhone app. I pondered its meaning. The sign was my sign…it was me…it represented me…it symbolised me…it was a symbol…a symbol of my quest….a quest symbol…a knights symbol…a knights crest…

A moment of recognition brought me out of my reverie. A Knights Crest?! Was that what I had been shown? To create a knights crest? I grabbed my rods and questioned my assumptions. Was that the meaning? Yes. A Knights Crest? My crest? Yes. Seriously! What is going on?

It was more than a crest though as my intuition was fuelled by my rods. The Gemini-an thing meant something too. An identity. I had to create my identity and from that a crest. Wow!

I sat down (on the wet grass) quite stunned by this revelation. A knights crest…the boys at home would definitely have me down for the loony bin know. But there was no escaping it now. This was definitely the third key.

I needed to take a moment and so I texted Gwas as to whether he would like to have me get some information regarding the Maidens. He did and I garnered the following.

More questions about the Maidens

As with other sites the Maidens had several Male and Female lines and centres.

  • At the current time the Male was a level 3 growing to 9 in the summer solstice
  • The Female was a 5 and was a 7 at mid winter
  • The site had a Sigil which best guess looked like an Infinity symbol
  • The Site was currently aligned with the Phoenix Constellation

The phoenix had another synchronous connection because it is the bird that is the central theme of my book Active Enlightenment. I asked whether this was a coincidence. Yes it was. Okay – no comment then.

Whilst all of this was going on Louisa and her teacher were sat right over the sites power centre doing some meditative visualisations. I waited, rather patiently for me, until they had a break and made my farewells to Louisa and the to the Merry Maidens who had provided me with an interesting step on my quest.

Finally…The sign…

So I was driving past Penzance and I got the sign of the day. See pic, nuff said!

Kal Malik … crest pending…

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