Knights Pilgrimage 3 of 5 Phoenix and the Dragon

This is part of my knights pilgrimage. for all the other posts related to this please click this (Knights Pilgrimage)  link and follow in order. Or just dive in and have fun! Cars In the previous post I had just left a couple on their way to their car and I was walking down a […]

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Mysterious Earth Conference 2011

I was at the Mysterious Earth Conference this year. The conference was held at the Village Hall in the village of Grimsargh near Preston in Lancashire, England. Kal had come up so that we could go to this event together, which was very nice of him to make the effort. There were four speakers lined […]

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Modern Druidry | Quests

Arbor Low and the Phoenix

Gwas had decided that he was going to follow the Southern Ley line that passes (starts) at Arbor Low. Being a sun aligned person, how could I resist a trip to that fantastic sacred site? So I had travelled up the 250 miles just for a hour or so at this magnificent site. Arbor low […]

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