Nine stones, sadness and a question

It was the day before the Spring equinox and I was wondering whether to go out somewhere way before work or just after? I had got in early today and so was heading home around 4pm when I felt a tug. As you know, I often felt that sacred days are rather fuzzy in their […]

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Going Native in America p5

So this is the last post in the mini series that was my 3 days with a trio of native americans. The other posts can be found by following this native american link. At the beginning of these meetings, Jenni, the leader had told me that she would share knowledge about experiences if I would […]

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Tears of the Guardian

A short post this time to tell you about an amazing thing that happened at West Kennett Long Barrow.A few weeks ago I visited Wiltshire for the OneFest festival. It was OK – some surprises and some people who should have done better, but the real fun was actually our visits to the sacred sites […]

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